segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Indian Creek Black Bob to Santa Fe Indian Creek Trail1 mile20 ft1533986312Overland Park
2Indian Creek to 135th Indian Creek Trail1 mile30 ft1469980310Overland Park
3435 Climb Eastbound (no corner at the end) Indian Creek Trail4,785 ft32 ft119864537Overland Park
4Golf Course Test Hill Tomahawk Creek1,459 ft88 ft75632978Overland Park
5connector east Manhattan River Trail2,671 ft12 ft64948517Manhattan
6Shunga WB To Gage Shunga West4,554 ft8 ft646715211Topeka
7Shunga West Sprint - Playground to Washburn Ave Shunga West3,371 ft7 ft641785120Topeka
8Washburn to Playground on Shunga Trail Shunga West4,129 ft14 ft62975149Topeka
9connector west Manhattan River Trail2,617 ft7 ft49432053Manhattan
10Branner Bonanza Shunga Trail2,760 ft27 ft488368417Topeka
11River Trail finish Linear Trail4,711 ft7 ft47928566Manhattan
12That Smell Manhattan River Trail2,847 ft9 ft44923697Manhattan
13Deer Creek Waterfront Shunga Trail2 miles25 ft44233123Topeka
14Whee! Lake Shawnee Trail425 ft37 ft40520756Topeka
15Golf Club Downhill Lake Shawnee Trail990 ft49 ft38620076Topeka
16Golf Course Climb Lake Shawnee Trail971 ft48 ft33327589Topeka
17Long Haul West Linear Trail3 miles31 ft33217781Manhattan
18Ivy League Manhattan River Trail2 miles14 ft32523113Manhattan
19River Trails Shootout - To turnaround Manhattan River Trail2 miles25 ft32223102Manhattan
20MRT Manhattan River Trail2 miles22 ft30220416Manhattan
21Chunky Monkey Landon Nature Trail3,389 ft34 ft28518397Topeka
22Over The Dam Lake Shawnee Trail5,085 ft49 ft27620715Topeka
23River Trails Shootout - Turnaround to Heckle Point Manhattan River Trail2 miles16 ft26311231Manhattan
24River Trails Shootout - Turnaround to Heckle Point Manhattan River Trail2 miles16 ft26311240Manhattan
25Deer Creek Vertical Deer Creek Trail1 mile15 ft25913521Topeka
26Fire pit finish Manhattan River Trail1,823 ft18 ft24618503Manhattan
27East Linear Trail (Manhattan to Casement) Linear Trail5 miles42 ft21110103Manhattan
28Watch out for the squirrels and twice around Shunga Dirt2,397 ft7 ft18910401Topeka
29Skinny Manhattan River Trail2,200 ft16 ft18814851Manhattan
30Regency Trail Climb Eastbrooke Greenway4,616 ft86 ft1636493Overland Park
31Red CCW Gov Mansion Red Trail4,825 ft109 ft158197312Topeka
32Red drop to the bottom Green Trail574 ft83 ft1569192Topeka
33climb past the lookout Fancy Creek Trail2,419 ft68 ft1374520Manhattan
34Up and down Fancy Creek Trail3,296 ft54 ft1324400Manhattan
35Climb for the trail head Fancy Creek Trail3,284 ft56 ft1214160Manhattan
36whitenuckles Red Trail577 ft65 ft11712309Topeka
37Widowmaker Red Trail1,670 ft119 ft1108077Topeka
38Red CW Red Trail1 mile99 ft1107804Topeka
39Longrange Fancy Creek Trail4 miles110 ft1083520Manhattan
40Campsite row Fancy Creek Trail3,096 ft51 ft1063350Manhattan
41Zoom Zoom Skyline loop2,375 ft37 ft1058230Topeka
42Double Red Climb Red Trail1,002 ft85 ft1044221Topeka
43Trail Head to Bailout Point Fancy Creek Trail5 miles95 ft1043400Manhattan
44Hell of a climb Skyline loop667 ft40 ft1046742Topeka
45Walnut flow section Camp Alexander Trail1 mile10 ft9912761Emporia
46Walnut flow section Camp Alexander Trail1 mile10 ft9912761Emporia
47The Drag Strip Drag Strip1,340 ft9 ft9522041Emporia
48It's more fun going down Blue Trail2,294 ft68 ft958811Topeka
49Freeway DH Blue Trail1,311 ft123 ft947528Topeka
50Flow trail: hill top to switchbacks Flow Trail1,574 ft44 ft9310805Emporia
51Merediths Trail Skyline loop1,822 ft35 ft937895Topeka
52rip it Blue Trail3,631 ft160 ft926717Topeka
53Camp Alexander New Flow Section Flow Trail4,813 ft57 ft899923Emporia
54Shawnee Lake - Overlook - South Route Lake Shawnee Trail7 miles63 ft882522Topeka
55Switchbacks Camp Alexander Trail3,676 ft36 ft8611022Emporia
56New Fancy Creek (Trailhead to Trailhead) Fancy Creek Trail6 miles128 ft832427Manhattan
57Lake Shawnee 29th & Croco Loop Lake Shawnee Trail7 miles71 ft802820Topeka
58First Tree section From entrance heading north Skyline loop2,493 ft44 ft763891Topeka
59Reverse the Zoom, Feel the burnz Dornwood Loop 3574 ft43 ft756790Topeka
60Concrete jungle Concrete Jungle4,478 ft13 ft7218123Emporia
61Dornwood zoom Dornwood Loop 3668 ft53 ft725630Topeka
62Lake Shawnee Lake Shawnee Trail7 miles63 ft712232Topeka
63Opening section Fall 2016 Camp Alexander Trail2,890 ft36 ft667471Emporia
64Promenade Yellow Trail1,569 ft19 ft654696Topeka
65Left Right Left Right Up Down Harpoon Alley517 ft46 ft652150Topeka
66New Opening Section @ Camp Camp Alexander Trail2,916 ft42 ft647174Emporia
67quick sticks Fancy Creek Trail1,783 ft49 ft60930Manhattan
68Far West Harpoon Alley1,657 ft40 ft562210Topeka
69Dornwood Loop 2 Dornwood Loop 21 mile14 ft564320Topeka
70Take the back door Skyline loop3,379 ft95 ft561551Topeka
71Root Canal Yellow Trail1,415 ft41 ft545252Topeka
72In and Out Skyline loop1,468 ft30 ft541970Topeka
73Bird Trail Cesil Best Birding Trail1,896 ft7 ft502280Manhattan
74New School Fancy Creek Fancy Creek Trail6 miles122 ft491302Manhattan
75The Karlos Skyline loop1,915 ft55 ft472501Topeka
76Shawnee Lake trail clockwise Lake Shawnee Trail7 miles62 ft461582Topeka
77Harpoon Alley Harpoon Alley3,802 ft61 ft441320Topeka
78Dornwood Loop 1 Dornwood Loop 11 mile60 ft442570Topeka
79Shunga Dirt FULL Shunga Dirt2 miles26 ft431463Topeka
80Anneberg Park Anneberg Trail2 miles26 ft391375Manhattan
81fancy long CCW Fancy Creek Trail6 miles134 ft37570Manhattan
82Tower Loop CW Tower Trail5,278 ft30 ft241360Topeka
83Manhattan Zoo Trail Sunset Zoo DH Run3,015 ft66 ft15231Manhattan
84Long loop counter clockwise Skyline loop3 miles102 ft15362Topeka
85Cedar Blast Warner Park Trail4,280 ft99 ft4480Manhattan
86Chris's Downhill Bonanza Warner DH1 mile133 ft391Manhattan
87Warner Park Downhill Warner Park Trail2,637 ft58 ft350Manhattan
88Warner Park MTB Trail Warner Park Trail3 miles132 ft123Manhattan
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