segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
11st single track climb of OMBC race Mohican MTB Trail - North3,962 ft182 ft200591281Loudonville
2Saint Rte 3 25 Climb Mohican MTB Trail - North2,643 ft262 ft197889038Loudonville
3Birding Lot DH Mohican MTB Trail - North3,080 ft207 ft181672966Loudonville
4Mohican Covered Bridge Downhill - 2014 Mohican MTB Trail - North3,131 ft260 ft181372614Loudonville
5Two the Bridge Mohican MTB Trail - North2 miles345 ft181171906Loudonville
610.2 Mohican MTB Trail - North1,362 ft85 ft181172815Loudonville
7DH to the bridge Mohican MTB Trail - North4,383 ft296 ft181072496Loudonville
8Mile 9 Climb Mohican MTB Trail - North495 ft53 ft1806721210Loudonville
9Mohican Covered Bridge Climb - 2014 Mohican MTB Trail - South3,141 ft252 ft175868711Loudonville
10Mohican After Bridge Climb Mohican MTB Trail - South4,007 ft289 ft173367287Loudonville
11Mile 7 Mohican MTB Trail - North4,972 ft188 ft1719639912Loudonville
12Almost there... Mohican MTB Trail - South1,791 ft110 ft171367154Loudonville
13Pines! Mohican MTB Trail - North3,293 ft103 ft170665493Loudonville
14Downhill Switchbacks Mohican MTB Trail - South1,846 ft190 ft1624594510Loudonville
15Pine Tree Trail Mohican MTB Trail - South3 miles251 ft160857561Loudonville
16Mohican Opening Climb - 2014 Mohican MTB Trail - North1 miles275 ft1348627123Loudonville
17To the clearing! East Rim Trail2,774 ft74 ft11791255610Peninsula
18East Rim MTB CCW East Rim Trail2 miles157 ft11681237154Peninsula
19Jump the Cheeseburger East Rim Trail1 miles171 ft11661244420Peninsula
20Rippin East Rim Trail3,395 ft81 ft1161124394Peninsula
21Hold the Mayo East Rim Trail1 miles155 ft11431226415Peninsula
22Red/Yellow Descent (lot to road) Royalview Red Trail1 miles141 ft11301190318Strongsville
23GET YOUR ASS ABOUT THE HARD DECK East Rim Trail1,325 ft65 ft107095975Peninsula
24Grind The Cheeseburger East Rim Trail1 miles164 ft104392935Peninsula
25East Rim CW 1st Half East Rim Trail1 miles162 ft1033921015Peninsula
26East Rim CW East Rim Trail2 miles164 ft1029915636Peninsula
27Hauling Hamburger East Rim Trail3,719 ft116 ft102390775Peninsula
28To the bridge! Wight Oaks Loop - South3,675 ft72 ft87382453Bedford
29Parallel Universe 2 Parallel Universe3,205 ft69 ft87178659Bedford
30hybrids out the way! Royalview Red Trail2,589 ft77 ft857102903Strongsville
31Don't Reject Your Gear Royalview Red Trail641 ft10 ft85168423Strongsville
32Mill Stream - Yellow Royalview Red Trail3 miles172 ft82965507Strongsville
33A little fun on the western side Royalview Red Trail2,056 ft81 ft82869045Strongsville
34hair pin turns #1,#2,#3. Eddie's Wildlife Pass1,093 ft21 ft82873551Bedford
35Eddie's Wildlife Pass MTB trail Eddie's Wildlife Pass1 miles89 ft82273535Bedford
36Gomer Pyle half mile Royalview Red Trail3,523 ft60 ft82064663Strongsville
37Right turn party Friendship Trail1,073 ft20 ft81269685Bedford
38Singlespeeds to the Front! Lamb Loop1 miles216 ft80649314Peninsula
39Skills Out and Back Trail at Royalview Out & Back2 miles56 ft802361111Strongsville
40Machine Trial (Rage Against) Lakeside Trail4,522 ft17 ft79029232Ravenna
41Shale Waterfall Loop Moore Trails!1,874 ft39 ft77468212Bedford
42I-80 Hammer Lane Lamb Loop3,521 ft80 ft74343124Peninsula
43Can you corner? Vultures Knob MTB Park558 ft42 ft73157601Wooster
44The Furnace Vultures Knob MTB Park637 ft47 ft71758704Wooster
45Mini Moto Supercross! Vultures Knob MTB Park1,118 ft64 ft71761924Wooster
46Good, Bad, and Ugly Vultures Knob MTB Park871 ft51 ft70965401Wooster
47After Furness Vultures Knob MTB Park802 ft55 ft70965671Wooster
48Oh shizzz sprint Vultures Knob MTB Park897 ft77 ft70256232Wooster
49Power Line to the Bottom Vultures Knob MTB Park1,317 ft94 ft69747010Wooster
50McAffe On Up Vultures Knob MTB Park3,255 ft161 ft69148080Wooster
51Skate or Die! Reagan Park Trail742 ft48 ft68450403Medina
52Purple Maze all though my brain Vultures Knob MTB Park1,761 ft35 ft68346571Wooster
53The Holeshot! Vultures Knob MTB Park2,524 ft69 ft68360722Wooster
54Now you'll pay Lamb Loop3 miles206 ft68135414Peninsula
55Sulfur Spring to Swinging Bridge Vultures Knob MTB Park852 ft70 ft67739960Wooster
56Mini Powerline Vultures Knob MTB Park615 ft44 ft67056861Wooster
57Warm-up loop Royalview Red Trail2,205 ft10 ft65247490Strongsville
58mill stream red loop Royalview Red Trail4 miles120 ft61832766Strongsville
59To the Well! Vultures Knob MTB Park2 miles172 ft60339330Wooster
60Lakeside 1st half Lakeside Trail3 miles55 ft57921099Ravenna
61Vulture's Knob (Novice Loop) 10/6/12 Vultures Knob MTB Park6 miles199 ft50833790Wooster
62Flow not slow Reagan Park Trail2,169 ft34 ft50728671Medina
63Flow not slow Reagan Park Trail2,169 ft34 ft50728660Medina
64VK Enduro Race 2016 Stage 5 Vultures Knob MTB Park4,078 ft124 ft49825130Wooster
65Thug picnic n Rap music mountain Steamboat Willie (Expert Loop)624 ft30 ft49164444Cleveland
66Hairpin to Hairpin Steamboat Willie (Expert Loop)1,691 ft58 ft49164554Cleveland
67Race to the shitter Novice Loop1,082 ft25 ft49154963Cleveland
68Royalview West Reverse Royalview Red Trail2 miles132 ft490291510Strongsville
69Knob 2013 XC (5/2/13) Vultures Knob MTB Park6 miles192 ft486320312Wooster
70Climb the roots Steamboat Willie (Expert Loop)1,635 ft14 ft48262961Cleveland
71Brush entrance to gravel- no one cares about gravel road spinning! Steamboat Willie (Expert Loop)1 miles82 ft47561522Cleveland
72Exit Ramp Trail Southside Trail1,707 ft50 ft47215681Ravenna
73sport loop Steamboat Willie (Expert Loop)2 miles107 ft46659074Cleveland
74Upper Lakeside Lakeside Trail2 miles36 ft43814695Ravenna
75West Branch - Lakeside Lakeside Trail5 miles138 ft43714947Ravenna
76Watch for Snakes Straighaway1,207 ft22 ft41118331Akron
77Reagan Park Path to Road Reagan Park Trail963 ft26 ft39720930Medina
78Mill Stream - Downhill Royalview Red Trail3 miles176 ft39416038Strongsville
79How Fast Can You Go? B Loop540 ft41 ft39121040Akron
80Top of the hill to the bottom Switchback Advanced Loop2,129 ft136 ft38720540Akron
81Red CCW East (uphill) Royalview Red Trail1 miles125 ft38612844Strongsville
82Gravity Trail Advanced Loop1,476 ft151 ft38320185Akron
83See brown, hammer down C Loop3,549 ft22 ft38123794Akron
84White Loop Beginner Loop945 ft17 ft37623474Akron
85Red Loop from top lot- follow arrows Royalview Red Trail4 miles157 ft369147310Strongsville
86Time Trial Beginner Royalview Red Trail3 miles132 ft35610934Strongsville
87Crampton Hill Advanced Loop2,760 ft152 ft34917763Akron
88Yep, Up! Advanced Loop1,505 ft100 ft34917550Akron
89Tuscazoar Enduro #4 Icky’s Trail2,200 ft119 ft32220771New Philadelphia
90Hair Raising Hare ™ Thorn MTB trail3,706 ft33 ft31613400Wellington
91Mojari ™ Thorn MTB trail2 miles19 ft30912610Wellington
92making the cut Quail Hollow Loop1,728 ft13 ft30728801Hartville
93The Grinder ™ Thorn MTB trail1 miles26 ft30612440Wellington
94The End Icky’s Trail1,874 ft192 ft30519341New Philadelphia
95good place to get dropped Icky’s Trail1,065 ft94 ft30519663New Philadelphia
96Twist and Shout Quail Hollow Loop4,441 ft54 ft30528302Hartville
97Hawley Down ™ Thorn MTB trail4,667 ft27 ft30413070Wellington
98after dam Thorn MTB trail4,883 ft39 ft30112252Wellington
99Down to Woodward Creek Advanced Loop2,490 ft152 ft29610460Akron
100I smell apples Quail Hollow Loop1,300 ft13 ft29626381Hartville
101No shortcuts Quail Hollow Loop3,440 ft22 ft29525581Hartville
102Final push Quail Hollow Loop2,299 ft50 ft29326602Hartville
103On the way way Advanced Loop4,228 ft148 ft29210602Akron
104Advanced loop Advanced Loop4,040 ft150 ft29010490Akron
105Field of Dreams Quail Hollow Loop977 ft6 ft29026102Hartville
106and back Quail Hollow Loop1 miles28 ft29025621Hartville
107J Rock's Rock Pile Southside Trail2,001 ft22 ft2808941Ravenna
108Quail Hollow - Complete Quail Hollow Loop3 miles69 ft277234923Hartville
109West Branch - Quarry Quarry Trail2 miles75 ft2697342Ravenna
110Royalview Outerloop Counter Clockwise Royalview Red Trail6 miles184 ft2617873Strongsville
111Get to the roost Roost Trail1,976 ft123 ft25814861New Philadelphia
112after road Thorn MTB trail4,779 ft33 ft25710571Wellington
113Bit-O-Honey Southside Trail3,904 ft22 ft2527665Ravenna
114This. Is. Badger ™ Badger937 ft53 ft2349570Medina
115Don't Tread On Badger ™ Badger1,484 ft21 ft2297390Medina
116Down For Real Badger ™ Badger1,952 ft41 ft2287171Medina
117West Branch - Upper Southside Trail3 miles136 ft2287336Ravenna
118Woody Wet Badger ™ Badger1,589 ft15 ft2277380Medina
119Climb Badger Climb ™ Badger903 ft29 ft2247300Medina
120Badger Now Dizzy ™ Badger3,292 ft43 ft2247100Medina
121Upper Lakeside-reverse Lakeside Trail2 miles51 ft2216781Ravenna
122Homeward Badger ™ Badger1,469 ft5 ft2218420Medina
123Kitchen Sink Lakeside Trail3,226 ft42 ft2143881Ravenna
124Hobo Badger ™ Badger1,635 ft33 ft2076870Medina
125Badger Drive Highway ™ Badger1,500 ft22 ft2076790Medina
126Pipestone Climb Pipe Stone3,766 ft179 ft19713522New Philadelphia
127Austin Badger Full Loop CW Badger3 miles86 ft1835556Medina
128TRAIL CLIME AT THE RIVER Lake Milton Loop1,981 ft36 ft1638182Youngstown
129Ohio & Erie MTB Kiddie Track Novice Loop1,812 ft29 ft1473181Cleveland
130Eagle Hill Eagle Hill2,949 ft108 ft1466071New Philadelphia
131North Slope CW North Slope4,660 ft120 ft1376642New Philadelphia
132North Slope CCW North Slope4,397 ft115 ft1234441New Philadelphia
133South Woods from parking lot South Woods1 miles94 ft1133170New Philadelphia
134climb up gravity hill Advanced Loop2,072 ft160 ft1092311Akron
135Mushroom Cloud Lake Milton Loop1,798 ft27 ft993903Youngstown
136Icky's Hike-a-bike Icky’s Trail982 ft143 ft972300New Philadelphia
137Knob World Cup XC Vultures Knob MTB Park4 miles109 ft875252Wooster
138pin its Thorn MTB trail2 miles19 ft812571Wellington
139creek bottom Lake Milton Loop3,658 ft34 ft812932Youngstown
140Hawley Run ™ Thorn MTB trail4,635 ft27 ft772551Wellington
141Pungi ™ Thorn MTB trail1 miles25 ft762320Wellington
142Blue Heron Dragway Hockenheimring2,330 ft30 ft752931Medina
143the out Quail Hollow Loop3,585 ft24 ft751500Hartville
144Gossamer ™ Thorn MTB trail3,996 ft32 ft692200Wellington
145South Woods toward Stoney Lodge South Woods1 miles96 ft651610New Philadelphia
146pain and pleasure Pain and Pleasure1 miles109 ft632271Medina
147MTB - Concrete Bridge to Picnic Table Bluebell Trail1,184 ft5 ft601980Youngstown
148Upper McKinley Trail Eastbound Upper McKinley Trail1,397 ft12 ft591372Youngstown
149Upper McKinley Trail Westbound Upper McKinley Trail1,351 ft11 ft581412Youngstown
150MTB - Steep DH by creek and Bridge Climb to Pavillion Tulip Tree Trail635 ft19 ft531660Youngstown
151Hockenheimring Hockenheimring2,883 ft39 ft532471Medina
152Can you hold your speed through the last turn? Pain and Pleasure1,655 ft36 ft533482Medina
153I Swear I am Going Nuts Back Here! Pain and Pleasure2,017 ft82 ft533431Medina
154This Used to Be a Golf Course?!?! Pain and Pleasure1,858 ft73 ft523471Medina
155High School course Vultures Knob MTB Park3 miles110 ft464880Wooster
156Hogback Ridge Loop Counterclockwise Hogback Ridge Loop1 miles47 ft411803Madison
157Hogback Ridge - Atchison Lake Metropark Hogback Ridge Loop2 miles64 ft401151Madison
158Pain and Pleasure CCW Pain and Pleasure1 miles107 ft391951Medina
159beaver creek trail Dogwood Trail1 miles52 ft381253Clarkson
160Iron Mines UP! Iron Mines997 ft154 ft33610New Philadelphia
161Hogback Ridge Loop Clockwise Hogback Ridge Loop1 miles35 ft311192Madison
162Manor to Thatcher shelter Thatcher Trail2,970 ft17 ft28781Youngstown
163VK Enduro Stage 3 2016 Vultures Knob MTB Park1 miles184 ft26370Wooster
164Pine Ridge Trail Pine Ridge Trail2,272 ft75 ft25832Clarkson
165Head for the Hills (North) Back Loop693 ft17 ft24800Medina
166Best part! Indian Hollow Loop320 ft5 ft232441Grafton
167Head for the Hills (South) Back Loop728 ft17 ft23701Medina
168Quail Hollow - Complete (out and back) Quail Hollow Loop3 miles63 ft23410Hartville
169Bluebell Trail westbound Bluebell Trail1 miles10 ft20393Youngstown
170Tuscazoar Enduro #5 Pipe Stone4,132 ft205 ft20680New Philadelphia
171Tuscazoar Enduro #2 Roost Trail4,945 ft172 ft16340New Philadelphia
172County Highway 428 Climb Vondergreen Trail2,706 ft266 ft13400Clarkson
173a few fun corners Indian Hollow Loop2 miles44 ft130Grafton
174West Branch Quarry Trail - Counterclockwise Quarry Trail2 miles67 ft000Ravenna
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