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"J" TrailShindagin Hollow
3,220 ft-639 ft
19th HoleCraig Wood Trails
3,952 ft-44 ft
1:00 to 1:15Lussi & Loggers Trails
3.0 miles-8 ft
2 Crew LiveBlue Mountain Reservation
5,158 ft-129 ft
37 Pieces of FlairSchenectady Central Park
1,335 ft-56 ft
9 / 20 outer trail (west)9 / 20
2.9 miles-476 ft
9/ 20 outer loopAlbany
3.0 miles-362 ft
? Unknown2 ?Sprain Ridge Park
1,447 ft-67 ft
? Unknown3 ?Sprain Ridge Park
458 ft-29 ft
A TrainDryer Road Park
1,270 ft-13 ft
Access LoopLippman Park
4,618 ft-23 ft
Access RoadNinham Mountain State Forest
1.2 miles-60 ft
Access TrailHarris Hill State Forest
1,955 ft-112 ft
Access TrailHidden Pond Park
1,760 ft-80 ft
Accidental TrailSprague Brook
2,007 ft-14 ft
Acid DropElm Ridge
1,347 ft-82 ft
Air & StoneCraig Wood Trails
3.0 miles-88 ft
Ale TrailRound Top
2,746 ft-55 ft
AlgonquinLussi & Loggers Trails
1,782 ft-19 ft
All InHardy Road
2.9 miles-867 ft
Alpha BettyDryer Road Park
803 ft-30 ft
Alter EgoBeebe Hill State Forest
4,351 ft-315 ft
AlternativeSki Bowl
1.0 miles-238 ft
AnacondaLippman Park
1,639 ft-63 ft
AndromedaMeadowlark Park
4,183 ft-38 ft
Anne JacksonBeebe Hill State Forest
2,655 ft-106 ft
Ant HillStewart State Forest
3.3 miles-575 ft
Ant Hill909 - Taconic Hereford
1,954 ft-84 ft
AnthraxAusable Chasm
3.7 miles-340 ft
Antler CreekBlauvelt State Park
1,468 ft-42 ft
ArizonaLippman Park
3,366 ft-91 ft
ArsenicNinham Mountain State Forest
1.7 miles-427 ft
Arthur's Ramble-Yellow[Yorktown Trails] Granite Knolls Park
3,037 ft-68 ft
Aunt Mary's ClimbDownerville State Forest
3,221 ft-104 ft
Ausable LoopWhiteface Mountain
B1Hammond Hill
1.4 miles-160 ft
B1Shindagin Hollow
1.4 miles-1,375 ft
B3Shindagin Hollow
5,239 ft-782 ft
B8Shindagin Hollow
1,788 ft-99 ft
BASanders Preserve
3,173 ft-239 ft
Back NineCraig Wood Trails
3,706 ft-267 ft
Backbone TrailFinger Lakes National Forest
8.3 miles-1,006 ft
BackstretchDaniels Road State Forest
1.5 miles-442 ft
Bailey'sBlue Mountain Reservation
1,164 ft-107 ft
BailoutNinham Mountain State Forest
677 ft-17 ft
Balay WayWhiteface Mountain
1,320 ft-154 ft
Barlette Rd LoopCathedral Pines County Park
1,834 ft-37 ft
Barney RubbleBlauvelt State Park
1,634 ft-65 ft
Barrett PondBeebe Hill State Forest
1,639 ft-64 ft
Batavia SkillWindham Mountain Bike Park
BCSanders Preserve
438 ft-30 ft
Beach TrailEast Port Conservation Area
5,128 ft-82 ft
Bean's loopSprain Ridge Park
1,102 ft-61 ft
BearStewart State Forest
5,065 ft-170 ft
Bear BrookBeebe Hill State Forest
3,608 ft-97 ft
BeaverPleasant Valley
5,136 ft-112 ft
BeaverStewart State Forest
1.4 miles-255 ft
Beaver BridgeHigh Flats State Forest
1.8 miles-401 ft
BeeDaniels Road State Forest
1.3 miles-194 ft
Beer CupHammond Hill
3,994 ft-278 ft
Beginner LoopGraham Hills Park
1,857 ft-46 ft
Beginner Loop (full)Graham Hills Park
2,925 ft-60 ft
Beginner TrailSprain Ridge Park
4,732 ft-138 ft
Beginner Trail bypassSprain Ridge Park
926 ft-24 ft
Bent Rim TrailMcCarty Hill State Park
1.0 miles-148 ft
Berm and BurnCathedral Pines County Park
3,100 ft-45 ft
Betty LoopDryer Road Park
771 ft-33 ft
Big BirchRocky Point Nature Preserve
1,185 ft-9 ft
Big Boulder LoopCunningham Park
687 ft-8 ft
Big EasyDryer Road Park
799 ft
Big Grains of SaltSchenectady Central Park
1,309 ft-57 ft
Big MerlinMcCarty Hill State Park
3.5 miles-633 ft
Big Merlin / Sidewinder ConnectorMcCarty Hill State Park
484 ft-7 ft
Big Merlin ConnectorMcCarty Hill State Park
138 ft-4 ft
Big PineCathedral Pines County Park
1,116 ft-29 ft
Big PlansLussi & Loggers Trails
3.0 miles-179 ft
Big TreesStewart State Forest
2,303 ft-85 ft
Billy BaruleLussi & Loggers Trails
1,864 ft-24 ft
Billygoat TrailMcCarty Hill State Park
861 ft-61 ft
Bitch DitchShindagin Hollow
2,302 ft-2,127 ft
BJ's WayLaurel Ridge Nature Preserve
4,987 ft-75 ft
Bky Hed connectorPleasant Valley
794 ft-20 ft
Bky Hed extra loop909 - Taconic Hereford
2,171 ft-132 ft
Black CoffeeOneonta
4,544 ft-143 ft
Black LoopLaurel Ridge Nature Preserve
5.1 miles-801 ft
Black LoopGlacier Ridge
5,138 ft-115 ft
Black OliveJockey Hill
1,345 ft
Black TrailMcCarty Hill State Park
1.5 miles-236 ft
Black WidowDryer Road Park
1,427 ft-114 ft
5.1 miles-525 ft
Blood Sweat & Tears NorthWilber Park
1.0 miles-199 ft
BlueGraham Hills Park
3.5 miles-634 ft
Blue AlternateIrondequoit Bay Park West
212 ft-37 ft
Blue BlazeBethpage State Park
1.4 miles-87 ft
Blue Blaze BrickyardBethpage State Park
4,848 ft-146 ft
Blue Blaze BrickyardBethpage State Park
4,848 ft-146 ft
Blue LoopLaurel Ridge Nature Preserve
5.6 miles-429 ft
Blue LoopGlacier Ridge
2.3 miles-238 ft
Blue LoopGolden Hill
2.1 miles-620 ft
Blue Loop BonusGolden Hill
2,974 ft-138 ft
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