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All Mountain LoopBusing Forest
2,605 ft-472 ft
Anti Climb-AxLake Mangamahoe
1,341 ft-119 ft
BatesNew Plymouth
1,349 ft-92 ft
BB SizzlerLake Mangamahoe
1,310 ft-105 ft
BuddahfingerLake Mangamahoe
1,260 ft-125 ft
BuzzcutLake Mangamahoe
647 ft-119 ft
Captain AmericaBusing Forest
1,360 ft-229 ft
Climb-AxLake Mangamahoe
642 ft-11 ft
Crash GordonLake Mangamahoe
2,460 ft-128 ft
Dozer RidgeLake Mangamahoe
1,040 ft-148 ft
FantailLake Mangamahoe
3,766 ft-64 ft
Father TedLake Mangamahoe
1,193 ft-75 ft
FlowBusing Forest
1,340 ft-192 ft
Flow Section 2Busing Forest
460 ft-99 ft
HendrixLake Mangamahoe
660 ft-103 ft
HihiLake Mangamahoe
4,800 ft-48 ft
Hill Top & River RunBusing Forest
1,976 ft-237 ft
Kahore TauLake Mangamahoe
1,937 ft-38 ft
Kendo CutLake Mangamahoe
4,060 ft-354 ft
Kiwi HiLake Mangamahoe
1,462 ft-55 ft
Kiwi Kid'sLake Mangamahoe
2,858 ft-49 ft
Kiwi LoLake Mangamahoe
966 ft-47 ft
Kiwi MidLake Mangamahoe
1,097 ft-121 ft
Lap It UpLake Mangamahoe
621 ft-30 ft
Lawsons LoopLake Mangamahoe
1,453 ft-82 ft
Lawsons LoopLake Mangamahoe
3,055 ft-279 ft
Let It RollLake Mangamahoe
1,336 ft-127 ft
Mandatory PowerplayLake Mangamahoe
2,769 ft-205 ft
Million $ Figure of 8Lake Mangamahoe
850 ft-58 ft
Million $ TrackLake Mangamahoe
2,419 ft-302 ft
Old No.2 DhLake Mangamahoe
1,382 ft-286 ft
OperatorLake Mangamahoe
716 ft-137 ft
Out house loopLake Mangamahoe
4,132 ft-302 ft
OutbackBusing Forest
2,600 ft-420 ft
Pinch and PunchLake Mangamahoe
1,008 ft-78 ft
Pinch and Punch drop 1Lake Mangamahoe
49 ft
Pinch and Punch drop 2Lake Mangamahoe
149 ft-5 ft
Pork PieLake Mangamahoe
1,623 ft-220 ft
Reverb RidgeLake Mangamahoe
855 ft-141 ft
Rocky RoadLake Mangamahoe
2,110 ft-34 ft
S'upLake Mangamahoe
2,422 ft-81 ft
Satsuma RebellionLake Mangamahoe
2,825 ft-249 ft
SinclairsLake Mangamahoe
904 ft-55 ft
Slam CityLake Mangamahoe
1,122 ft-153 ft
Slice Of HeavenLake Mangamahoe
1,957 ft-131 ft
Stumpy's MahemLake Mangamahoe
1,355 ft-170 ft
Stumpys RevengeLake Mangamahoe
2,348 ft-293 ft
Tims TripleLake Mangamahoe
2,371 ft-69 ft
Tims TripleLake Mangamahoe
548 ft-29 ft
To Kiwi MidLake Mangamahoe
235 ft
Track the RipperLake Mangamahoe
4,747 ft-348 ft
Twisted SisterLake Mangamahoe
530 ft-69 ft
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