Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
10 LicksSnowden Demonstration Forest
1 mile-209 ft90 ft
11th LickSnowden Demonstration Forest
1,096 ft-9 ft10 ft
20th HoleWoods Creek
2,425 ft-27 ft3 ft
21st HoleWoods Creek
1 mile-155 ft37 ft
22nd HoleWoods Creek
1 mile-150 ft18 ft
911Gold River
A View to a HillRadar Hill
2,352 ft-24 ft233 ft
accessWoods Creek
178 ft-28 ft
Access road to Pete'sPort McNeill
2,900 ft-74 ft3 ft
Access: Telegraph to AirportPort McNeill
2,094 ft-4 ft53 ft
AF LineRadar Hill
2,762 ft-441 ft
Airport MainPort McNeill
4,114 ft-23 ft126 ft
Aligator RockSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,934 ft-54 ft85 ft
Antler Lake LoopGold River
3 miles-433 ft444 ft
ArchaeaRadar Hill
4,298 ft-77 ft168 ft
Aunty NancySnowden Demonstration Forest
1 mile-282 ft279 ft
B&N TrailPort Mcneill
2 miles-32 ft121 ft
Bad CardWoods Creek
436 ft-26 ft
BandersnatchQuinsam River Trails
1,860 ft-11 ft9 ft
BarbsPort McNeill
2,606 ft-37 ft27 ft
Bay CliffMalcolm Island
997 ft-118 ft13 ft
BeachPort McNeill
3,990 ft-171 ft138 ft
BeaconMalcolm Island
5,059 ft-295 ft63 ft
Bear AlleyWoods Creek
1,224 ft
Bear HillPort Mcneill
2 miles-3 ft488 ft
Bear TrailPort Hardy
3,971 ft-309 ft20 ft
Beaver FeverBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
1,800 ft-53 ft12 ft
Beaver Pond TrailBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
2,247 ft-18 ft21 ft
Bent RailQuinsam River Trails
2,177 ft-54 ft25 ft
Big Loop horse trail to E. Main loggingHyde Creek
3 miles-402 ft352 ft
Big Pig AccessPort Hardy
1 mile-396 ft17 ft
Black BluffSointula
3,212 ft-324 ft8 ft
Blood DonorCampbell River
692 ft-105 ft
BLTSnowden Demonstration Forest
2 miles-556 ft393 ft
BoardwalkPort Hardy
2,545 ft-110 ft70 ft
Boardwalk ExitPort Hardy
572 ft-35 ft
Boneyard BypassCampbell River
535 ft3 ft
Boogie BoyMalcolm Island
1,181 ft-107 ft
Boogie ManMalcolm Island
682 ft-47 ft
Box LunchSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,938 ft-310 ft117 ft
Brad's BitchHyde Creek
1,547 ft-63 ft50 ft
Brad's extendedHyde Creek
2,093 ft-111 ft80 ft
BrienWoods Creek
670 ft-50 ft
Burrell's TrailBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
903 ft-29 ft
Butterfly TrailBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
3,027 ft-34 ft19 ft
C-lineStella Lake
438 ft-41 ft7 ft
Calvin's RunWoods Creek
2,372 ft-20 ft9 ft
CardenaPort McNeill
1,256 ft-82 ft6 ft
CardenaPort Mcneill
509 ft-41 ft
Cedar's BoredHyde Creek
696 ft-91 ft
Chain LinkWoods Creek
988 ft-12 ft8 ft
Chain MailWoods Creek
4,616 ft-76 ft77 ft
CheshireSnowden Demonstration Forest
2 miles-483 ft265 ft
Chocolate DogMalcolm Island
1,713 ft-14 ft
Cinnamon GirlSnowden Demonstration Forest
827 ft-119 ft
Climactic (Will's Thrill)Hyde Creek
1,963 ft-142 ft8 ft
Cobblestone WayBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
515 ft-27 ft6 ft
Comb-overMenzies Mountain
2,719 ft-577 ft48 ft
ConnectorSnowden Demonstration Forest
262 ft3 ft
Connector - Simms to ButterflyBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
536 ft-7 ft3 ft
Connector to DogwoodBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
738 ft-2 ft4 ft
Cougar TrailPort Hardy
1,265 ft-21 ft50 ft
COVIDWoods Creek
1,122 ft-59 ft15 ft
Covid ConnectorQuinsam River Trails
489 ft-3 ft2 ft
Covid-19Quinsam River Trails
2,198 ft31 ft
Cow TrailPort Hardy
1,375 ft-75 ft16 ft
Creepy HollowWoods Creek
2,041 ft-3 ft54 ft
Cross backHyde Creek
241 ft-23 ft
Cross to WL1909Sointula
2,165 ft-105 ft
Croydon FaceliftMenzies Mountain
555 ft-251 ft
Dam CrossingHyde Creek
1,055 ft-30 ft14 ft
Dark SecretQuinsam River Trails
2,546 ft-20 ft24 ft
Dean MartinThe Pump House
1 mile-165 ft207 ft
Deer TongueCampbell River
1,896 ft-38 ft52 ft
Demon SeedSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,320 ft-266 ft291 ft
DesaddleRadar Hill
2,999 ft-82 ft169 ft
Dinah'sMalcolm Island
1,404 ft-128 ft
Dinner For 4Snowden Demonstration Forest
1,631 ft-58 ft57 ft
Dog HousePort Hardy
3,851 ft-258 ft108 ft
Dozy DoeQuinsam River Trails
1,148 ft-31 ft30 ft
Dragon's TailQuinsam River Trails
1,053 ft-95 ft
DreadlocksMenzies Mountain
1,630 ft-108 ft13 ft
Eager BeaverBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
1,156 ft-8 ft19 ft
Eagles RestCampbell River
2,894 ft-32 ft106 ft
Echo Lake TrailPort Hardy
2 miles-279 ft210 ft
Echo Lake Trail continuedPort Hardy
1,995 ft-31 ft111 ft
eh lineRadar Hill
730 ft-19 ft67 ft
Elephant DropElephant Mt
2,215 ft-677 ft25 ft
Enchanted ForestSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,731 ft-21 ft140 ft
EscargotSnowden Demonstration Forest
3,409 ft-158 ft52 ft
ExtensionsMenzies Mountain
4,392 ft-431 ft49 ft
FauxhawkMenzies Mountain
1,880 ft-308 ft
Fawn Lily LaneBeaver Lodge Forest Lands
961 ft-4 ft20 ft
FlattopMenzies Mountain
2,126 ft-49 ft98 ft
Fort Rupert TrailPort Hardy
2 miles-449 ft490 ft
FredSnowden Demonstration Forest
972 ft-13 ft31 ft
Friar TuckMenzies Mountain
2,977 ft-724 ft17 ft
Frog Lake RoadSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,921 ft
Frog LegsSnowden Demonstration Forest
4,541 ft-175 ft114 ft
Frog Legs connectSnowden Demonstration Forest
679 ft12 ft
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