Mountain Bike
4007 #4007
2 miles-71 ft325 ft
Aspen Path
2,438 ft-170 ft
Boulder Cutoff
1,325 ft-152 ft
577 ft54 ft
Casey Meadows Trail #343
3 miles1,439 ft
Casey Peak Trail #374
1 mile-1,480 ft31 ft
1,765 ft74 ft
351 ft-7 ft
1,115 ft93 ft
2,051 ft-36 ft23 ft
341 ft-8 ft
Far Road
909 ft-33 ft
Fence Rider
1,749 ft-38 ft82 ft
Grey Owl
1,299 ft66 ft
Hello, Dolly!
2,162 ft-60 ft47 ft
High Road
1 mile-185 ft234 ft
Jackson Creek Trail #344
3 miles-1,511 ft286 ft
Lower Meadow Bypass
873 ft-7 ft19 ft
Lower TET
1,526 ft-22 ft61 ft
Main Maupin
1 mile-242 ft
Main Maupin to Road
1,535 ft52 ft
Maupin / McClellan Divide
2 miles-262 ft608 ft
Maupin Creek to Waterline
2 miles-278 ft358 ft
Maupin Cutoff
1,814 ft184 ft
Maupin to Willard
2 miles-165 ft866 ft
McClellan Creek - Maupin Creek connector
1 mile-336 ft321 ft
McClellan Creek to TET Offensive
420 ft37 ft
McClellan Creek Trail #302
3 miles-2,131 ft10 ft
McClellan Creek Trail - TH to Willard Jct #302
2 miles-120 ft653 ft
Meadow Trail
1,083 ft21 ft
Meadow Trail
1,549 ft94 ft
Middle Earth
1 mile-434 ft51 ft
Mill Creek
840 ft64 ft
Mill to Maupin
1,631 ft-91 ft45 ft
Montgomery Park
3,307 ft-5 ft175 ft
Montgomery Park Trail #301
3,054 ft-371 ft
Montgomery Park Trail #301
3 miles-663 ft219 ft
Montgomery Park Trail #301
4 miles-861 ft1,572 ft
MT City to Gruber
2 miles-213 ft375 ft
NE Access
1,348 ft-103 ft4 ft
North Connector
942 ft81 ft
North Fork Maupin Creek
1 mile-10 ft346 ft
North Fork Strawberry
3 miles-124 ft1,140 ft
Private Access Trail
656 ft-47 ft
Private Bypass
623 ft-3 ft
Shingle Creek
2 miles-33 ft1,009 ft
South Fork Strawberry
4 miles-1,251 ft22 ft
South Fork Strawberry (Haab)
4,350 ft-176 ft41 ft
Strawberry Lookout
1 mile644 ft
Strawberry Lookout
404 ft13 ft
Strawberry to Maupin
1,768 ft-201 ft
Strawberry to Maupin
1 mile-372 ft27 ft
Strawberry to Willard
1 mile-10 ft198 ft
TET Offensive
1 mile-414 ft173 ft
Two Toes
659 ft-52 ft
Upper Maupin - Mill Creek
3,645 ft-154 ft214 ft
Upper Willard to Mill Creek
2,034 ft-11 ft19 ft
Warm Springs to TET Offensive
1,312 ft-17 ft17 ft
Warm Springs to TET Offensive
823 ft31 ft
Waterline Trail
1 mile-351 ft238 ft
Willard Creek Trail #347
2 miles-263 ft391 ft
Willard to Mill Creek
3,186 ft-293 ft4 ft
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