Mountain Bike
"A"671 ft-146 ft36 ft0101.81
"V"904 ft-188 ft67 ft-13.423150.1
0800 O.S.H. Me710 ft-194 ft6 ft-26.501411.857
1 Night Stand4,875 ft-432 ft120 ft-6.406114.2
100 acre track3,895 ft-173 ft46 ft-3.25245.3
100 Acre Wood Loop447 ft-7 ft7 ft0.065102
100% Native2,131 ft-163 ft25 ft-6.512100.9
18th Hole415 ft-84 ft-19.922489.5
1st Addition2,660 ft-142 ft80 ft0121
1st Addition Bypass441 ft-14 ft12 ft-0.42117.499
2 Bee Line3,596 ft-331 ft4 ft0360
2 Dux208 ft-9 ft-4.38161
24 Carat633 ft-174 ft4 ft0479.067
2WD674 ft-140 ft-20.80964.993
4 Degrees2 miles-518 ft1,187 ft5.958345.274
4 The Hell of It1,509 ft-267 ft40 ft-15.042120.9
42 Traverse26 miles-5,290 ft3,899 ft-1.004876
44/112,511 ft-186 ft47 ft-5.514222.8
4911,475 ft-200 ft15 ft0263.443
4WD2,498 ft-123 ft197 ft2.98165
98 Downhill1,315 ft-264 ft0744.49
A Bit of Faith469 ft-80 ft2 ft-16.61284.263
A Little Bit Of Up992 ft60 ft6.00869.641
A to Z733 ft-70 ft55 ft0397.793
A-Line GDHC792 ft-144 ft11 ft-16.77179.9
About Time1 miles-458 ft198 ft-3.777427.5
Access Trail428 ft60 ft13.971355.227
Acid Drop #16871 ft-96 ft5 ft-10.45393.734
Acquired Taste1,908 ft-115 ft47 ft-3.557114.031
Afraidium1,314 ft-226 ft-17.178254.905
Afterglow1 miles-221 ft102 ft0121
Ahimate Reserve Pump Line612 ft-13 ft-2.14433
Ahimate Zig-Zags1,975 ft-3 ft3 ft020
Albert St Single Trail and Jumps2,223 ft-30 ft13 ft-0.75338.1
Alcatraz1,570 ft-8 ft20 ft0.77358.7
Alchemy3,789 ft-348 ft63 ft-7.524422.8
Alders Bell Road Link2 miles-11 ft77 ft0.72220
Alley Oop1,345 ft-91 ft27 ft-4.64737.98
AM Loop3,914 ft-87 ft334 ft6.328274.9
Ambury To Stonefields5 miles-181 ft170 ft041.394
Amyl Nitrate1,028 ft-63 ft-6.142117.254
Anaconda2,305 ft-233 ft27 ft-8.953101.2
Anaconda5,126 ft-36 ft83 ft0.915120.381
Anaconda - Scrubber Link666 ft-9 ft10 ft0.26258.671
Anaconda New3,233 ft-184 ft52 ft-4.11104.2
Anaconda Shortcut484 ft-4 ft7 ft0.715101.141
Angle's Way Blue3,719 ft-57 ft469 ft11.091185.4
Angle's Way Blue Alternate932 ft-29 ft116 ft9.366135.6
Angle's Way Green3,044 ft-172 ft107 ft-2.156205.9
Anti Climb-Ax1,365 ft-116 ft18 ft-7.234209
Anti Gravity2 miles-257 ft793 ft5.61235.9
Anzac Loop4,257 ft-118 ft233 ft2.69119.653
Anzac Loop Link1,621 ft-6 ft34 ft1.67566
Anzac Loop to Twist and Shout3,191 ft-16 ft57 ft1.28569.497
Anzac to Picnic DH3,370 ft-141 ft13 ft-3.79780
Aorangi Crossing12 miles-5,330 ft4,530 ft-1.225732.8
Aotearoa2 miles-361 ft272 ft-1.09194
Appleby Rd to Wells Pl Path1,557 ft-7 ft-0.42176
Aqualung1,105 ft-77 ft11 ft061
Ara Hoki5,148 ft-175 ft273 ft1.905154.6
Ara Tawa2 miles-26 ft19 ft-0.08119
Ara Tawa (South)2 miles-58 ft122 ft0.7245.261
Arahiwi Track1,222 ft-73 ft27 ft-3.787216.5
Arapuni to Jones Landing3 miles-761 ft760 ft-0.006153.8
Ararimu Valley Road Exit690 ft-28 ft-4.07348.565
Ararimu Valley Road Return1 miles-23 ft32 ft0.1743.002
Aratiatia Loop #53 miles-151 ft254 ft0.638369
Aratihi1 miles-460 ft939 ft6.605387.092
Arborland4,147 ft-640 ft46 ft-14.346261.304
Arepa (Alpha) 14,181 ft-122 ft29 ft-2.229369
Arepa (uphill section)3,039 ft-5 ft76 ft2.336360
As You Do5,014 ft-10 ft518 ft10.136483
Ascot park (upper Bothamly)2,225 ft-15 ft25 ft0.47283
Atawhai2,448 ft-47 ft202 ft6.298108.1
Atiu Creek Entry3,886 ft-6 ft250 ft6.29121
Aunt Betty1,005 ft-40 ft48 ft0.79874.668
AV8A584 ft-11 ft1 ft0100
B's Track1,397 ft-91 ft8 ft-5.945122.562
B'warethetroll2,051 ft-169 ft8 ft-7.835222.002
B-Line100 ft-14 ft-13.81555.6
B.Y.O2,601 ft-562 ft60 ft-19.277454.8
Back Corner Climb1,351 ft-7 ft98 ft6.74767.357
Back Passage3 miles-88 ft65 ft-0.1464
Back To The Future3 miles-132 ft132 ft030
Back To The Future Shortcut160 ft-3 ft3 ft-0.02920
Back Track3 miles-1,228 ft1,853 ft4.48362.4
BackDrop23,497 ft-531 ft46 ft-13.866183.955
Backroad3,096 ft-186 ft53 ft0103
Baconator4,041 ft-379 ft9 ft-9.123165.354
Bail Out Line 1108 ft8 ft7.2729.329
Bailout2,068 ft-137 ft108 ft-1.398125.06
Baja Link4,057 ft-125 ft45 ft-1.973462
Baked Beans Bend2,432 ft-63 ft133 ft2.87276.648
Baked beans bend2 miles-89 ft1,293 ft14.34443.72
Bakers run831 ft-204 ft7 ft096.704
Ball and Chain1,600 ft0340
Ball Bearings1,369 ft-156 ft10 ft-10.668771.5
Bam Bam3,940 ft-255 ft62 ft-4.912402
Banker808 ft-41 ft-5.073114.2
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