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10K NorthSandia Peak Ski & Tram
2.1 miles-596 ft
10K SouthSandia Peak Ski & Tram
2.1 miles-821 ft
230Sandia Foothills - North
1.1 miles-278 ft
266 ConnectSandia Foothills - South
139 ft-9 ft
305Sandia Foothills - North
1.3 miles-214 ft
342Sandia Foothills - North
4,453 ft-11 ft
Adonis PitsBoston Hill
4,497 ft-120 ft
Air RaidPajarito Bike Park
1,313 ft-316 ft
Alamos VistaDale Ball Trails
1.1 miles-1,147 ft
Albuquerque OverlookCinder Cone Volcanos
2,753 ft-8 ft
Alfred Hale ConnectorGrindstone
2.7 miles-1,091 ft
Alien RunAztec
8.0 miles-690 ft
Alien Run ShortcutAztec
2,413 ft-30 ft
Amole Canyon Loop
2.1 miles-225 ft
Anasazi LoopRoad Apple Rally
2.3 miles-111 ft
Andorra Valley Wagon TrailGalisteo Basin Preserve
1.1 miles-186 ft
Angel LoopLittle Walnut
1.6 miles-354 ft
Angel's PlungeAngel Fire Bike Park
2.8 miles-1,573 ft
Annie's AmbleGalisteo Basin Preserve
3,958 ft-108 ft
Antoine's CornerNorthside at Taos Ski Valley
1,931 ft
ArmijoSandia Mountains Wilderness Area
1.9 miles-669 ft
Arroyo de Los Angeles TrailGalisteo Basin Preserve
2.3 miles-235 ft
Aspen for TroublePajarito Bike Park
3.4 miles-330 ft
AspenolaPajarito Bike Park
1.6 miles-945 ft
Atalaya TrailDale Ball Trails
2.6 miles-1,539 ft
ATV BypassCedro
4,597 ft-286 ft
Back to the TruckLa Cueva
2.0 miles-300 ft
Battle StationsPajarito Bike Park
1,273 ft-256 ft
Bayo CanyonLos Alamos
1.7 miles-173 ft
Bayo Canyon Drop InLos Alamos
2,545 ft-195 ft
BearAngel Fire
1.6 miles-12 ft
Bear Mountain PassLittle Walnut
6.4 miles-1,297 ft
Bear Scat NorthCedro
5,094 ft-3 ft
Bear Scat SouthCedro
1.7 miles-272 ft
Bear WallowDale Ball Trails
1.1 miles-42 ft
Berma TrailZuni Mountains
2.6 miles-44 ft
BH PerimiterSilver City
1.1 miles-141 ft
Big Tesuque ConnectDale Ball Trails
420 ft-76 ft
Big Tree #755Fort Bayard
2.0 miles-94 ft
Birdhouse RidgeOtero/David Canyon
2.5 miles-861 ft
Black VolcanoCinder Cone Volcanos
4,014 ft-99 ft
Black Volcano WestCinder Cone Volcanos
2,104 ft-34 ft
Blue Moon TrailGalisteo Basin Preserve
1,605 ft-54 ft
Blue RibbonOtero/David Canyon
2.5 miles-57 ft
BobcatAngel Fire
4,964 ft-90 ft
BonecrusherPajarito Bike Park
1,905 ft-591 ft
Bonecrusher Rock GardenPajarito Bike Park
677 ft-188 ft
Boot LegLa Tierra
2,432 ft-68 ft
BorregoDale Ball Trails
1.5 miles-239 ft
Boston CheyenneSilver City
2,426 ft-15 ft
Boston HillBoston Hill
2,834 ft-93 ft
Boston MarketBoston Hill
3,006 ft-37 ft
Boulder DashAngel Fire Bike Park
4,579 ft-454 ft
Boulder Dash (Upper)Angel Fire Bike Park
3,288 ft-362 ft
Braking BadPajarito Bike Park
4,325 ft-1,006 ft
Bridges TrailLos Alamos
2.7 miles-490 ft
BrokennoseZuni Mountains
2.2 miles-44 ft
Bull of the Woods RoadNorthside at Taos Ski Valley
3.1 miles-2 ft
BurnDale Ball Trails
1.1 miles-589 ft
C BypassOtero/David Canyon
923 ft-16 ft
CabraLos Alamos
1.6 miles-594 ft
Caida Del PinoOtero/David Canyon
3,691 ft-120 ft
Cajun PineOtero/David Canyon
1.7 miles-192 ft
Cajun TurkeyOtero/David Canyon
3,191 ft-110 ft
Camp Hamilton TrailPajarito Bike Park
1.4 miles-580 ft
Camp May Road TrailLos Alamos
1.6 miles-787 ft
CandylandAngel Fire Bike Park
CandylandAngel Fire Bike Park
2,987 ft-393 ft
Canyon de ValleLos Alamos
2.6 miles-84 ft
Canyon TrailPajarito Bike Park
4.1 miles-28 ft
CarolDale Ball Trails
1.3 miles-466 ft
Carol to BurnDale Ball Trails
1,791 ft-76 ft
Carol to JuanDale Ball Trails
1,807 ft-24 ft
1.9 miles-39 ft
CDT (80 Mountain NM)Little Walnut
6.9 miles-1,021 ft
CDT (Arrastre NM)Little Walnut
1.2 miles-321 ft
CDT (Bear Mtn NM)Little Walnut
1.9 miles-410 ft
CDT (Black Peak NM)Fort Bayard
20.2 miles-4,209 ft
CDT (Pinos Altos NM)Little Walnut
1.1 miles-231 ft
CDT Access (712)Little Walnut
4,682 ft-3 ft
CDT: Hopewell Lake to Vallecito Mountain RanchTres Piedras
6.2 miles-982 ft
Cedro Peak DHCedro
2,241 ft-265 ft
Cedro SingletrackCedro
1.9 miles-284 ft
Central SpineWhite Ridge Trail System
1.5 miles-442 ft
ChallengeSandia Peak Ski & Tram
4.1 miles-1,856 ft
ChamisaDale Ball Trails
2.3 miles-823 ft
Chamisa AltDale Ball Trails
1.1 miles-27 ft
Chamisoso (5184)Cedro
3.4 miles-660 ft
CheyenneSilver City
1,957 ft-166 ft
Cheyenne (Upper)Silver City
2,169 ft-60 ft
ChupacabraPajarito Bike Park
3,240 ft-493 ft
ChuteOtero/David Canyon
412 ft-44 ft
Chutes and LaddersAngel Fire Bike Park
4,159 ft-535 ft
CienegaSandia Peak Ski & Tram
2,030 ft-9 ft
Cinder Cone WestCinder Cone Volcanos
782 ft-56 ft
Cinque's SpurGalisteo Basin Preserve
909 ft-44 ft
Cll de Agua AccessDale Ball Trails
594 ft-37 ft
1.9 miles
1.9 miles-23 ft
1.9 miles
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