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2016 TrailHopewell Park
881 ft-13 ft
5 TreeMoon Lake Park
4,975 ft-127 ft
5858Moon Lake Park
1.4 miles-255 ft
8 TrailMoon Lake Park
1.4 miles-235 ft
Abington TrailLackawanna State Park
2.6 miles-496 ft
After FiveDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
1.6 miles-402 ft
Banana SplitHopewell Park
974 ft-15 ft
Bassett PathLackawanna State Park
3,025 ft-172 ft
Bear PawLackawanna State Park
2,265 ft-172 ft
Bear Wallow TrailPromised Land State Park
1.5 miles-121 ft
Big BlueMoon Lake Park
4,410 ft-83 ft
Black BearGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
3.7 miles-916 ft
BladeMerli-Sarnoski Park
1.1 miles-126 ft
Blue Loop 1 (Meadowsweet Preserve)Lackawanna State Park
1,952 ft-118 ft
Blue Loop 2 (Meadowsweet Preserve)Lackawanna State Park
2,983 ft-49 ft
Blueberry TrailPrompton State Park
1.3 miles-134 ft
Blueberry TrailDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
2.5 miles-361 ft
BobcatGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
2,291 ft-175 ft
Bone Ridge TrailPrompton State Park
1.9 miles-253 ft
BoneyardMerli-Sarnoski Park
2.5 miles-356 ft
Bowie BlastHopewell Park
1,188 ft-154 ft
Bowie Blast ConnectorHopewell Park
233 ft-3 ft
Bruised EgoDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
1.3 miles-275 ft
Buddy'sMoon Lake Park
1,403 ft-79 ft
Bull HillLackawanna State Park
1.2 miles-207 ft
Bullet BabyHopewell Park
1,816 ft-209 ft
Burley Inlet TrailPromised Land State Park
1.8 miles-188 ft
BurtsMoon Lake Park
1,109 ft-47 ft
Cliff TrailPrompton State Park
1.5 miles-252 ft
Conglomerate Loop (Left)Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
2,210 ft-37 ft
Conglomerate Loop (Right)Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
2,521 ft-62 ft
ConnectorGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
451 ft-29 ft
ConnectorGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
654 ft-46 ft
CopperheadGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
2.4 miles-421 ft
Countryside Conservancy Quarry Ridge TrailLackawanna State Park
2,437 ft-93 ft
Countryside Conservancy Quarry Ridge Trail 2Lackawanna State Park
1,283 ft-92 ft
Cross Cut TrailPromised Land State Park
1.1 miles-92 ft
Cross TrailPrompton State Park
1,279 ft-42 ft
D&L Trail: Glen Summit to Middleburg RdNortheastern Pennsylvania
8.6 miles-544 ft
D&L Trail: Middleburg Rd to White HavenNortheastern Pennsylvania
1.6 miles-118 ft
D&L Trail: Mountain Top to Glen SummitNortheastern Pennsylvania
1.3 miles-35 ft
DarkMoon Lake Park
1,655 ft-18 ft
DeaconMoon Lake Park
3,528 ft-100 ft
Deep HollowHopewell Park
1,643 ft-109 ft
Down and DirtyHopewell Park
1.1 miles-131 ft
Down and Dirty AlternateHopewell Park
783 ft-8 ft
E.T.Moon Lake Park
1,279 ft-15 ft
EagleMoon Lake Park
1,995 ft-56 ft
Eagle Pass TrailPrompton State Park
5,267 ft-110 ft
East Shore TrailPrompton State Park
3.9 miles-604 ft
EdgeMoon Lake Park
1,822 ft-59 ft
Eight BallHopewell Park
5,058 ft-183 ft
FernMerli-Sarnoski Park
1.0 miles-177 ft
Firm FoundationHopewell Park
2,377 ft-60 ft
FlumeMoon Lake Park
2,382 ft-109 ft
Foundation ConnectorHopewell Park
296 ft
Fox RocksMerli-Sarnoski Park
2,365 ft-83 ft
Frost Hollow TrailLackawanna State Park
1.2 miles-189 ft
Gene's TrailDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
3.0 miles-436 ft
Going UpMoon Lake Park
717 ft-1 ft
Green Trail (Meadowsweet Preserve)Lackawanna State Park
3,580 ft-99 ft
Hemlock Hill TrailPromised Land State Park
1.2 miles-36 ft
Hemlock TrailPrompton State Park
1.7 miles-221 ft
Herky JerkHopewell Park
887 ft-13 ft
High Ledge TrailPrompton State Park
1.0 miles-82 ft
High VoltageDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
2,361 ft-97 ft
JKEMoon Lake Park
1,462 ft-63 ft
Joey's TrailLackawanna State Park
1,165 ft-17 ft
Junk in the TrunkHopewell Park
3,002 ft-110 ft
Kennedy Creek TrailLackawanna State Park
3,740 ft-34 ft
Kitchen Sink LoopHopewell Park
Kleinhans TrailPromised Land State Park
2.6 miles-209 ft
Lakeshore TrailLackawanna State Park
1.8 miles-83 ft
LedgeviewMoon Lake Park
1.1 miles-130 ft
Lee Hill TrailLackawanna State Park
1.6 miles-253 ft
Little BearGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
1,448 ft-69 ft
Lower FoundationHopewell Park
1,333 ft-151 ft
Lower Lake TrailPromised Land State Park
4,414 ft-70 ft
Maconaquah TrailFrances Slocum State Park
2.0 miles-334 ft
Main StreetDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
1.1 miles-3 ft
Meadow LarkHopewell Park
471 ft
Meadow LoopHopewell Park
2,287 ft-28 ft
Mo-ZeeMoon Lake Park
1,063 ft-52 ft
MotoMoon Lake Park
1,660 ft-60 ft
My Brother's TrailMerli-Sarnoski Park
1.1 miles-184 ft
Nature's Way 1Moon Lake Park
2,498 ft-42 ft
Nature's Way 2Moon Lake Park
1,548 ft-19 ft
NFSMoon Lake Park
1.1 miles-404 ft
NightmareMoon Lake Park
774 ft-13 ft
Nikk's Big BananaHopewell Park
1,179 ft-157 ft
NorthwoodsLackawanna State Park
2.0 miles-277 ft
Old HumdingerHopewell Park
1,830 ft-65 ft
Old YellerMoon Lake Park
1,168 ft-16 ft
OpossumGeisinger Stewardship Forest and Trails
1,715 ft-232 ft
Orchard TrailLackawanna State Park
4,917 ft-144 ft
Peek-A-BooMoon Lake Park
3,807 ft-52 ft
Pine Creek TrailPrompton State Park
4,851 ft-41 ft
Plan BMoon Lake Park
2,277 ft-13 ft
Porcupine Cliff TrailMerli-Sarnoski Park
3,022 ft-113 ft
Quarry Ridge Switch BackLackawanna State Park
2,087 ft-166 ft
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