Mountain Bike
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A.P. Dearing TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,747 ft-31 ft40 ft
Access RdHogback Ridge Park
566 ft-4 ft5 ft
Access TrailHogback Ridge Park
960 ft-24 ft5 ft
Alternate TrailIndian Hollow Reservation Park
2,322 ft-7 ft39 ft
B LoopHampton Hills
2,956 ft-16 ft20 ft
B Loop Blue BWest Branch State Park
1 mile-147 ft82 ft
B Loop Blue (Short) BWest Branch State Park
B Loop OptionHampton Hills
413 ft-13 ft
Back LoopHampton Hills
3 miles-152 ft150 ft
BadgerAustin Badger Park
3 miles-254 ft258 ft
Beaver Dam TrailPoland Municipal Forest
2,460 ft-20 ft15 ft
Beginner LoopHampton Hills
1,070 ft-10 ft3 ft
Big Rock TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,165 ft-14 ft10 ft
Big Willow TrailPoland Municipal Forest
2,144 ft-8 ft9 ft
Bike & Hike TrailAkron
18 miles-262 ft36 ft
Blue TrailNorth Road Nature Preserve
2,521 ft-21 ft12 ft
Bluebell TrailPoland Municipal Forest
5,111 ft-44 ft25 ft
Boy Scout CutQuail Hollow Park
666 ft8 ft
Buckeye TrailFindley State Park
1 mile-38 ft54 ft
Buckeye TrailFindley State Park
2,678 ft-22 ft21 ft
Butler TrailPoland Municipal Forest
2,552 ft-10 ft12 ft
C LoopHampton Hills
3,560 ft-32 ft31 ft
C Loop ExtensionHampton Hills
1 mile-87 ft83 ft
Cabbage Patch TrailHuffman Park
2 miles-3 ft6 ft
Center LoopCuyahoga County
1 mile-101 ft100 ft
ConnectorCamp Tuscazoar
397 ft28 ft
ConnectorIndian Hollow Reservation Park
2,863 ft-24 ft10 ft
ConnectorHuffman Park
1,041 ft-8 ft4 ft
ConnectorPoland Municipal Forest
171 ft-6 ft13 ft
Connector TrailMohican State Park
4,165 ft-97 ft86 ft
Conotton Creek TrailHarrison County
10 miles-5 ft61 ft
Dogwood TrailBeaver Creek State Park
2 miles-315 ft136 ft
Drake Run TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,117 ft-8 ft3 ft
Eagle HillCamp Tuscazoar
3,416 ft-67 ft111 ft
East Beechwood TrailPoland Municipal Forest
2,632 ft-7 ft31 ft
East DavisWest Branch State Park
1 mile-127 ft154 ft
East LoopIndian Hollow Reservation Park
3,471 ft-27 ft24 ft
East Rim TrailEast Rim Trails
2 miles-270 ft270 ft
East Shipsky's TrailPoland Municipal Forest
991 ft-8 ft15 ft
Eddie's Wildlife PassBedford Reservation
1 mile-225 ft179 ft
Edgewood OvalPoland Municipal Forest
1,979 ft-13 ft12 ft
Edgewood Oval ConnectorPoland Municipal Forest
301 ft-2 ft
Edson RunEast Rim Trails
1 mile-236 ft44 ft
Egbert Picnic Area and Trailhead ConnectorBedford Reservation
835 ft-10 ft
Fading Path TrailPoland Municipal Forest
580 ft-8 ft9 ft
Final PushQuail Hollow Park
1,755 ft-4 ft43 ft
Fisherman’s TrailBeaver Creek State Park
3,757 ft-5 ft3 ft
Friendship TrailBedford Reservation
1,777 ft-35 ft52 ft
Gateway TrailCuyahoga County
2,021 ft95 ft
Gorge LoopCuyahoga County
2,881 ft-49 ft20 ft
Gutknecht TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,580 ft-16 ft10 ft
Hair Raising HareFindley State Park
3,345 ft-57 ft61 ft
Hawley RunFindley State Park
4,835 ft-20 ft36 ft
High School LoopReagan Park
2 miles-111 ft113 ft
Hiking TrailFindley State Park
2,536 ft-11 ft2 ft
Hill TopCamp Tuscazoar
4,479 ft-123 ft123 ft
Hogback Ridge LoopHogback Ridge Park
1 mile-152 ft152 ft
Hogback Ridge Loop AlternateHogback Ridge Park
479 ft-2 ft4 ft
Hornet's WayQuail Hollow Park
1,079 ft-6 ft
Huffman Field LoopHuffman Park
4,465 ft-11 ft11 ft
Huffman TrailHuffman Park
2 miles-198 ft195 ft
Icky’s TrailCamp Tuscazoar
2 miles-487 ft459 ft
Indian Hollow LoopIndian Hollow Reservation Park
2 miles-209 ft209 ft
Iron MinesCamp Tuscazoar
1,283 ft-50 ft
Jogging TrailSand Run Metro Park
3 miles-57 ft212 ft
Karl's CornerBedford Reservation
1,858 ft-37 ft37 ft
Lake Milton LoopLake Milton State Park
10 miles-606 ft604 ft
Lakeside TrailWest Branch State Park
4 miles-550 ft537 ft
Lamb LoopEast Rim Trails
4 miles-685 ft688 ft
Little Beaver Creek Greenway TrailYoungstown
13 miles-188 ft99 ft
Little LoopCuyahoga County
3,484 ft-66 ft63 ft
Log Cabin TrailPoland Municipal Forest
911 ft-13 ft2 ft
Lower McKinley TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,484 ft-8 ft7 ft
Lower Salamander TrailBeaver Creek State Park
2,106 ft-7 ft72 ft
Maple Highlands TrailChardon
11 miles-141 ft93 ft
Maple Highlands Trail (South)Chardon
2 miles-30 ft14 ft
Mars QuarryBedford Reservation
4,504 ft-141 ft139 ft
Meadow Lands TrailQuail Hollow Park
1,411 ft31 ft
Miller TrailYoungstown
1,301 ft-3 ft11 ft
Mohican Group Camp ConnectorMohican State Park
558 ft-4 ft
Mohican MTB Trail - NorthMohican State Park
11 miles-1,748 ft1,799 ft
Mohican MTB Trail - SouthMohican State Park
13 miles-1,369 ft1,297 ft
Mohican Wilderness downhill trail #2Mohican State Park
1,522 ft-124 ft31 ft
Mohican Wilderness downhill trail #3Mohican State Park
2,123 ft-138 ft10 ft
Mohican Wilderness downhill trail #1Mohican State Park
3,031 ft-360 ft
Mohican Wilderness XC loopMohican State Park
6 miles-1,000 ft949 ft
MojariFindley State Park
2 miles-31 ft33 ft
Moore Trails!Bedford Reservation
1,865 ft-46 ft47 ft
MTB Trail AccessMohican State Park
502 ft-4 ft5 ft
North Pine TrailPoland Municipal Forest
778 ft-4 ft2 ft
North SlopeCamp Tuscazoar
4,154 ft-118 ft117 ft
Not a trailQuail Hollow Park
197 ft
Novice LoopOhio & Erie Canal Reservation
2,136 ft-36 ft36 ft
Ohio & Erie Canal TowpathNortheast
13 miles-98 ft57 ft
Ohio & Erie Canal TowpathAkron
30 miles-201 ft314 ft
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath TrailHampton Hills
31 miles-325 ft140 ft
Out & BackStrongsville
1 mile-96 ft80 ft
OverlookCamp Tuscazoar
2 miles-292 ft103 ft
P&D TrailPoland Municipal Forest
1,320 ft-4 ft7 ft
Parallel UniverseBedford Reservation
2 miles-222 ft160 ft
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