segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pinch Point to Washington Grove North Ridge Trail2 miles156 ft19652199617
2High Speed Downhill to lower field along Pierce Mill Rd on Northridge Trail Pfundstein Trail2,428 ft98 ft19422123916
3whooped out down hill North Ridge Trail635 ft21 ft13501420815
4Top of Olympia Climb to Pinch Point North Ridge Trail3,340 ft99 ft13231361412
5All downhill Pfundstein Trail4,178 ft162 ft12921321419
6Phunstein Start to Pines off-camber area Pfundstein Trail1,651 ft158 ft12881302216
7Ridge to Kummer Downhill Kotobuki1,938 ft84 ft1286123293
8Red Trail (North Ridge) North Ridge Trail2 miles153 ft12831269411
9Olympia Climb North Ridge Trail2,281 ft149 ft12641211321
10Phunstein Jeep trail to N Ridge Drive Pfundstein Trail2,587 ft66 ft12591309512
11Phunstein to N. Ridge Rd Pfundstein Trail2 miles209 ft12061209115
12Bonzai Downhill North Ridge Trail774 ft60 ft11741173115
13woods rooted hill mtn bike climb up to Iowa shelter on trail Green Red Blaze892 ft65 ft111863194
14New Smokey The Bear Trail (After climb & Before Road) Kotobuki2,712 ft193 ft85973642
15Smokey the bear (after 1st climb) Kotobuki5,028 ft249 ft82871226
16Smokey the bear (after road crossing) Kotobuki1,859 ft79 ft82769587
17Smokey The Bear Downhill Kotobuki1 mile253 ft815695421
18Golf Course - Grassy knoll to power line exit Golf Course1 mile95 ft80458329
19Smokey the Bear (before road) Kotobuki3,189 ft186 ft79661935
20So Enduro Kotobuki2,982 ft180 ft76256158
21New Golf Course New Golf Course2 miles94 ft72555197
22The drop to 4 corners The Drop to 4 Corners2,044 ft122 ft71466989
23Down the White Trail Hemlock Trail4,139 ft162 ft66948317
24Sarah's Lollipop Loop Sarah's Lollipop Loop1,102 ft10 ft646555412
25Flag Loop V82 miles107 ft64645358
26White Blue Blaze MTB Trail2,319 ft53 ft64552019
27Hemlock Drive Trail Hemlock Trail1 mile173 ft62745818
28Sandpit - Rocky Hill MTB Trail1,364 ft43 ft58137587
29New Doctor J Dr J Freeride1,435 ft186 ft52124357
30North Park Dr. J Freeride Dr J Freeride1,416 ft198 ft51422048
31West Ridge Climb East Kotobuki3,158 ft164 ft47219551
32Upper Loop South MTB Trail3,396 ft45 ft43622351
33Lauren's Climb Lauren's Climb1,345 ft33 ft3549723
34Race to the ice rink MTB Trail1,470 ft51 ft34418033
35Real Men Climb The Climb333 ft68 ft3368906
36JC Stone Switchback Uphill V8 Switchback Connector2,612 ft155 ft33015338
37Dr. J Dr J Freeride1,131 ft189 ft319130620
38J.C. Stone Switch Back Downhill V8 Switchback Connector2,467 ft151 ft29311156
39Fast DH from Intersection to Fire Road Lauren's Climb1,692 ft198 ft2867624
40Sandhill Descent MTB Trail980 ft60 ft2847413
41Gravel road to S. Ridge long way White Orange Dot1,796 ft154 ft2628620
42LONG Climb smokey the bear via purple trial up to west ridge road Purple Blaze4,695 ft191 ft1703973
43Climb to Purple MTB Trail561 ft104 ft1262211
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