Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"A"Mt Vic
671 ft-146 ft36 ft
"Just-Keeps-Going", to, "Naked Troll", connectorGlenbervie Forest
3,711 ft-3 ft137 ft
"V"Mt Vic
904 ft-188 ft67 ft
#13Riverhead Forest
2,585 ft-149 ft
1 Night StandWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
4,892 ft-349 ft40 ft
100 acre trackLong bay regional park
3,895 ft-173 ft46 ft
100 Acre Wood LoopMoanataiari Mountain Bike Trails
447 ft-7 ft7 ft
100% NativeWaitangi Mountain Bike Park
2,131 ft-163 ft25 ft
17 HundyTe Miro MTB Park
3,445 ft-405 ft
18th HoleHawkins Hill
415 ft-84 ft
1st AdditionWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
2,660 ft-142 ft80 ft
1st Addition BypassWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
441 ft-14 ft12 ft
2 Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
3,596 ft-331 ft4 ft
2 DuxKerikeri MTB Park
208 ft-9 ft
250 East ClimbTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
2,028 ft-34 ft162 ft
250 East DHTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
2,028 ft-311 ft
250 East ExtensionTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)
1,211 ft-82 ft23 ft
2WDKerikeri MTB Park
674 ft-140 ft
4 DegreesBelmont Regional Park
2 miles-142 ft839 ft
4 The Hell of ItMatipo Park
1,509 ft-267 ft40 ft
42 TraverseManawatu-Whanganui
26 miles-3,596 ft2,207 ft
44/11Te Miro MTB Park
2,799 ft-172 ft31 ft
44/11 Steep Line 1Te Miro MTB Park
404 ft-19 ft
440 Pump TrackFourforty MTB Park
377 ft-7 ft8 ft
491Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)
1,475 ft-200 ft15 ft
4WDKerikeri MTB Park
2,498 ft-123 ft197 ft
98 DownhillNorth Island
1,315 ft-264 ft
A Bit More On The SideRiverhead Forest
741 ft-14 ft
A Bit of FaithKerikeri MTB Park
469 ft-80 ft2 ft
A Little Bit Of UpWest Coast Riders Club
961 ft47 ft
A to ZMākara Peak Mountain Bike Park
535 ft-53 ft13 ft
About TimeArapuke Forest
1 mile-458 ft198 ft
Access trailLake Mangamahoe
174 ft-8 ft
Acid Drop #16Huka Trails
871 ft-96 ft5 ft
Acquired TasteWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,908 ft-115 ft47 ft
AfraidiumGlenbervie Forest
1,314 ft-226 ft
AfterglowWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-221 ft102 ft
Ahimate Zig-ZagsPalmerston North
1,896 ft-23 ft11 ft
Ainslee Street Reserve TrackNew Plymouth
1,358 ft9 ft
Airport southsideParaparaumu
4,062 ft-17 ft17 ft
407 ft
Albert St Single Trail and JumpsPalmerston North
2,223 ft-30 ft13 ft
AlcatrazLake Wiritoa
1,570 ft-8 ft20 ft
AlchemySainsbury Road
3,720 ft-382 ft23 ft
Alders Bell Road LinkWaiuku Forest
2 miles-11 ft77 ft
Alley OopTe Ara Kākāriki
1,345 ft-91 ft27 ft
AM LoopBusing Forest
3,776 ft-45 ft286 ft
Ambury To StonefieldsAmbury Park
5 miles-181 ft170 ft
Amyl NitrateWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,028 ft-63 ft
AnacondaWhangamata Ridges Mountainbike Park
2,305 ft-233 ft27 ft
AnacondaWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
5,126 ft-36 ft83 ft
Anaconda - Scrubber LinkTotara Park
666 ft-9 ft10 ft
Anaconda NewTotara Park
3,233 ft-184 ft52 ft
Anaconda ShortcutTotara Park
484 ft-4 ft7 ft
Angle's Way BlueHeads Up Adventures
3,719 ft-57 ft469 ft
Angle's Way Blue AlternateHeads Up Adventures
932 ft-29 ft116 ft
Angle's Way GreenHeads Up Adventures
3,044 ft-172 ft107 ft
Anti Climb-AxLake Mangamahoe
1,365 ft-116 ft18 ft
Anti GravityFourforty MTB Park
2 miles-101 ft637 ft
Anzac Loop LinkRiverhead Forest
1,621 ft-6 ft34 ft
Anzac Loop To Diesel SwitchbacksRiverhead Forest
3,392 ft-57 ft62 ft
Anzac To Picnic DHRiverhead Forest
1,549 ft-69 ft
Aorangi CrossingWellington Region
12 miles-5,330 ft4,530 ft
AotearoaWaitangi Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-243 ft133 ft
ApexEskdale MTB Park
Appleby Rd to Wells Pl PathCambridge
2,264 ft-10 ft
ApumoanaWhakarewarewa Forest
1 mile-185 ft641 ft
Apumoana Extension to SidewinderWhakarewarewa Forest
266 ft-3 ft55 ft
Apumoana Lentil Road EntranceRotorua
276 ft6 ft
AqualungWhangamata Ridges Mountainbike Park
1,070 ft-55 ft6 ft
Aquatic Centre BypassNew Plymouth
1,667 ft-10 ft5 ft
Ara HokiLake Mangamahoe
5,148 ft-175 ft273 ft
Ara TawaPorirua East
2 miles-26 ft19 ft
Ara Tawa (South)Porirua
2 miles-58 ft122 ft
Ara TuatahiCoromandel
3 miles-645 ft646 ft
Arahiwi TrackLower Hutt
1,222 ft-73 ft27 ft
Arapuni SwingbridgeWaikato
653 ft-22 ft
Arapuni to Jones LandingWaikato River Trails
3 miles-761 ft760 ft
Ararimu Valley ClimbRiverhead Forest
2,087 ft204 ft
Ararimu Valley Road ExitRiverhead Forest
690 ft-28 ft
Ararimu Valley Road ReturnRiverhead Forest
4,869 ft-105 ft84 ft
Aratiatia Loop #5Huka Trails
3 miles-151 ft254 ft
AratihiMākara Peak Mountain Bike Park
2 miles-81 ft584 ft
ArborlandDome Valley
4,147 ft-640 ft46 ft
Arepa (Alpha) 1Whakarewarewa Forest
4,196 ft-168 ft43 ft
Arepa (uphill section)Whakarewarewa Forest
3,039 ft-5 ft76 ft
As You DoWhakarewarewa Forest
5,013 ft481 ft
As You Do - Not So Hard LineWhakarewarewa Forest
669 ft86 ft
Ascot park (upper Bothamly)Porirua East
2,225 ft-15 ft25 ft
AsgardDirt Farm
614 ft-61 ft
Astronomer ClimbPorirua East
2,628 ft-12 ft67 ft
AtawhaiWaitangi Mountain Bike Park
2,448 ft-47 ft202 ft
Aunt BettyTe Ara Kākāriki
1,005 ft-40 ft48 ft
Autere Street to Playground LinkNew Plymouth
528 ft-17 ft
AV8AWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
584 ft-11 ft1 ft
AwesomeRiverhead Forest
2,464 ft-75 ft16 ft
B's TrackMaraetai Forest
1,397 ft-91 ft8 ft
B'warethetrollGlenbervie Forest
2,051 ft-169 ft8 ft
B-LineBusing Forest
607 ft-99 ft
B-LineUnsworth Reserve
358 ft
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