segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1BULLWHIP-DOWN Bullwhip3,458 ft37 ft17631592225Palos Hills
2Straight Line-WB Cal-Sag (Sag Forest)4,713 ft16 ft17011142217Palos Hills
3MIL East Climb Maple Lake East1,341 ft47 ft16071254013Palos Hills
4ML East Down Maple Lake East1,782 ft59 ft15881228516Palos Hills
5BULLWHIP-UP Bullwhip3,509 ft41 ft15781084916Palos Hills
6crack that whip Bullwhip4,322 ft62 ft1522115269Palos Hills
7Miner to Rand Northbound Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)1,423 ft5 ft132951175Chicago
8DPRT Golf to Train Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)1,262 ft5 ft129244465Chicago
9DPRT tracks to Central Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)2,954 ft7 ft123644931Chicago
10Rand to Miner Southbound Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)1,514 ft5 ft118951734Chicago
11Lake St. Boogie SB Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)2 miles10 ft118639957Chicago
12DPRT Ballard to Golf Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)3,759 ft9 ft116743595Chicago
13How many licks Cemetery Hill Loop2 miles59 ft1133683511Palos Hills
14DPRT Costy Milwaukee to Lake Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)1 mile11 ft105035734Chicago
15DPRT Central to Milwaukee Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)3 miles13 ft104731692Chicago
16DPRT - Golf to Ballard Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)4,458 ft12 ft102839801Chicago
17DPRT - Golf to Rand Des Plaines River Trail (Oakton)1 mile14 ft99334866Chicago
18Dear Grove East Out Deer Grove Black2,503 ft37 ft959479610Barrington
194 hills and a brige south Tinley Creek Red Loop4,906 ft43 ft94461119Palos Hills
20Dear Grove East In Deer Grove Black2,528 ft36 ft93753579Barrington
21Raceway New Trail Downhill Little Monza4,230 ft69 ft9251068238Carpentersville
22Sweeper Hill Climb Tinley Creek Red Loop2,215 ft51 ft894573510Palos Hills
234 hills and a brige north Tinley Creek Red Loop4,812 ft47 ft822550411Palos Hills
24Jackrabbit SW Bound Jack Rabbit1,708 ft8 ft808811129Oswego
25Climb to Dundee Palatine Bike Trail3,408 ft27 ft756549710Barrington
26new england- frostveiw Tinley Creek Green1,904 ft23 ft749398910Homewood
27South Loop Climb South Climb1,780 ft361 ft741658013Moline
28Swamp climb Deer Grove Red1,530 ft7 ft74079147Barrington
29Forestview to Dunne Tinley Creek Green1 mile28 ft71637301Homewood
30Jackrabbit Northbound Jack Rabbit1,451 ft12 ft704509415Oswego
31Doppleganger Doppleganger1,283 ft13 ft69437278Oswego
32Tinley Creek SB Tinley Creek Green2 miles36 ft68935525Homewood
33Wildcat with Timberwolf Extension Wildcat2,199 ft15 ft67847397Oswego
34Tinley Creek NB Tinley Creek Green2 miles35 ft67334787Homewood
35Full Anaconda from Freeway Anaconda2,971 ft21 ft665549116Oswego
36Railroad Bridge Climb WB Thorn Creek Trail (Red)1,169 ft30 ft608316310Homewood
37evening path - safe Palatine Bike Trail1,859 ft3 ft60432019Barrington
38Ravine Trail CCW South System3,749 ft146 ft60350977Moline
39Hubbard Road Trail CCW South System2,676 ft119 ft60349796Moline
40Thorn Creek Bike Path SW Thorn Creek Trail (Red)1 mile10 ft60130959Homewood
41Second Lot to Wide Track Bobcat1,781 ft15 ft59029569Oswego
42morning path Palatine Bike Trail2,217 ft3 ft57430126Barrington
43Short Vertical Velocity Vertical Velocity1,875 ft17 ft57342597Oswego
44Anaconda Backwards Anaconda3,000 ft21 ft55324133Oswego
45Lone Rock RC Classic3,574 ft67 ft54348076Rockford
46Raceway Creek Climb Meadowdale1,016 ft76 ft53241769Carpentersville
47Deer Grove - East Side Paved Loop (Quentin) Deer Grove Red3 miles33 ft52138012Barrington
48Deer Grove East Paved Loop (Quentin) Deer Grove Red3 miles33 ft52037983Barrington
49Colins Climb Yellow Trail2,358 ft96 ft49423523Palos Hills
50JensJensen Preserve Loop-Clockwise Deer Grove Red3 miles37 ft49053609Barrington
51Downhill to Teason's Woods Yellow Trail1,225 ft74 ft47522671Palos Hills
52Costy Hard Climb Deer Grove Yellow1,074 ft23 ft47439188Barrington
53Railroad Bridge Climb EB Thorn Creek Trail (Red)888 ft29 ft47029038Homewood
54Raceway New Trail Uphill Little Monza3,869 ft56 ft46624406Carpentersville
55Thorn Creek NE Thorn Creek Trail (Red)2 miles37 ft46028058Homewood
56heart attack hill Yellow Trail377 ft85 ft45123994Palos Hills
57Heart Attack Hill Climb Yellow Trail472 ft81 ft44623626Palos Hills
58Kentucky Rumbler Counter Clockwise Kentucky Rumbler2,887 ft15 ft43725297Oswego
59Deer Grove west side single track 1 Deer Grove Yellow2,137 ft27 ft434302811Barrington
60Arizona Rock cut Rally407 ft26 ft40431237Rockford
61Harlem Tunnel Tinley Creek Black3,397 ft42 ft39924583Palos Hills
62Leeroy Jenkins Climb Yellow Trail2,009 ft79 ft39715374Palos Hills
63Deer Grove Single Track Going West Deer Grove Yellow2,106 ft23 ft39533797Barrington
64Raceway Silo Climb Corkscrew567 ft65 ft39537395Carpentersville
65Kean to Kean Yellow Trail2 miles99 ft38717232Palos Hills
66Sorta Straight Unless You're Hammering Deer Grove Yellow3,224 ft31 ft37734974Barrington
67Kentucky Rumbler Clockwise Kentucky Rumbler2,847 ft16 ft36925658Oswego
68Counterclockwise Climb Historic Track3,322 ft129 ft36611467Carpentersville
69Rock Cut Rally RCR Rock cut Rally1,694 ft61 ft36524013Rockford
70Stonehenge Sylvan Island Loop1,674 ft10 ft36229975Moline
71The big brute Yellow Trail885 ft61 ft34313754Palos Hills
72Full Length Vortex w/ Cervical Tap Vortex1,122 ft15 ft34220505Oswego
73Around the bend and up Yellow Trail1,476 ft71 ft33913043Palos Hills
74Zig Zag Swamp Sylvan Island Loop1,753 ft10 ft32521922Moline
75Open Prairie Rock cut Rally1,354 ft75 ft31917121Rockford
76Black Wolf Pass Fury Pinz1,557 ft38 ft31229795Rockford
77oh f*ck Yellow Trail549 ft56 ft31112522Palos Hills
78? Puri Crest Elbow1,204 ft57 ft30917197Rockford
79Grandstand Area Drag Prairie Trail2,200 ft8 ft301239410Carpentersville
80Ravine Trail CW South System4,129 ft153 ft30021825Moline
81Shelob's Lair Fury Pinz1,539 ft20 ft29724916Rockford
82New Trail Down To Creek Corkscrew1,269 ft70 ft26520083Carpentersville
83backside Sag Valley Purple980 ft51 ft2548244Palos Hills
84Paved Climb Twister433 ft37 ft24715123Rockford
85Bottom of the Eight Fury Pinz2,146 ft26 ft24119554Rockford
86single track climb Black Trail1,640 ft19 ft23010732Barrington
87Hill Repeats Old Argonne Access Road2,025 ft106 ft2304991Palos Hills
88golf course loop Tinley Creek Purple3 miles52 ft2288403Homewood
89Creekside CAMBR Trail DOWN Corkscrew1,397 ft64 ft21312653Carpentersville
90Golf Course Loop Clockwise Tinley Creek Purple3 miles52 ft2088295Homewood
91Deer Grove West Multi Track Loop Deer Grove Yellow5 miles108 ft20511386Barrington
92Single track downhill Black Trail1,576 ft18 ft2059903Barrington
93Deer Grove - East Side, Short Dirt Green Trail2,720 ft53 ft19510158Barrington
94CCFPD Tinley Creek Red Loop9 miles100 ft19416206Palos Hills
95Sylvan Island Lap Sylvan Island Loop4 miles68 ft190146210Moline
96Founder's 56 CCW Founder's 564,722 ft17 ft18313282Rockford
97Deer Park Single Track Northbound Brown Trail1,624 ft20 ft1707264Barrington
98Sylvan Island 1 lap Sylvan Island Loop3 miles35 ft1638904Moline
99Oh Dear Sylvan Island Loop1,494 ft9 ft1533783Moline
100Deer Grove - West Damian 2 Deer Grove Yellow5 miles115 ft14711173Barrington
101Bumpy Lump Puri Crest Loop2 miles45 ft1377164Rockford
102Tech Drop-in Tech Drop In545 ft46 ft1353261Rockford
103#MyGrandmaRidesThisFaster MyGrandmaRidesThisFaster562 ft47 ft1326154Rockford
104Lance Pancake Ball Doppleganger1,122 ft15 ft1192502Oswego
105Deer Grove - Yellow Loop Deer Grove Yellow6 miles110 ft1165945Barrington
106Deer Grove West Side Yellow Loop W/Single Track Deer Grove Yellow5 miles110 ft11510765Barrington
107Sweet Woods - (Part 1) Sweet Woods1,440 ft3 ft11511174Homewood
108Raceway Loop Historic Track2 miles130 ft1152992Carpentersville
109L.A. Massacre Tinley Creek Purple3 miles54 ft1154302Homewood
110Twister Twister735 ft43 ft1133110Rockford
111E15 to E21 uphill NS Connector #21,355 ft69 ft1103944Rockford
112Costy Deer Grove Yellow Loop Deer Grove Yellow5 miles115 ft1079856Barrington
113Woodchip Loop Wood's Trail2,659 ft74 ft1077341Carpentersville
114Victoria's Loop Sylvan Island Loop4,775 ft19 ft1054072Moline
115Scary Train Brownwell837 ft3 ft979400Homewood
116Raceway Loop - Clockwise Historic Track3 miles124 ft975345Carpentersville
117Glenwood Path Out-and-Back TT Thorn Creek Trail (Red)4 miles49 ft863305Homewood
118Yankee Tinley Creek Purple3 miles52 ft863596Homewood
119Palos Loop Tinley Creek Red Loop10 miles86 ft854761Palos Hills
1209.4 Rubio/Burr Oak, Turtlehead, Bachelor Grove Loop Tinley Creek Red Loop9 miles86 ft835561Palos Hills
121Swallow Cliff Full Loop Yellow Trail8 miles145 ft802377Palos Hills
122Brownwell woods north extended Brownwell2 miles25 ft745490Homewood
123"LARRY"! Brownwell1,570 ft16 ft725371Homewood
124RC Mountain Bike Loop Quick and Twisted1,382 ft35 ft712543Rockford
125Green Loop at Dorrance Oakely Dokely2 miles88 ft652112Port Byron
126New Stephen's Park Loop Stephens Park2 miles153 ft652325Moline
127flat loop top of the hill Stephens Park2,945 ft23 ft634551Moline
128Hubbard Rd Climb South Descent1,150 ft330 ft611780Moline
129I love hills-83 to top of hill at intersection Sag Valley Blue4,791 ft114 ft471771Palos Hills
130Multi Loop with Single Track : 3 loops Deer Grove Yellow16 miles116 ft381910Barrington
131that's a lap Stephens Park1 mile66 ft22611Moline
132Dope line! Sylvan Island Sylvan Island Loop2,475 ft31 ft20222Moline
133Brownelle Brownwell3 miles21 ft14261Homewood
134Tinley Creek Loop Tinley Creek Red Loop19 miles86 ft111421Palos Hills
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