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3 RingsKalamalka Lake
2,069 ft-31 ft
36 DDKalamalka Lake
3,157 ft-613 ft
Abbey RoadSilver Star Sovereign Network
2,087 ft-134 ft
Aberdeen XC SkiSilver Star Sovereign Network
2.8 miles-862 ft
AcrophobiaKalamalka Lake
1,664 ft-171 ft
Base LiftKalamalka Lake
1.0 miles-665 ft
Base Lift ConnectorKalamalka Lake
343 ft-74 ft
Beaver BasherKalamalka Lake
2,176 ft-37 ft
Beowulf -Aunt Gladys LookoutSilver Star Mountain Resort
2.6 miles-545 ft
Beowulf- Alder Point LookoutSilver Star Mountain Resort
3.0 miles-522 ft
Big EdKalamalka Lake
1.5 miles-1,207 ft
Big Ed Viewpoint DetourVernon
138 ft-38 ft
Black PowderKalamalka Lake
1,388 ft-237 ft
Blast OffSilver Star Mountain Resort
2,786 ft-656 ft
Blister's Sister to Typical Situation ConnectorEllison Provincial Park
691 ft-41 ft
BlistersEllison Provincial Park
1,123 ft-54 ft
Blisters SistersEllison Provincial Park
1.7 miles-118 ft
Blue 1Silver Star Mountain Resort
184 ft-14 ft
Blue 2Silver Star Mountain Resort
626 ft-69 ft
Blue 3Silver Star Mountain Resort
515 ft-39 ft
Blue 4Silver Star Mountain Resort
505 ft-36 ft
Blue 5Silver Star Mountain Resort
288 ft-24 ft
Blur WitchLogan Lake
1,415 ft-22 ft
Brian's TrailSilver Star Mountain Resort
3,008 ft-381 ft
Bumble Bee TunaLogan Lake
3,033 ft-73 ft
BX CreekSilver Star Mountain Resort
2.3 miles-499 ft
CabinKalamalka Lake
1,345 ft-44 ft
Cabin Trail EastSilver Star Mountain Resort
3,596 ft-243 ft
CairnKalamalka Lake
1,707 ft-147 ft
Chainsaw MullletSilver Star Mountain Resort
2,252 ft-379 ft
ChakraSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.5 miles-302 ft
ChallengerSilver Star Mountain Resort
3.5 miles-1,612 ft
CliffsideLogan Lake
4,948 ft-216 ft
Coffee GrinderSilver Star Sovereign Network
1,427 ft-10 ft
Comet TrailSilver Star Mountain Resort
3,433 ft-524 ft
Comin' Round the MountainKalamalka Lake
2.3 miles-366 ft
CorkscrewSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.1 miles-242 ft
Corral TrailKalamalka Lake
1.3 miles-298 ft
Cosens Bay ExpressKalamalka Lake
3,486 ft-423 ft
Cosens Bay TrailKalamalka Lake
1.8 miles-571 ft
Cosens BeachKalamalka Lake
1,636 ft-109 ft
Cougar TrapKalamalka Lake
2,215 ft-88 ft
Crack of DawnSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.3 miles-342 ft
Crash of '08Kalamalka Lake
1,960 ft-214 ft
Cross-Mountain TrailSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.4 miles-159 ft
Crosstown TrafficKalamalka Lake
3,131 ft-27 ft
Dag's DownhillSilver Star Mountain Resort
4,307 ft-834 ft
DagmalSilver Star Sovereign Network
2,141 ft-451 ft
Deez NutzEllison Provincial Park
1,597 ft-249 ft
Dew DropsKalamalka Lake
1,644 ft-178 ft
Dormie PointEllison Provincial Park
254 ft-28 ft
Double DogSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.5 miles-1,399 ft
DowntownSilver Star Mountain Resort
4,010 ft-938 ft
Easy StreetSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.1 miles-626 ft
Eggshells & Big Bottom GirlsKalamalka Lake
1.2 miles-337 ft
Ellison ConnectorEllison Provincial Park
1.3 miles-185 ft
Ellison DHEllison Provincial Park
2.4 miles-1,089 ft
Ellison DH ClimbEllison Provincial Park
1.6 miles-345 ft
Eric's TrailSilver Star Mountain Resort
2,276 ft-348 ft
Explorer LoopSilver Star Mountain Resort
861 ft-33 ft
Express Kiosk ConnectorKalamalka Lake
224 ft
Fiscal Cliff / Two Inch RedKalamalka Lake
1,952 ft-412 ft
Flat LineLogan Lake
1,468 ft-29 ft
FlowSilver Star Mountain Resort
1.1 miles-1,145 ft
Flying SquirrelNoble Canyon
4,906 ft-1,264 ft
ForeplayKalamalka Lake
818 ft-10 ft
Foxy LadyKalamalka Lake
406 ft-84 ft
Fraidy CatKalamalka Lake
1,833 ft-576 ft
Freaky CreekyKalamalka Lake
3,141 ft-234 ft
Freaky Creeky Early ExitKalamalka Lake
266 ft-8 ft
FreeWheelLogan Lake
5,012 ft-58 ft
GardenKalamalka Lake
1,018 ft-16 ft
GhostbusterSilver Star Sovereign Network
443 ft-25 ft
GingerlyKalamalka Lake
1.3 miles-332 ft
GnarSilver Star Mountain Resort
2,393 ft-466 ft
Gold Mountain XC SkiSilver Star Sovereign Network
2.0 miles-553 ft
Grizzly AdamsSilver Star Mountain Resort
1,747 ft-87 ft
HairyLogan Lake
1,273 ft-17 ft
Hammered CowSilver Star Sovereign Network
2.3 miles-1,024 ft
Happy GilmoreLogan Lake
2,223 ft-255 ft
High Rim Trail - CJ ExpressVernon
2,745 ft
High Rim Trail - Lower Kal Park (Bear Valley)Kalamalka Lake
2.0 miles-376 ft
High Rim Trail - Repeater DownhillKing Eddie Plateau
1.6 miles-938 ft
High Rim Trail - Upper Kal ParkKalamalka Lake
3.4 miles-158 ft
HomerunEllison Provincial Park
3,847 ft-372 ft
HRT Emergency Access RoadKalamalka Lake
1,325 ft
InterstellarKalamalka Lake
1,316 ft-186 ft
Interstellar - Twista ConnectorKalamalka Lake
366 ft-26 ft
Jedi Mind TrickSilver Star Mountain Resort
3,680 ft-298 ft
Jedi Mind TrickSilver Star Mountain Resort
1,818 ft-124 ft
Jedi Mind TrickSilver Star Mountain Resort
3,045 ft-225 ft
Jelly FishLogan Lake
816 ft-99 ft
Jimmy ThangKalamalka Lake
1,962 ft-521 ft
Kal View LoopKalamalka Lake
1,422 ft-59 ft
Keep RepeatingKing Eddie Plateau
1.2 miles-423 ft
Kidston Road Walking PathKalamalka Lake
2,295 ft-47 ft
King Eddy Trail 82King Eddie Plateau
2.3 miles-4 ft
Knoll LoopSilver Star Mountain Resort
4,385 ft-183 ft
Little MoabKalamalka Lake
1,390 ft-153 ft
Lobster TrailKing Eddie Plateau
1.5 miles-224 ft
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