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Access RoadNorth Bay
1.6 miles-26 ft
Better Than Rocky RoadNorth Bay
1,455 ft-130 ft
Blue-Green trailNorth Shore
3,617 ft-16 ft
Bullwinkle'sNorth Shore
4,117 ft-38 ft
Byers Lake TrailByers Lake Mountain Bike Trail
4.0 miles-259 ft
Callighen's CornerMinnesing Mountain Bike Trails
5.8 miles-841 ft
Cedar Heights DHNorth Bay
1,399 ft-184 ft
Dave Murray DownhillNorth Shore
2,921 ft-167 ft
EdgesThe Ridge
722 ft-19 ft
High Lake TrailNorth Shore
5,005 ft-67 ft
Horse Trails + Cedar Heights EastPeninsula Road
6.6 miles-604 ft
Horsetrail DHNorth Bay
1,832 ft-171 ft
Jacks Switch BacksNorth Shore
3,568 ft-158 ft
JaidensNorth Shore
4,504 ft-232 ft
Jaimee's LoopNorth Shore
1.0 miles-158 ft
Jared's JungleNorth Bay
1,316 ft-55 ft
Jefferson AirplaneNorth Shore
1,242 ft-76 ft
Jen'sNorth Shore
3,210 ft-62 ft
KaileysNorth Shore
4,459 ft-87 ft
La FlumeNorth Shore
1,562 ft-176 ft
Laurentian side loopNorth Bay
3,690 ft-111 ft
Laurentian Ski HillPeninsula Road
5.8 miles-1,026 ft
Laurentian Slope StyleNorth Bay
1,656 ft-271 ft
Long CutThe Ridge
3,259 ft-44 ft
LOOK OUT!The Ridge
684 ft-10 ft
Mel's DinerNorth Shore
4,040 ft-48 ft
MisdirectionPeninsula Road
689 ft-20 ft
More MurrayNorth Shore
898 ft-14 ft
Old Railway Bike TrailAlgonquin Rail Trail
9.6 miles-398 ft
Polly's PitchMinnesing Mountain Bike Trails
4.6 miles-395 ft
Precambrian PavementThe Ridge
1,776 ft-34 ft
Rooty RouteNorth Shore
1,452 ft-5 ft
Scenic RootHorse Trails & Cedar heights
1,391 ft-28 ft
Shorewood LoopPeninsula Road
2,309 ft-20 ft
shortcutNorth Bay
119 ft
ShortcutHorse Trails & Cedar heights
162 ft
Shortcut to CarNorth Bay
762 ft-123 ft
Specialized MikesNorth Shore
3,054 ft-67 ft
Sugar Bush RunMinnesing Mountain Bike Trails
3.0 miles-371 ft
ThispartsuxNorth Shore
1,253 ft-5 ft
Timber SlideMinnesing Mountain Bike Trails
2.8 miles-217 ft
Tower LoopNorth Bay
2,566 ft-70 ft
Trapper'sNorth Shore
888 ft-40 ft
TwistyThe Ridge
603 ft-7 ft
Up Top - NorthNorth Bay
1.7 miles-239 ft
Up Top - SouthNorth Bay
1.8 miles-315 ft
VertigoNorth Shore
2,617 ft-17 ft
Vivian's LinkNorth Shore
959 ft-7 ft
Warm UpThe Ridge
821 ft
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