segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Magnetic Hill Road to Quarry Track Subnet - Outer Loop1,378 ft76 ft29937343St. John's
2Cut Line to Pump House Road Subnet - Outer Loop1,291 ft36 ft26036672St. John's
3Subnet Climb #1 Subnet - Outer Loop2,442 ft168 ft25236966St. John's
4Hill O' Chips Subnet - Outer Loop2,739 ft115 ft24631822St. John's
5You can't stop here, this isn't the top! Subnet - Outer Loop3,488 ft133 ft24229482St. John's
6The Battery Subnet - Inner Loop Part 21,641 ft150 ft18315941St. John's
7Climb to start of Subnet Subnet - Outer Loop730 ft20 ft18222382St. John's
8South Face DH Subnet - Inner Loop Part 21,589 ft166 ft17914481St. John's
9Subnet - Outer loop Subnet - Outer Loop2 miles222 ft17514666St. John's
10Along Wisdom to DSA Connector Wisdom1,764 ft85 ft17220321St. John's
11True Skill Subnet - Outer Loop290 ft13 ft17220042St. John's
12Flop Sweat Subnet - Outer Loop1,082 ft29 ft16722290St. John's
13Oceanside DH main session (west) Oceanside991 ft234 ft1658561St. John's
14Subnet Start o Magnetic Hill Road Subnet - Outer Loop2,424 ft131 ft16117681St. John's
15Ski Trail to Ski Hut Ski Trail2,976 ft48 ft15115242St. John's
16Subnet New DH - Ends @ Transmission Line Subnet - Outer Loop1,223 ft157 ft15114103St. John's
17What's this trail called? What's this trail called?1,268 ft52 ft15118288Corner Brook
18Cadet Out Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho837 ft29 ft14719461St. John's
19Cobbles East Bridge to Town Hall2 miles153 ft1453671Paradise
20Surveyor West Surveyor2,818 ft43 ft14314513St. John's
21Pole Line to Big Pond Pole Line West1,598 ft8 ft1387840St. John's
22Cheater (AKA Hangover) Fire Road222 ft15 ft13716620St. John's
23Jorydn Out Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho2,064 ft47 ft13717971St. John's
24Real Cub Descent Cub Mountain1,265 ft97 ft13715448Corner Brook
25Chainsaw Part II Chainsaw1,124 ft37 ft13619582St. John's
26Mikey's Climb Mikey's Trail1,682 ft108 ft13413332Corner Brook
27Chainsaw Part I Chainsaw617 ft15 ft13218402St. John's
28Bridge to Hall Bridge to Town Hall2 miles172 ft1322942Paradise
29Subnet - Final Descent Subnet - Inner Loop Part 21,483 ft159 ft13011718St. John's
30Left Pond to DSA via Rock Drop DSA1,084 ft20 ft1297710St. John's
31Jericho Out Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho1,185 ft57 ft12615032St. John's
32Jordyn/Cadet/New Trail Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho4,195 ft129 ft12514852St. John's
33Dean's Wandering Bypass Swing Low717 ft21 ft12517711St. John's
34Tunnel Climb Pippy Park 51,150 ft67 ft1209430St. John's
35Mikey's Descent Mikey's Trail1,860 ft83 ft12010475Corner Brook
36Boulder Run Swing Low1,771 ft83 ft1196730St. John's
37Short and Sweet Mudslide615 ft34 ft11913380Corner Brook
38SEMY RC. Semy RC2,177 ft90 ft1169794St. John's
39This Wreckage Semy RC2,315 ft71 ft1169820St. John's
40Segway TM South Segway TM2,057 ft50 ft1169962St. John's
41Tunnel Descent Pippy Park 51,015 ft61 ft10911190St. John's
42Blackmobile Part II Blackmobile796 ft16 ft10912181St. John's
43ENDURO STG 1 Two Chutes1,625 ft87 ft1095603St. John's
44Big Pond Climb Swing Low1,176 ft81 ft1073600St. John's
45Middle Wisdom Out Two Chutes632 ft15 ft1078250St. John's
46Bunny Up Bunny Blaster1,528 ft57 ft10711493Corner Brook
47Soggy Bottom East Soggy Bottom2,220 ft35 ft1029222St. John's
48Two Hill Climb to Jordyn Two Chutes882 ft53 ft1023861St. John's
49Called this trail what? What's this trail called?1,266 ft52 ft1025803Corner Brook
50The Walking Trail The Walking Trail2,815 ft316 ft1009372Corner Brook
51Sweetie Pie Sweety Pie1,010 ft71 ft987977Corner Brook
52Blackmobile Blackmobile2,167 ft45 ft978882St. John's
53Power Station Descent The Powerline2,153 ft228 ft976653Corner Brook
54Cub MTN climb Cub Mountain1,699 ft112 ft9712355Corner Brook
55Sweety Pie Descent Sweety Pie960 ft58 ft967103Corner Brook
56Ginger Route Ascent Ginger Route1 miles331 ft959068Corner Brook
57Old Sam Old Sam1,154 ft114 ft945913St. John's
58Switchback Descent Ginger Route1,122 ft54 ft937362Corner Brook
59The last descent Ginger Route2,283 ft117 ft937725Corner Brook
60Ginger Route Descent Ginger Route1 miles183 ft9172212Corner Brook
61Bunny Blaster Bunny Blaster1,988 ft72 ft906417Corner Brook
62Up Power F Ski Trail1,119 ft57 ft895041St. John's
63Roller Coaster Run Doubletrack1,663 ft75 ft862560St. John's
64Spider Wall Climb The Powerline388 ft66 ft845364Corner Brook
65Exit from Oceanside Oceanside1,873 ft100 ft843950St. John's
66Cadet In Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho899 ft26 ft823730St. John's
67Soggy Bottom West Soggy Bottom2,254 ft35 ft827840St. John's
68Hill Top to Chainsaw Swing Low1,049 ft11 ft823050St. John's
69Down Power F Ski Trail1,158 ft57 ft774920St. John's
70Tippings Ridge The Powerline950 ft25 ft775003Corner Brook
71Sweety Pie loop Sweety Pie2,255 ft82 ft732520Corner Brook
72FirDale East Firdale1,289 ft26 ft732191St. John's
73Red River Red River991 ft5 ft722660St. John's
74Firdale Trail Extension (from pole line) Firdale3,088 ft58 ft722061St. John's
75Yogi Yogi3,803 ft28 ft715383Corner Brook
76S1 Sweety Pie1,161 ft84 ft712414Corner Brook
77Oceanside DH Oceanside3,770 ft373 ft713400St. John's
78Jordyn In Jordyn-Cadet-Jericho2,039 ft54 ft702430St. John's
79Oceanside Short DH Oceanside1,606 ft299 ft702931St. John's
80Mellow Up Goldmine1,647 ft51 ft704863Corner Brook
81Goldmine Goldmine4,930 ft791 ft694612Corner Brook
82Segway TM North Segway TM2,086 ft48 ft671390St. John's
83Neighbourhood Watch The Powerline1,827 ft81 ft652812Corner Brook
84Pinetree Line Subnet - Inner Loop Part 21,253 ft83 ft654752St. John's
85FirDale West Firdale1,248 ft28 ft641530St. John's
86CR ymeS Semy RC2,265 ft68 ft631310St. John's
87Blackmobile In Blackmobile1,901 ft46 ft623340St. John's
88Lower Massey Powerline (MTB) The Powerline2,327 ft242 ft624834Corner Brook
89D&M Low Trail from Gate Penetanguishene Double track1,829 ft22 ft611510St. John's
90The Crows Nest The Crows Nest2,927 ft135 ft584060St. John's
91Smooth Criminal Goldmine1,256 ft182 ft563771Corner Brook
92Firdale Trail Extension (to pole line) Firdale2,903 ft53 ft541131St. John's
93The Rake The Rake2,186 ft51 ft502790St. John's
94Ridgeline big climb Ridgeline1,469 ft72 ft492491St. John's
95Red River Up Red River990 ft5 ft491171St. John's
96Subnet - Walking Trail to Road - Reverse Subnet - Inner Loop Pt 11,013 ft29 ft491860St. John's
97Curry Soup CC Curry Climb4,008 ft32 ft481314Corner Brook
98Hiebert's Hustle Curry Climb1,257 ft51 ft441102Corner Brook
99GWG UP GWG3,073 ft77 ft402580St. John's
100Long Way Round DH Long Way Round1,803 ft404 ft401703St. John's
101Massey Drive Power Line Upper The Powerline3,293 ft116 ft391520Corner Brook
102Thagomizer Thagomizer840 ft18 ft351051St. John's
103Two Pine Descent Two Pine1,315 ft99 ft35972Corner Brook
104Rock'n'Rolla Rock'n'Rolla1,834 ft64 ft341060St. John's
105Power Line Powerline3,672 ft79 ft34640Corner Brook
106Two Pine Two Pine3,228 ft122 ft34982Corner Brook
107GWG Down GWG3,107 ft81 ft321780St. John's
108Duncan's Dive Moose Knuckle1,128 ft225 ft311341Corner Brook
109Semy RC Ascent Semy RC2,350 ft120 ft29410St. John's
110Mount Tuckamore Sunshine's Decent Opt11,761 ft85 ft281681Saint Philips
111Enchanted Forest Reverse Enchanted Forest3,005 ft50 ft281033Corner Brook
112Connector 3 Brock's Head Falls3,189 ft96 ft27381Saint Philips
113Gorge Tech Gorge Trail1,535 ft59 ft271050Corner Brook
114SGS Seamoss2,819 ft236 ft26743St. John's
115The Wellness Trail CHS to Lower Mall1,922 ft91 ft261332Clarenville
116Connector 2 Brock's Head Falls1,054 ft65 ft26440Saint Philips
117Climb then to DogPark Climb Back to Dog Park2,362 ft33 ft252822Clarenville
118Long Way - Exit right @ wood drop Long Way Round1,996 ft321 ft251250St. John's
119Seamoss Top-to-Bottom Seamoss3,248 ft285 ft24730St. John's
120Connector 4 Brock's Head Falls1,410 ft37 ft24350Saint Philips
121Oliver's Pond Road Descent Horseshoe2,223 ft54 ft23691Saint Philips
122Something Good Dave's Trail1,002 ft84 ft22590Corner Brook
123Down Dr D's Doctor D3,601 ft493 ft22972Rocky Harbour
124SWD SWD1,589 ft109 ft20432St. John's
125Connector 1 Brock's Head Falls1 miles103 ft20291Saint Philips
126Up Dr D's Doctor D3,493 ft469 ft20851Rocky Harbour
127Jole's Nob Joel's Knob1,433 ft67 ft20310Corner Brook
128Pump House Brock's Head Falls3,049 ft61 ft18330Saint Philips
129Hydro Tower Out Hydro Tower2,565 ft81 ft17451St. John's
130Frontier Up Frontier2,838 ft76 ft17363St. John's
131Todd's Trail Dave's Trail712 ft57 ft17461Corner Brook
132Brocks Head Pond Brock's Head Falls2,216 ft29 ft16211Saint Philips
133Unnamed Road Climb Oceanside1,158 ft263 ft15250St. John's
134Bucket Seats Bucket Seats1,297 ft97 ft14540St. John's
135Freshwater Pond Brock's Head Falls1,516 ft33 ft13170Saint Philips
136Off the rails Off The Rails3,196 ft83 ft13200Goulds
137Trout River Pond Climb Trout River Pond4,171 ft280 ft13160Trout River
138Border trail west Border Trail West5,128 ft85 ft11251Goulds
139Admirals Green Skirt Pippy Park 112,239 ft144 ft9380St. John's
140Hydro Tower to Rock Quarry (Out N Back) Boltcutter1 miles84 ft7170St. John's
141Goldmine - Route 1 Goldmine4,292 ft736 ft01460Corner Brook
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