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South Boundary Trail Shuttle from FR76 to El Nogalmtb
621 milesTaosNM1
Stairway Loopmtb
79 milesRio RanchoNM2
Classic Mariposa Loopmtb
79 milesRio RanchoNM3
Red Classic Into SWTH Into Red Enchiladamtb
512 milesRio RanchoNM4
Sangre Figure 8mtb
813 milesSanta FeNM5
Dragon Slayer Loopmtb
38 milesRio RanchoNM6
Dale Ball Outermtb
208 milesSanta FeNM7
Carson Continental Divide Epicmtb
892 milesTres PiedrasNM8
Cedro 30mtb
4330 milesAlbuquerqueNM9
Twisted Treemtb
1117 milesRio RanchoNM10
Classic “Non fat” friendly loop. (2.8-3.0+ Tire recommended)mtb
1112 milesRio RanchoNM11
Jemez View from Durka Durkastan (very scenic, fat or plus 3.0 bike specific)mtb
1121 milesRio RanchoNM12
Winsor Special Selectionmtb
713 milesSanta FeNM13
Tablezon Shredmtb
3319 milesCedar CrestNM14
Glorieta Ultimate DH Ridemtb
6822 milesSanta FeNM15
La Tierra Figure 8mtb
2410 milesSanta FeNM16
La Tierra Torture Course '19mtb
459 milesSanta FeNM17
North+South Foothills From Embuditomtb
7127 milesAlbuquerqueNM18
Ski Area Bonanzamtb
3322 milesAlbuquerqueNM19
SFH Circumnavigatemtb
4210 milesAlbuquerqueNM20
Mariposa to White Mesa & Red Mesa connectormtb
1134 milesRio RanchoNM21
South Boundary Trail Self-Served to Garcia Parkmtb
333 milesTaosNM22
All O' NFHmtb
5322 milesAlbuquerqueNM23
North Foothills Traversemtb
914 milesAlbuquerqueNM24
SFH Tour De Techmtb
5613 milesAlbuquerqueNM25
East Side Bonanzamtb
3327 milesAlbuquerqueNM26
South Boundary Maxmtb
650 milesValle EscondidoNM27
Top Of The World & Badlands (Fat Tire Specific)mtb
1219 milesRio RanchoNM28
South Boundary Trail Self-Served Loopmtb
547 milesTaosNM29
Intro to La Tierramtb
75 milesSanta FeNM30
La Tierra - The Fun Partsmtb
117 milesSanta FeNM31
Fat Attackmtb
1211 milesRio RanchoNM32
Greenbelt Coyote > Cougar Connectormtb
310 milesAngel FireNM33
Scenic Route out to Jemez View.mtb
1125 milesRio RanchoNM34
Fat Bike, Mellow Loopmtb
1311 milesRio RanchoNM35
Horsethief Mesa loop starting at the Transfer Station THmtb
211 milesArroyo HondoNM36
Fat In The Fire Loopmtb
1118 milesRio RanchoNM37
Santa Fe Variety Packmtb
916 milesSanta FeNM38
Tank Mountain Recreational Areamtb
013 milesAztecNM39
Galisteo Basin Fun Loopmtb
710 milesSanta FeNM40
Rough Gruff Ramble Runmtb
410 milesSanta FeNM41
Cedro And Otero CWmtb
4532 milesTijerasNM42
Enchanted Forest 2021 Race Route CCW, Zia Ridesmtb
113 milesGallupNM43
Copper Trailheadmtb
26 milesAlbuquerqueNM44
Michael Emery Intermediate Loopmtb
98 milesAlbuquerqueNM45
1413 milesAlbuquerqueNM46
Dale Ball Loop 4 Milemtb
74 milesSanta FeNM47
Dragon Mazemtb
1115 milesRio RanchoNM48
Mega Fat Loopmtb
1226 milesRio RanchoNM49
Glorieta Bluesmtb
713 milesSanta FeNM50
Fatastic Loopmtb
918 milesRio RanchoNM51
Sierra de Don Fernandomtb
14 milesTaosNM52
Albuquerque Dirt Fest 6 Hour Coursemtb
27 milesAlbuquerqueNM53
Atalaya with Dorothymtb
1210 milesSanta FeNM54
Lost Lake Loopmtb
313 milesRed RiverNM55
OG Loopmtb
59 milesLos AlamosNM56
Mars Court to Otero TH Long Ridemtb
1213 milesAlbuquerqueNM57
Boneyard w/Kirtland Connectormtb
015 milesFarmingtonNM58
FWD Beginner Pine Flats Routemtb
13 milesAlbuquerqueNM59
Schitz Creek Fat Loopmtb
1010 milesRio RanchoNM60
Val Verde Thirtymtb
129 milesAztecNM61
The W.T.F. Challenge (Fat Bike)mtb
2533 milesRio RanchoNM62
Best Loop!!mtb
212 milesFarmingtonNM63
Lotsaaaa Galisteomtb
1420 milesSanta FeNM64
Quick Loop North Los Alamosmtb
97 milesLos AlamosNM65
Rift Valley Trailmtb
312 milesTaosNM66
Full Faulty 30mtb
3330 milesAlbuquerqueNM67
BME Glorieta Routemtb
1122 milesSanta FeNM68
Upper loopmtb
815 milesRio RanchoNM69
Cardio Loopmtb
212 milesLos AlamosNM70
AMBA PopBangWhiz Jul04mtb
512 milesAlbuquerqueNM71
South Boundary Trail - Heaven on Earth out-and-backmtb
16 milesTaosNM72
Otero Infinity Loopmtb
2118 milesAlbuquerqueNM73
Dat Northern Stuffzmtb
4121 milesAlbuquerqueNM74
Winsor Out and Backmtb
820 milesSanta FeNM75
Rio en Medio Discountedmtb
219 milesSanta FeNM76
Mariposa Mega ridemtb
832 milesRio RanchoNM77
North Fhills Beginner 3milemtb
73 milesAlbuquerqueNM78
Mariposa Parkway Loopmtb
67 milesRio RanchoNM79
SFFTS Beginner Routemtb
73 milesSanta FeNM80
17534 milesSanta FeNM81
98 milesAlbuquerqueNM82
Great Divide North Bound Mountain Bike Routemtb
42,707 milesNM83
6 Hours in the Basin for Commonwealmtb
1910 milesSanta FeNM84
Manny's Madnessmtb
1011 milesLos AlamosNM85
South Boundary - Garcia Park to water towermtb
712 milesValle EscondidoNM86
Winsor Triple Forkmtb
2819 milesSanta FeNM87
Jemez Viewmtb
1520 milesRio RanchoNM88
South Boundary - Forest Road 70 to El Nogal parking lotmtb
024 milesAngel FireNM89
Elena Gallegos Beginner Loopmtb
32 milesAlbuquerqueNM90
Dusty Roadrunner East Mtns TTmtb
148 milesAlbuquerqueNM91
Pine Flats_to_OakFlats_JuanTomas_backmtb
1412 milesAlbuquerqueNM92
329 milesPlacitasNM93
Gucci Gutimtb
3714 milesCedar CrestNM94
Tesuque Peak Loopmtb
37 milesSanta FeNM95
Big Kahuna Ridemtb
120 milesAngel FireNM96
Corrales Barranca Cayenne Bosque North Loopmtb
4221 milesCorralesNM97
All Good in Goldenmtb
411 milesGoldenNM98
Sierra de Don Fernandomtb
14 milesTaosNM99
SST Justinmtb
110 milesLas CrucesNM100
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Tour Divide '19mtb race
52,663 milesNM1
Santa Fe Haka - Long Coursemtb race
2231 milesNM2
Santa Fe Haka - Short Coursemtb race
1417 milesNM3
Zuni 50 Clockwisemtb race
549 milesGallupNM4
Glorieta Torture start loopmtb race
21 mileSanta FeNM5
Zia Rides - Big Ridemtb race
1137 milesAngel FireNM6
12 Hours of Albuquerque Racemtb race
1612 milesAlbuquerqueNM7
South Boundary Trailmtb race
38 milesTaosNM8
Big Mountain Enduro - Santa Fe 2019mtb race
034 milesSanta FeNM9
Big Mountain Enduro - Santa Fe 2019 Finalmtb race
4135 milesSanta FeNM10
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