Mountain Bike
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99Mountain Creek Resort
99Mountain Creek Resort
1,044 ft-208 ft
AnthemMountain Creek Resort
351 ft-21 ft
AsylumMountain Creek Resort
1,624 ft-314 ft
Avery RidgeThompson Park
1 mile-24 ft43 ft
Battery Loop/Rocky Point CrossoverHartshorne Woods Park
1,401 ft-15 ft132 ft
Beach Trail (Orange)Dickerson Mine Preserve
2,982 ft-15 ft100 ft
Belly Of The BeastManasquan River Wildlife Management Area
2,083 ft-36 ft22 ft
Berkshire - PurpleBerkshire Valley WMA
4,583 ft-289 ft164 ft
Black MagicMahlon Dickerson Reservation
5,272 ft-161 ft77 ft
Blue - Hillcrest TrailJonathan's Woods
1,890 ft118 ft
Blue Interior TrailChimney Rock-Washington Valley Park
2,388 ft-141 ft22 ft
Blue Mountain (Crigger Section)Stokes State Forest
1,079 ft133 ft
Blue Mountain (Tinsley/Swenson Section)Stokes State Forest
472 ft60 ft
Blue Mountain Trail (Cartwright Section)Stokes State Forest
1,001 ft-189 ft
Blue TrailCushetunk Preserve
3,048 ft-311 ft141 ft
Blue TrailLambertville Water Co.
2,999 ft-62 ft23 ft
Blue trail (rocky section)Mahlon Dickerson Reservation
2,146 ft-25 ft138 ft
Blue Trail Interior (Part 2)Chimney Rock-Washington Valley Park
1,152 ft-31 ft34 ft
BMWMountain Creek Resort
1,497 ft-305 ft18 ft
Bob GnarleyMountain Creek Resort
1,837 ft-421 ft4 ft
Border TrailStephens State Park Area of Allamuchy
1,860 ft-34 ft114 ft
Boulderama (Yellow)Sourland Mountain Preserve
1 mile-340 ft52 ft
Bouldering Area C Climb (Blue)Sourland Mountain Preserve
856 ft63 ft
Bouldering Area Connector (Blue)Sourland Mountain Preserve
912 ft28 ft
Bouldering Area Trail (Bluew/Dot)Sourland Mountain Preserve
719 ft51 ft
BrookdaleThompson Park
3,140 ft-42 ft22 ft
BS rippaPrinceton
896 ft-99 ft
Cabin DropMountain Creek Resort
139 ft-15 ft10 ft
Campground Access ShortcutRound Valley Recreation Area
620 ft72 ft
Candy AssAllamuchy Mountain State Park
2 miles-396 ft137 ft
CannonballRamapo Mountain State Forest
2 miles-212 ft80 ft
Cannonball (Red)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
2,297 ft114 ft
Cannonball/Hoeferlin Memorial (Red/Yellow)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
2 miles-114 ft274 ft
Cannonball/Hoeferlin Memorial BypassRamapo Mountain State Forest
1,919 ft112 ft
Careless WhisperMountain Creek Resort
909 ft-133 ft37 ft
Castle Loop (White)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
3,041 ft-167 ft27 ft
Castle Loop (White) Bypass (Umarked)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
2,457 ft-133 ft11 ft
Castle Loop [Middle Section] (White)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
2,169 ft-106 ft12 ft
Center Connector (Yellow)Sourland Mountain Preserve
2,274 ft-210 ft
Chunky MonkeySourland Mountain Preserve
3,317 ft-38 ft66 ft
CokeAllaire State Park
2,477 ft-104 ft35 ft
Connector (White)Sourland Mountain Preserve
1,476 ft-64 ft
CovenantMountain Creek Resort
607 ft-46 ft
CovenantMountain Creek Resort
Cracked FoundationHigh Mountain
1,979 ft-191 ft14 ft
Cranberry Overlook TrailTamarack Park
2,884 ft-36 ft236 ft
Crap ChuteMountain Creek Resort
2,083 ft-295 ft29 ft
Crossover (White)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
1,293 ft-239 ft
Crossover Trail (White) - Rock Garden SectionRingwood State Park
2,877 ft-5 ft84 ft
Crossover/Hoeferlin Memorial Trail (White/Yellow)Ringwood State Park
2,172 ft-29 ft3 ft
DeceitMountain Creek Resort
1,115 ft-228 ft
Deep DiveThompson Park
223 ft-10 ft9 ft
Devil's Half Acre ShortcutSourland Mountain Preserve
1,529 ft-165 ft
DipperThompson Park
272 ft-7 ft
DMLHMountain Creek Resort
1,306 ft-260 ft
Downward DogAllaire State Park
171 ft-19 ft
Eagle Ridge 2Round Valley Recreation Area
1,699 ft212 ft
EpitaphMountain Creek Resort
408 ft-46 ft
Evil BobMountain Creek Resort
Evil BobMountain Creek Resort
1,299 ft-304 ft
FlipperMountain Creek Resort
804 ft-157 ft5 ft
GhostMahlon Dickerson Reservation
1 mile-287 ft78 ft
GingerbreadMountain Creek Resort
Good LuckAllaire State Park
489 ft-20 ft24 ft
Grand TourHartshorne Woods Park
3 miles-385 ft344 ft
Grand Tour - Cuesta Ridge ConnectorHartshorne Woods Park
1,188 ft110 ft
Gravity CavityStephens State Park Area of Allamuchy
881 ft-33 ft14 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
1 mile-16 ft283 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
1,732 ft211 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
1,558 ft186 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
423 ft-21 ft7 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
1,680 ft-227 ft
Halifax (Green)Ringwood State Park
2,631 ft261 ft
High TechChimney Rock-Washington Valley Park
2,425 ft-88 ft117 ft
Highlands Trail - Yellow TrailStephens State Park Area of Allamuchy
958 ft-5 ft
Hoeferlin Memorial (Yellow)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
3,835 ft-302 ft
Hoeferlin Memorial (Yellow)Ramapo Mountain State Forest
3 miles-350 ft432 ft
HT - Waterloo South Trail GreenBlazesAllamuchy Mountain State Park
2,208 ft-209 ft
Hudsonia OverlookTelemark Trails
1,854 ft-18 ft58 ft
Indian Purchase ClimbRound Valley Recreation Area
1,575 ft255 ft
Jack'sHigh Mountain
3,996 ft-173 ft32 ft
Jello YellowPrinceton
1,916 ft-86 ft
Ladder TrailStokes State Forest
1,926 ft234 ft
Lake Stockholm LoopOak Ridge
LegionMountain Creek Resort
2,533 ft-389 ft7 ft
Lower DominionMountain Creek Resort
629 ft-34 ft9 ft
Lower ExodusMountain Creek Resort
571 ft-9 ft
Lower RipperMountain Creek Resort
1,027 ft-149 ft
Lower RipperMountain Creek Resort
Lumpy BumpyAllamuchy Mountain State Park
4,780 ft-186 ft154 ft
Many Log RunHuber Woods Park
1 mile-146 ft126 ft
Maple Flats (Orange)Sourland Mountain Preserve
1,804 ft-63 ft58 ft
Meriden Trail North RedBlazesWildcat Ridge WMA
2,234 ft-227 ft5 ft
MjölnirTelemark Trails
5,207 ft-251 ft3 ft
MonarchMountain Creek Resort
575 ft-65 ft6 ft
Montezuma (Red)Sourland Mountain Preserve
2,221 ft-47 ft19 ft
Mt. Creek XC TrailMountain Creek Resort
1 mile-946 ft
New DawnHigh Mountain
712 ft-105 ft
Not todayEast Rutherford
102 ft
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