segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Refo Speed Trap Green Loop1,839 ft6 ft1253129996Green Bay
2Refo 2017 Start sprint Green Loop2,513 ft8 ft1217114551Green Bay
3Guessin' 'bout a thing you really ought to know Green Loop3,068 ft20 ft103187145Green Bay
4Nordic MTN lower front side Willow Creek Loop3,364 ft44 ft81843742Mount Morris
5Swang Green Loop3,162 ft21 ft78584732Green Bay
6Many have I loved, and many times been bitten, many times I've gazed along the open road Green Loop5,044 ft42 ft77582026Green Bay
7Many dreams come true and some have silver linings Green Loop1 mile24 ft74981432Green Bay
8race to the crapper Green Loop2,618 ft44 ft74761443Green Bay
9Refo 'Washboard' section Green Loop1 mile138 ft73149803Green Bay
10These are not the droids you are looking for Green Loop2,442 ft27 ft67639881Green Bay
11You really ought to know. I really ought to know. Green Loop1,947 ft14 ft65957771Green Bay
122012 WORS Junior course 2nd Double Track Green Loop2,659 ft34 ft58126663Green Bay
13Major Tom Baird (East Loop)2,074 ft24 ft54055378Green Bay
14Bay City Rollers Baird (East Loop)3,165 ft35 ft51351988Green Bay
15The Groan Zone Baird (East Loop)1,410 ft43 ft51351337Green Bay
16Battle of Yavin Baird Creek (North)427 ft39 ft496498410Green Bay
17The Goat Baird (East Loop)2,138 ft25 ft471431610Green Bay
18Bonsai Baird (East Loop)2,938 ft70 ft46241942Green Bay
19MARS Climb Baird Creek (Z Loop)647 ft81 ft461447218Green Bay
20East Side Loop Baird (East Loop)3 miles82 ft39131404Green Bay
21Z-loop Downhill Baird Creek (Z Loop)1,265 ft92 ft38333767Green Bay
22Punch in the face Baird Creek (Z Loop)3,577 ft100 ft38233853Green Bay
23Blue trail - left Blue Trail3 miles76 ft37611934My City
24Green loop - left Easy Loop3 miles38 ft34912774My City
25Back in Black at Hartman CW Black Loop2 miles67 ft3229650My City
26Back into the Woods for the Fast Section (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop2,208 ft11 ft27016542Sturgeon Bay
27The Graveyard of Ships He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop644 ft49 ft23629804Green Bay
28Riverview Beginner Counter Clockwise Fox Trot2,302 ft25 ft22216975Appleton
29Watch your noggin He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,578 ft41 ft21318304Green Bay
30Drop in to Alderaan He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,248 ft28 ft20918765Green Bay
31Whiskeytown Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1 mile24 ft20510391Sturgeon Bay
32Into the Open (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,064 ft10 ft1889401Sturgeon Bay
33Green CCW Easy Loop3 miles50 ft1824121My City
34Not Many Turns (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,482 ft23 ft18210560Sturgeon Bay
35Horseshoe Green Loop3,031 ft18 ft1767810Green Bay
36Mars Hill Repeats Baird Creek (Z Loop)1,778 ft77 ft1589010Green Bay
37The WATER SLIDE and the RIDGE RUN He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop1,209 ft49 ft15322334Green Bay
38Homestretch (By Elliott) Snowkraft Singletrack Loop1,574 ft9 ft1438032Sturgeon Bay
39NOR'D WESTERN'R He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop2,206 ft57 ft14318285Green Bay
40Riverview Beginner Clockwise Fox Trot1,991 ft26 ft1406530Appleton
41Snowkraft Full Loop Snowkraft Singletrack Loop5 miles28 ft1073644Sturgeon Bay
42Green - CW Easy Loop3 miles33 ft1062030My City
43He-Nis-Ra Fat Loop Winter 20/21 He-Nis-Ra Park Orange Loop2 miles73 ft785975Green Bay
44Aurora Alley 2016 - Odd Day Aurora Trail1 mile5 ft746280My City
45Aurora Alley 2016 - Even Day Aurora Trail1 mile4 ft746341My City
46Aurora Alley 2016 - 2 Laps - Even Day Aurora Trail2 miles5 ft542550My City
47Aurora Alley 2016 - 2 Laps - Odd Day Aurora Trail2 miles5 ft512550My City
48Cybernetic Organism Ryan Park Long Loop3 miles84 ft49981Kewaunee
49Ripon Trails Lap - Odd Day Ceresco Loop1 mile80 ft473552My City
50Ripon Trails Lab - Even Day Ceresco Loop1 mile78 ft342711My City
51Hill to Top Prairie (By Elliott) Ceresco East Loop1,201 ft67 ft262000My City
52Gravel Grovel Ceresco East Loop775 ft87 ft22970My City
53Aurora Alley 2016 - 5 Laps - Even Day Aurora Trail6 miles5 ft20480My City
54Aurora Alley 2016 - 5 Laps - Odd Day Aurora Trail6 miles5 ft16540My City
55Prairie Top Lap Ceresco West Loop2 miles26 ft141040My City
56Classroom Climb Ceresco Cutoff632 ft58 ft14330My City
57Ryan Park Loop Ryan Park Long Loop1 mile54 ft13260Kewaunee
58Ripon Trails 2 Laps - Even Day Ceresco Loop2 miles76 ft12650My City
59Ripon Trails - Odd Day 3 Small Laps (no switchbacks) Ceresco Loop3 miles80 ft10320My City
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