segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1brig 2 brig Newcastleton Blue1,129 ft78 ft258481126
2Who do you trust? Newcastleton Blue1,952 ft114 ft231381687
3Hidden Valley part 1 Newcastleton Red1 miles182 ft206549321
4B6357 Climb Newcastleton Red2,952 ft326 ft202745750
5bridge to stane Newcastleton Red3,524 ft139 ft198842830
6Hidden Valley part 2 Newcastleton Red4,010 ft169 ft197842342
7Hidden Valley Newcastleton Red2 miles261 ft196641594
8Beat the Devils Tattoo Newcastleton Blue3,271 ft171 ft191762110
9Border Stane Climb Newcastleton Red1 miles231 ft186938681
10rock'n roll Newcastleton Red2,005 ft114 ft186937900
11The Bog Newcastleton Red1,104 ft64 ft174735920
12Bog Climb Newcastleton Red623 ft52 ft174436462
13Bog Descent Newcastleton Red489 ft23 ft172135450
14Dead Man's Quarry Climb Newcastleton Red1,536 ft75 ft158336702
15Marker 19 to Marker 20 Newcastleton Red1,001 ft74 ft157736742
16Bypass Newcastleton Red538 ft10 ft155835682
17That lovely swoopy bit at the end makes me do a wee. Newcastleton Blue1,467 ft110 ft144047123
18zip wire Newcastleton Blue2,659 ft144 ft143445681
19in the wuds Newcastleton Blue2,464 ft120 ft143046671
20Last Decent Newcastleton Blue2,424 ft151 ft1363436511
21The Bridge on the River Kwai Newcastleton Blue529 ft62 ft133133772
22Home run Newcastleton Blue2,500 ft60 ft129731721
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