segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Paint Creek Trail - Tienken Rd. to Dutton Rd. Paint Creek Trail1 mile17 ft33822049219Lake Orion
2PCT - Silverbell to Connector Path Paint Creek Trail2,471 ft19 ft3305207356Lake Orion
3LFS3SP1 Pontiac Loop #2 - #31,245 ft20 ft21941498915Waterford
4Rock and Roll the whole 2 mile descent Pontiac Loop #4 - #53,367 ft117 ft21811475010Waterford
52 Mile Hill Descent Pontiac Loop #4 - #52,005 ft90 ft21771471016Waterford
62 mile hill Pontiac Loop #3 - #41,387 ft102 ft21761458826Waterford
7The Wall Climb Pontiac Loop #3 - #4946 ft94 ft2156142617Waterford
8yeehaw DH Pontiac Loop #11 - #21,589 ft57 ft21271495516Waterford
9The Last Grind Pontiac Loop #11 - #2766 ft60 ft21171488316Waterford
10The 8 Mile Hill Challenge Pontiac Loop #10 - #111,765 ft46 ft2015127354Waterford
11yeehaw Pontiac Loop #11 - #23,799 ft60 ft19661241215Waterford
12Stony Creek - #4 to #5 Stony Creek #4 - #51,323 ft17 ft1856203706Shelby Township
13Last Downhill Addison Oaks Loop847 ft60 ft18551824717Leonard
14Fast section to the straight away Addison Oaks Loop1,879 ft9 ft18431821116Leonard
15Pennisula Climb Addison Oaks Loop871 ft31 ft1808172419Leonard
16Stony Pines The Pines1 mile27 ft17852550565Shelby Township
17True Pines The Pines1 mile24 ft17822554615Shelby Township
18Addison Pennisula Addison Oaks Loop4,443 ft72 ft17801690416Leonard
19The Broken Rib Roller Coaster1,614 ft22 ft17682245416Shelby Township
20Addison pavement to finish Addison Oaks Loop2 miles81 ft17681675620Leonard
21Keep your speed! Stony Creek #20 - #21431 ft35 ft17672292311Shelby Township
22Stony Creek - #2 to #1 Stony Creek #1 - #2491 ft9 ft1719147644Shelby Township
23Stony Creek - #19 to #18 Stony Creek #18 - #19610 ft9 ft1710195125Shelby Township
24Stony Creek - #5 to #6 Stony Creek #5 - #61,379 ft17 ft1647171563Shelby Township
25Final Sprint Stony Creek TH - #1494 ft11 ft1592120881Shelby Township
26Stony Back 9 2010 Back Nine3,242 ft45 ft15801917516Shelby Township
27New "Safer" Snake Snake1,762 ft87 ft15641819619Shelby Township
28Stony Creek - #18 to #20 Stony Creek #18 - #20427 ft5 ft1512152916Shelby Township
29Mt. Sheldon to rest area Roller Coaster1 mile85 ft15031658720Shelby Township
30Stony Creek - TH to #1 Stony Creek TH - #11,756 ft19 ft1465105756Shelby Township
31Stony Creek - #21 to #22 Stony Creek #21 - #22567 ft6 ft1411101614Shelby Township
32Stony Creek - #29 to #2 Stony Creek #2 - #29590 ft12 ft140990245Shelby Township
33Stony Creek - #19 to #5 Stony Creek #5 - #191,109 ft10 ft1384120765Shelby Township
34hard loop Pontiac Loop #10 - #11748 ft25 ft137993901Waterford
35PLRA Technical Small Loop Pontiac Loop Alternate (Hard)830 ft20 ft134890293Waterford
36Stony Creek - #23 to #29 Stony Creek #29 - #232,295 ft26 ft134697395Shelby Township
37Stony Creek - #2 to #3 Stony Creek #2 - #3473 ft7 ft132274251Shelby Township
38Three Gear Hill Stony Creek #27 - #1 (Three Gear Hill)1,504 ft75 ft1278925514Shelby Township
39Stony Creek - #1 to #2 Stony Creek #1 - #2453 ft11 ft125569761Shelby Township
40Stony Creek - #27 to #26 Stony Creek #26 - #27706 ft31 ft124479646Shelby Township
41Hammer Time Climb Bloomer Trail909 ft60 ft112774119Rochester Hills
42To the parking lot Bald Mountain Orange Loop1,134 ft52 ft109162463Lake Orion
43Bloomer Climber's Finale Bloomer Trail2,734 ft84 ft108474208Rochester Hills
44Graham Lakes Trail Segment Bald Mountain Orange Loop2 miles56 ft107359233Lake Orion
45Gloomer Flow Flats. Bloomer Trail3,955 ft12 ft105774939Rochester Hills
46Cross the Road Bald Mountain Orange Loop416 ft11 ft104956513Lake Orion
47Art's Lung Busters Bloomer Trail1,905 ft64 ft1047651418Rochester Hills
48Dustins Demon Bloomer Trail2,960 ft64 ft101461369Rochester Hills
49On the Edge Bloomer Trail1,094 ft61 ft98365838Rochester Hills
50Bloomer Speed Zone Bloomer Trail3,477 ft16 ft97252927Rochester Hills
51West Branch Climb West Branch F Parking Connector485 ft33 ft92463205Shelby Township
52Bald Mountain Graham lake west sector Bald Mountain Orange Loop1 mile82 ft91547647Lake Orion
53Bloomer Back Nine Speedway Bloomer Trail2 miles109 ft906603714Rochester Hills
54North Loop Entry to Gruber's East loop TH - #12,059 ft32 ft90140673Fenton
55Pre-wall Downhill fun West loop3,095 ft65 ft87441328Fenton
56Start West Loop to top of the "new" Wall West loop3 miles65 ft858404919Fenton
57The fake wall West loop559 ft39 ft84357486Fenton
58Steep Grade, Loose Gravel Green: Two Track323 ft24 ft80191026Shelby Township
59daoR eht ssorC Bald Mountain Orange Loop380 ft9 ft79433212Lake Orion
60Loose Gravel, Steep Grade Yellow: Ridge Trail263 ft24 ft77782600Shelby Township
61River Bends "The Drag Strip" Yellow: Ridge Trail1,128 ft13 ft771871610Shelby Township
62River Bends Trailhead section Yellow: Entrance Trail2,497 ft769945210Shelby Township
63River Bends between the trails trail Yellow: Between The Trails (BTT) Trail1 mile7 ft737831610Shelby Township
64After Expressway 2 Climb DH East loop #4 - #52,456 ft82 ft63015752Fenton
65Expressway Climb East loop #1 - #21,152 ft55 ft62915685Fenton
66Bridge to bridge west loop finish. West loop2,491 ft41 ft62820892Fenton
67North Loop Second half. North Loop4,943 ft41 ft62326397Fenton
68Stony Creek - #5 to #19 Stony Creek #5 - #191,127 ft11 ft50814153Shelby Township
69River Bends South pavement Wooden bridge to tunnel River Bends to Utica Connector2,665 ft25 ft46917894Shelby Township
70Connector In Conklin Road Connector2,541 ft18 ft46412913Lake Orion
71SE Bends Blue2,137 ft7 ft46039582Shelby Township
72Bald Mtn North Loop of North Unit Bald Mountain Orange Loop4 miles82 ft429150617Lake Orion
73BMS 4 TO 5 Red Loop1,000 ft53 ft39618047Lake Orion
74River Bends Blue loop 2016 Blue1 mile24 ft36822122Shelby Township
75BMS - #9 to Kern Red Loop North Access1,095 ft28 ft35215001Lake Orion
76CRPT 2A Clinton River Singletrack Section 21,073 ft7 ft34019341Sterling Heights
77CRPT 1A Clinton River Singletrack Section 12 miles16 ft33418194Sterling Heights
78Connector Out Conklin Road Connector2,492 ft18 ft3308251Lake Orion
79CRPT 3A Clinton River Singletrack Section 33,310 ft14 ft32518322Sterling Heights
80CRPT 2B Clinton River Singletrack Section 21,130 ft24 ft30717176Sterling Heights
81CRPT 3B Clinton River Singletrack Section 33,126 ft5 ft29516823Sterling Heights
82Bald Mt South - Southside Red Loop3,138 ft34 ft24410002Lake Orion
83CRPT 1B Clinton River Singletrack Section 12 miles16 ft23914132Sterling Heights
84Bald Mtn South - west side Red Loop2 miles64 ft2319203Lake Orion
85Bald Mtn South - East side Red Loop2 miles69 ft1796913Lake Orion
86W Predmore to Harmon Shortcut Green Connector1,663 ft14 ft1754720Lake Orion
87Up the darn gravel Dragon Loop3,481 ft78 ft1234010Lake Orion
88BMS 8 TO 6 Red Loop424 ft46 ft1182942Lake Orion
89The fun part Fossil Hill Loop2,016 ft64 ft1103813Lake Orion
90Ruby Switchbacks East Loop2,796 ft64 ft874052Port Huron
91BMS - #13 to #12 Yellow Connector2,427 ft137 ft781491Lake Orion
92Across the back Dragon Loop3,929 ft8 ft641601Lake Orion
93O-Ville St Park Long MTB Loop Ortonville MTB Trail2 miles143 ft60984Lake Orion
94Bridge Left Climb Around Southern Big 7 Seven Lakes Loop1 mile53 ft581000Fenton
95To Satan's Hill Bird Blue Loop3,964 ft12 ft47901Lake Orion
96Orion Oaks Sledding Hill Fossil Hill Loop1,447 ft101 ft461131Lake Orion
97RUBY DRIVEWAY DOWNHILL!!!!!!!! Ruby Campground Drive809 ft60 ft421580Port Huron
98Grassy Path Seven Lakes Loop2,744 ft31 ft35890Fenton
99Meadow Up and Up Orion Thru-way1,691 ft47 ft22470Lake Orion
100Switchback Appendix Seven Lakes Loop1,462 ft22 ft6401Fenton
101CRAMBA Columbus County Park MTB Trail Columbus Park Trail2 miles8 ft3130Columbus
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