Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Access TrailNordic Mountain
109 ft2 ft
Access TrailHartman Creek State Park
3,196 ft-3 ft73 ft
Ahnapee State Trail (Algoma-Sturgeon Bay)Sturgeon Bay
18 miles-146 ft76 ft
Ahnapee State Trail (Casco-Algoma)Kewaunee
13 miles-89 ft222 ft
Ahnapee State Trail (Luxemburg-Kewaunee)Kewaunee County
16 miles-220 ft10 ft
Amphitheater TrailPeninsula State Park
1,437 ft56 ft
Aurora TrailAurora Alley
1 mile-336 ft336 ft
Baird (East Loop)Baird Creek
3 miles-440 ft440 ft
Baird Creek (North)Baird Creek
1 mile-158 ft109 ft
Baird Creek (Road Connect)Baird Creek
1,434 ft-23 ft35 ft
Baird Creek (South)Baird Creek
2 miles-169 ft248 ft
Baird Creek (West)Baird Creek
2,127 ft-37 ft29 ft
Baird Creek (Z Loop)Baird Creek
5,188 ft-246 ft226 ft
Baird Creek TrailheadBaird Creek
337 ft-20 ft3 ft
BalsamReforestation Camp
7 miles-279 ft278 ft
BeesGovernor Earl Peshtigo River State Park
2,064 ft-9 ft
BikerHiker OnlyPeshtigo
1,575 ft
Black Diamond LoopBig Hill Park
531 ft-7 ft6 ft
Black LoopHartman Creek State Park
2 miles-177 ft177 ft
Black Loop AccessHartman Creek State Park
174 ft-3 ft
Blue TrailHartman Creek State Park
3 miles-248 ft250 ft
BuckWildGovernor Earl Peshtigo River State Park
1,808 ft-20 ft22 ft
Ceresco AccessRipon College
745 ft10 ft
Ceresco CutoffRipon College
1,184 ft-87 ft29 ft
Ceresco CutoffRipon College
887 ft-4 ft77 ft
Ceresco East LoopRipon College
4,275 ft-133 ft122 ft
Ceresco LoopRipon College
1 mile-263 ft263 ft
Ceresco West LoopRipon College
2 miles-75 ft75 ft
ConnectorNordic Mountain
437 ft-52 ft10 ft
Connector to OrchardSnowkraft Nordic
1,302 ft31 ft
CreeperLittle Chute
1,407 ft-27 ft26 ft
Devils River State TrailMaribel
15 miles-222 ft32 ft
Dog Crap Hill - Middle RouteBaird Creek
991 ft-13 ft6 ft
Dog Crap Hill - Outer LoopBaird Creek
3,081 ft-65 ft77 ft
East River ConnectorPeshtigo Riding Trails
4,065 ft-10 ft12 ft
East River Single TrackGovernor Earl Peshtigo River State Park
2,710 ft11 ft
East TraceNordic Mountain
1,742 ft-176 ft159 ft
Easy LoopHartman Creek State Park
3 miles-165 ft170 ft
Eisenbahn State Trail (Fond du Lac)Fond du Lac County
12 miles-149 ft77 ft
Eisenbahn State Trail (West Bend)Fond du Lac County
12 miles-99 ft71 ft
Fern Gully (Adv)Nordic Mountain
1,321 ft-152 ft134 ft
Fox TrotRiverview Gardens
1,877 ft-8 ft17 ft
Friendship (Gravel)Winnebago County
8 miles-188 ft180 ft
HandcutPeninsula State Park
5 miles-640 ft748 ft
He-Nis-Ra Park Orange LoopGreen Bay
2 miles-127 ft132 ft
HickoryReforestation Camp
2 miles-53 ft61 ft
High SchoolPeninsula State Park
3 miles-282 ft359 ft
HooTLittle Chute
1,493 ft-68 ft25 ft
Kankapot Creek TrailOutagamie County
1 mile-5 ft41 ft
LC BluesLC Island Trails
4,797 ft-71 ft70 ft
Loop 1New Fane Trails
2,877 ft-9 ft8 ft
Loop 2New Fane Trails
3,740 ft-38 ft48 ft
Loop 3New Fane Trails
2 miles-83 ft94 ft
Loop 4New Fane Trails
2 miles-115 ft117 ft
LowlandsNordic Mountain
3,402 ft-109 ft66 ft
Maribel CavesCherney Maribel Caves Park
3 miles-720 ft752 ft
Mascoutin Valley State Trail (Ripon-Berlin)Fond du Lac County
8 miles-161 ft14 ft
MeadowSnowkraft Nordic
1 mile-42 ft40 ft
Moraine LoopNew Fane Trails
1,837 ft-26 ft12 ft
Mountain-Bay State (Shawano - Green Bay)Green Bay
35 miles-345 ft575 ft
North Creek Superior TrailBaird Creek
1 mile-39 ft3 ft
North TrailHigh Cliff State Park
2 miles-35 ft6 ft
North Trail ShortcutHigh Cliff State Park
1,027 ft
Northern HillsPeshtigo
2,520 ft-6 ft6 ft
Northern Trail ConnectorPeshtigo
1,837 ft-7 ft9 ft
Northwestern TrailRipon
3 miles-72 ft156 ft
Oak Ridge LoopWaupaca County
2 miles-186 ft183 ft
Oconto Falls Fitness LoopOconto Falls
1 mile-47 ft49 ft
Oconto Falls River ConnectOconto Falls
2,484 ft-27 ft
Oconto Falls River LoopOconto Falls
2,126 ft-3 ft2 ft
Oh Deer!Riverview Gardens
2,730 ft-28 ft14 ft
Old Fang Short CourseBig Hill Park
1,637 ft-48 ft47 ft
Open FieldHigh Cliff State Park
1 mile-6 ft
Open FieldHigh Cliff State Park
128 ft
OrchardSnowkraft Nordic
2 miles-141 ft142 ft
OverlookHigh Cliff State Park
2 miles-30 ft23 ft
PoplarReforestation Camp
2 miles-5 ft11 ft
Potawatomi (East)Sturgeon Bay
2 miles-251 ft151 ft
Potawatomi (West)Potawatomi State Park
3 miles-439 ft275 ft
Prairie DogginLC Island Trails
1,270 ft-18 ft19 ft
Prairie HillAppleton
1 mile-10 ft10 ft
PSP EastPeninsula State Park
2,565 ft-20 ft90 ft
PSP TrailheadPeninsula State Park
1 mile-143 ft87 ft
PSP WestPeninsula State Park
4,074 ft-38 ft75 ft
Rawley Point Bike TrailNortheast Region
7 miles-30 ft25 ft
Red Bird to Woodland ConnectorHigh Cliff State Park
1,227 ft-3 ft
Red Bird TrailHigh Cliff State Park
1 mile-28 ft32 ft
Ripon EastRipon College
1 mile-146 ft121 ft
Riven ViewLC Island Trails
892 ft-30 ft4 ft
Riverview MTB TrailRiverview
3 miles-449 ft438 ft
Ryan Park Long LoopKewaunee
3 miles-556 ft574 ft
Schley SectorSnowkraft Nordic
1 mile-25 ft26 ft
Snowkraft Singletrack LoopSnowkraft Nordic
7 miles-155 ft154 ft
South TraceNordic Mountain
587 ft-71 ft90 ft
South Trace (Adv)Nordic Mountain
601 ft-51 ft40 ft
South TrailHigh Cliff State Park
3,327 ft6 ft
Sun Run CWHilbert
2 miles-49 ft57 ft
Sunset Bike TrailPeninsula State Park
5 miles-150 ft144 ft
The PlaygroundLC Island Trails
738 ft-14 ft22 ft
The SpineLC Island Trails
184 ft
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