segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Stumptown Stump Town1,182 ft123 ft40117434Valemount
2Bacon to Tinfoil Hat 5 Mile Access Road4,653 ft499 ft35212511Valemount
3Moby Dick Moby Dick4,012 ft457 ft35214333Valemount
4Ditch Pig DH Ditch Pig1,984 ft101 ft35034076Prince George
5Lower Ditchpig Ditch Pig2,196 ft107 ft343327611Prince George
6AC/DC Climb (The Office to The Doghouse) AC/DC1,048 ft28 ft33739946Prince George
7Espresso Climb Espresso4,346 ft234 ft32223719Prince George
8Upper Cyclone Cyclone1,931 ft30 ft31427733Prince George
9"J" for Jagged Cyclone336 ft43 ft30830581Prince George
10Cyclone DH Cyclone1,591 ft87 ft30421170Prince George
11AC/DC Climb (Legs Junction to Twister II) AC/DC2,463 ft130 ft30229045Prince George
12Cyclone from Doghouse Cyclone3,328 ft119 ft29520444Prince George
13Connect the Dots Connect the Dots1,735 ft119 ft2956620Valemount
14Cyclone Descent Cyclone2,254 ft99 ft29318984Prince George
15Inside Passage Climb ('55 Chevy to Legs Jct) Inside Passage2,962 ft164 ft29124995Prince George
16Karma Descent Karma3,716 ft212 ft27919506Prince George
17Climb - $10 10 Dollar1,316 ft157 ft27323788Prince George
18Dimeslot Dimeslot1,433 ft180 ft24916977Prince George
19When Pigs Fly - Last Leg When Pigs Fly2,888 ft219 ft2435730Burns Lake
20Upper Papa Woods DH Papa Woods DH1,999 ft195 ft242117112Prince George
21Climbing Trail Bacon Turn-Off to Tinfoil Hat CBT Munday Grind2 miles518 ft2305122Valemount
22Short & Curly Dimeslot578 ft75 ft22912074Prince George
23Upper Levels Climb Upper Levels963 ft84 ft22514703Prince George
24Top of Clam chowder to Top of Papa woods New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods2,615 ft173 ft22213481Prince George
25Green Eggs to Gus' Gus' Grind/Green Eggs and Ham1,090 ft10 ft22010193Prince George
26Flow Job Flowjob1,296 ft176 ft21911889Prince George
27Twister Descent Twister1,949 ft168 ft2149202Prince George
28Twister II to Hagen's Hub (from AC/DC) Twister II1,197 ft111 ft21412301Prince George
29Adams Adams3,389 ft88 ft2119241Prince George
30Midway Descent (The Gnome to 4 Corners) Dirtbag2,114 ft108 ft20610572Prince George
31LoRider Pidherny FSR1,133 ft49 ft2069131Prince George
32Tornado Alley Tornado Alley1,932 ft128 ft2029394Prince George
33Espresso Descent (Doghouse to Gnome) Espresso3,848 ft218 ft1968504Prince George
34Parking lot to Clam Chowder New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods4,782 ft93 ft18810093Prince George
35FOOTHILLS ACCESS New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods1 miles176 ft1859466Prince George
36Tin Can Alley, 55 Chev 2 Piccadilly Tincan Alley2 miles28 ft1805511Prince George
37Remember Ed - West to East Remember Ed1,797 ft35 ft1786643Prince George
38New England Clam Chowder New England Clam Chowder2,881 ft269 ft17887013Prince George
39Flow Job Flowjob1,319 ft173 ft1787084Prince George
40Midway Descent (Hagen's Hub to Legs Jct) Midway (lower)1,522 ft67 ft1777750Prince George
41Freeway (Doghouse to Dirtbag Jct) Freeway (upper)1,841 ft146 ft1766312Prince George
42Midway Descent (4 Corners to Hagen's Hub) Midway (upper)629 ft71 ft1757202Prince George
43Bi pass Java182 ft14 ft1755721Prince George
44Inside Passage Descent (Legs Jct to '55 Chevy) Inside Passage2,987 ft173 ft1736021Prince George
45Curves to parking lot Curves3,480 ft234 ft1686591Prince George
46Gus' Backwards Gus' Grind/Green Eggs and Ham1,767 ft25 ft1674752Prince George
47Tin Can Alley Tincan Alley2 miles21 ft1667760Prince George
48Cranberry Lake Climb Cranberry Camp Connector3,402 ft163 ft1632180Valemount
49Pit Party Pit Party2,988 ft310 ft1596059Prince George
50Legs Climb Legs2,667 ft105 ft1585421Prince George
51New Trail uphill Gus' Grind/Green Eggs and Ham1,774 ft27 ft1576262Prince George
52Trap Line Trap Line1 miles528 ft1573221Valemount
53Dirt Bag - Four Corners to the Gnome Dirtbag2,084 ft98 ft1565041Prince George
54PW Climb/Backwards New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods1,117 ft172 ft1567614Prince George
55Boardwalk (West to East) Boardwalk2,656 ft51 ft15614292Smithers
56BTweaked (DH) BTweaked1,719 ft81 ft1564710Burns Lake
57Drainpipe Drainpipe2,113 ft295 ft1526811Prince George
58Dixie Dixie1,448 ft163 ft15192310Prince George
59Twister II Climb Twister II1,902 ft190 ft1486731Prince George
60Coaster Coaster3,230 ft518 ft1472242Valemount
61Boardwalk (East to West) Boardwalk2,683 ft54 ft14614401Smithers
62Legs Descent Legs3,084 ft172 ft1434750Prince George
63Macleod Macleod3,532 ft147 ft1385542Prince George
64Conveyor Belt - (North to South) Conveyer Belt1,992 ft28 ft1331950Burns Lake
65Climb It Drainpipe2,293 ft284 ft1326862Prince George
66Parking Lot to Top of Karma Karma3,926 ft219 ft1295820Prince George
67Northern Lights Northern Lights5,251 ft67 ft1283722Prince George
68Macleod Trail (south to north) Macleod3,746 ft168 ft1286321Prince George
69CARCASS Carcass1,776 ft183 ft1243575Prince George
70Tinfoil Hat DH Tinfoil Hat DH1 miles925 ft1223969Valemount
71Remember Ed Remember Ed1,710 ft34 ft1205963Prince George
72Steinhoe climb to second Y - from Bridge Steinhoe (Spring Creek)2 miles632 ft1156771Terrace
73Back at 'cha! New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods3,431 ft63 ft1122851Prince George
74Carcass Climb Carcass1,929 ft190 ft1106341Prince George
75ridge - powerline to Valve Job Ridge Access Trail4,466 ft73 ft1085722Prince George
76Switcback UNBC to Otway489 ft50 ft1082420Prince George
77Steinhoe - Descent from first Y (Spring Creek side) Steinhoe (Spring Creek)1 miles360 ft1085331Terrace
78Pulaski (South section) Pulaski (North Section)1,285 ft74 ft1044811Prince George
7910 dollar Flowjob1,058 ft140 ft1022243Prince George
80When Pigs Fly When Pigs Fly3 miles1,107 ft1012041Burns Lake
81Lower Valve Job Valve Job2,942 ft270 ft994801Prince George
82Steinhoe 2nd Lookout Descent Steinhoe (Kitselas)1 miles434 ft992624Terrace
83Kager Connector (East to West) Kager Connector1,083 ft62 ft973750Burns Lake
84Bluff Uptrack Uptrack4,004 ft423 ft974154Smithers
85Climb It (DH) Drainpipe1,795 ft283 ft963421Prince George
86Chewy gooey Lowrider775 ft41 ft942601Prince George
87Charlotte's Web (DH) Charlotte's Web2 miles1,253 ft921572Burns Lake
88Longway to the Bridge Long Way4,828 ft540 ft927498Smithers
89Deliverance Deliverance1,404 ft51 ft911550Prince George
90First Razorback Climb Razorback (Bike Park to Kager Lake)1,468 ft100 ft903530Burns Lake
91Roller Coaster Descent Rollercoaster1,493 ft110 ft893621Prince George
92Stearns Creek Trail - Middle Section (Climb) Razorback2 miles260 ft871231Burns Lake
93Unnamed Road Climb Razorback3,405 ft291 ft851200Burns Lake
94UNBC Access Trail UNBC Connector3,015 ft348 ft824444Prince George
95Grey trail UNBC Connector3,191 ft430 ft824311Prince George
96Big Ass Hill to Peanutbutter Peanut Butter/HumblePie2,692 ft56 ft801741Prince George
97Huckin' Eh Huckin' Eh1 miles889 ft792047Smithers
98Other Side of the Bridge Other Side of the Bridge2,624 ft292 ft792985Prince George
99Extended Uptrack Uptrack1 miles729 ft793104Smithers
100Boer Mountain Road Climb Razorback4,552 ft405 ft751030Burns Lake
101Down Mean Streak Meanstreak3,422 ft257 ft753623Smithers
102Steinhoe 2nd Lookout Ascent Steinhoe (Kitselas)1 miles424 ft741795Terrace
103Sidewinder Sidewinder2,308 ft110 ft724281Prince George
104Loosey Goosey Loosey Goosey2,648 ft483 ft722280Prince George
105Wowzers! Sidewinder2,186 ft123 ft714320Prince George
106Sidewinder to Big Ass Hill Sidewinder2,184 ft106 ft691941Prince George
107Piglet (DH) Piglet1,180 ft48 ft693170Burns Lake
108Pulaski (North section) Pulaski/Chainsaw3,054 ft62 ft683041Prince George
109Flathead to Lower Wheel Flathead3,125 ft234 ft672742Terrace
110Flathead to T2 Flathead1 miles378 ft672632Terrace
111Ten Dollar 10 Dollar1,283 ft157 ft671503Prince George
112Backside (Bears to Sawmill) Backside2 miles165 ft673370Prince George
113Descent from Steinhoe ridge peak to main trail Lichen Loop3,215 ft348 ft673660Terrace
114Lichen loop Lichen Loop5,084 ft348 ft673610Terrace
115Sooueet!!! (DH) Sooueeet!!!4,788 ft119 ft671060Burns Lake
116Swamp Trail SwampX3,531 ft80 ft652751Prince George
117razorback final climb Razorback1 miles349 ft63870Burns Lake
118Spring creek to Y from Parking Lot Steinhoe (Spring Creek)2 miles454 ft634541Terrace
119GXC GXC2,998 ft60 ft622952Prince George
120Twister Climb Twister1,959 ft157 ft621360Prince George
12150 Shades 50 Shades2,770 ft377 ft611876Prince George
122Carter's Cut (Sawmill Trail to Bear's) Carters Cut1,771 ft30 ft614270Prince George
123Razorback (just short of top) Razorback9 miles1,442 ft61844Burns Lake
124Smoothy (DH) Auntie Flo1,592 ft287 ft612443Smithers
125Flathead descent Flathead1 miles792 ft601892Terrace
126Conveyor Belt - (South to North) Conveyer Belt2,046 ft21 ft60760Burns Lake
127Porcupine (Climb) Icy Hog2,141 ft64 ft591321Burns Lake
128Valve Job DH Valve Job5,047 ft385 ft582610Prince George
129Ridge XC Ridge XC2,560 ft76 ft581861Prince George
130Boer Mountain Climb (Upper Parking Lot to Lookout) Boer Mountain Road3 miles1,283 ft57830Burns Lake
131Ridge XC Ridge XC2,863 ft73 ft561642Prince George
132Upper Inversion Inversion2,948 ft218 ft561521Valemount
133Upper Mean Streak Counter Clockwise Meanstreak3,422 ft72 ft552383Smithers
134Pump Daddy Pump Daddy1 miles809 ft531041Smithers
135Water Lew Boardwalk Trail (DH) Water Lew2,129 ft50 ft52750Burns Lake
136Nervous Shakedown Nervous Shakedown5,071 ft656 ft51931Smithers
137Soucie Ave Climb Flathead1 miles669 ft501562Terrace
138prez upper President's Choice1,298 ft156 ft49750Prince George
139Moose in Rut Moose in Rut1,320 ft382 ft47850Prince George
140RotoXC Roto XC5,267 ft91 ft451194Prince George
141Old Trail (South Section) The Old Trail2,241 ft59 ft451290Prince George
142L.C. Gunn Trail Climb LC Gunn (North to South)2,737 ft309 ft451010Prince George
143Fire Crew (DH) Fire Crew826 ft153 ft45650Burns Lake
144Spring Creek to "Y" Steinhoe (Spring Creek)2 miles469 ft432781Terrace
145Unnamed Road Climb Swift Creek4,911 ft341 ft43580Valemount
146Valve Job Climb Valve Job4,436 ft369 ft421111Prince George
147Terrace Mtn Loop Flathead4 miles939 ft411287Terrace
148Piper Top Half Upper Piper4,163 ft664 ft40760Smithers
149Billy's Bears358 ft1 ft371070Prince George
150Bears - Tyner Finder to 147 Bears1,791 ft28 ft371340Prince George
151Stiff Upper Lip (South to North) Back In Black2,117 ft217 ft37701Smithers
152T2 descent T21,772 ft131 ft37901Terrace
153Shangri-La Shangri-La3,293 ft526 ft371211Terrace
154Curly Tail (Climb) Curly Tail3,707 ft102 ft36460Burns Lake
155Heyyy Bear! Hey Bear!1 miles142 ft361300Terrace
156Graveyard Crawl Graveyard Crawl3,325 ft134 ft351502Fort St. James
157Cheslatta South Cheslatta3,036 ft48 ft35730Prince George
158Missing Lynx DH Missing Lynx1,994 ft221 ft35751Prince George
159Lumpy's Lumpy's2,615 ft100 ft351152Fort St. James
160Bears (Fred's to Tyner Finder) Bears4,936 ft49 ft341300Prince George
161Pay Dirt Pay Dirt3 miles1,629 ft34812Smithers
162Cheslatta Cheslatta3,064 ft41 ft331300Prince George
163Backside (Old Sawmill Road to Bears) Backside1 miles163 ft331000Prince George
164Packhorse DH Packhorse4,381 ft610 ft32752Terrace
165Unknown (DH) Smells Like Bacon1,821 ft98 ft32400Burns Lake
166Pork and Beans (DH) Pork and Beans3,374 ft60 ft31360Burns Lake
167Meanstreak (CW) Meanstreak4,623 ft129 ft31842Smithers
168Swampy Trail (Blue Spruce to Fred's) Swampy Trail2,385 ft94 ft301380Prince George
169Andreas' DH Andreas' Downhill3,633 ft911 ft29800Valemount
170Tech Zone Swift Creek Tech Zone3,095 ft161 ft28281Valemount
171Bears (Tyner Finder to Fred's) Bears5,063 ft49 ft27740Prince George
172Lower Soul Stripper Soul Stripper1,010 ft107 ft27651Smithers
173Corsa Cruiser Corsa Cruiser2,452 ft131 ft261141Vanderhoof
1744 Cross 4 Cross Track864 ft56 ft26580Burns Lake
175Learn from Experience (Climb) Learn From Experience2,323 ft99 ft26670Burns Lake
176Hells Highway Hells Highway3,011 ft392 ft25421Prince George
177Old Lakelse Lake Drive Climb Access Road2 miles971 ft25400Terrace
178Broken Axe (CCW) Broken Axe2 miles286 ft24531Smithers
179Soulstripper Soul Stripper3,099 ft135 ft24362Smithers
180Carter's Cut (Bears to Sawmill) Carters Cut1,667 ft29 ft23650Prince George
181Sticks 'n' Stones Sticks'n'Stones1 miles494 ft22671Houston
182Fullsies bluesies Flow Track Blue2,704 ft105 ft22910Mackenzie
183Runt (Climb) The RUNT3,738 ft154 ft21280Burns Lake
184All Screwed Up (DH) All Screwed Up4,409 ft141 ft21475Smithers
185Gangster Tunnel Vision2,610 ft406 ft181330Chetwynd
186Remembrance Day - Lower (DH) Remembrance Day1,310 ft366 ft16191Smithers
187Fred's/Climbing Rock (Swampy to Blue Spruce) Freds3,546 ft53 ft16220Prince George
188Up Swift Creek Without A Paddle Subversion1,827 ft155 ft16991Valemount
189Hitting the Wall Hitting the Wall1,301 ft127 ft15720Vanderhoof
190Tue's Tumbler Down Tue's Tumbler567 ft52 ft14780Vanderhoof
191Extended Play Extended Play1,824 ft66 ft14870Vanderhoof
192Voldemort's Tale (from Connector to Jim Henry) Voldemort's Tale3,542 ft190 ft14300Fort St. James
193Gunshot straight Gut Shot Straight1 miles1,247 ft14190McBride
194Back 2 School Down Back 2 School2,058 ft14320Hazelton
195Pinewoods Squirrel Chaser1,093 ft75 ft13710Chetwynd
196Lower ragged Ragged3,917 ft594 ft13170McBride
197Titans Guard Up Roughcut935 ft66 ft12880Vanderhoof
198B2D Climb Beatton Provincial Park Snowshoe Trail1 miles221 ft12600Fort St. John
199Jackpot Fold 'Em2 miles555 ft12130McBride
200Jungle Up Jungle1 miles688 ft11412Chetwynd
201Jim Henry Jim Henry1,981 ft200 ft11301Fort St. James
202Lumpy Highway Lumpy Highway1,041 ft67 ft10970Vanderhoof
203Cottonwood West Cottonwood west2,631 ft32 ft102511Chetwynd
204Burnt Bear Up Burnt Bear1,833 ft136 ft10220Fort St. James
205Barlow Bender Barlow Bender821 ft82 ft10310Vanderhoof
206River Run River Run1 miles261 ft10110McBride
207Piper Down (DH) Piper Down3,434 ft940 ft991Smithers
208T2 ascent T21,888 ft159 ft9171Terrace
209Lower Backeddy Lower Backeddy2,557 ft607 ft8221Terrace
210Lower Charlie Brown Charlie Brown1,897 ft81 ft8390Vanderhoof
211Jungle Down Jungle1 miles660 ft8191Chetwynd
212Electric Lettuce Electric Lettuce3,152 ft752 ft8342Chetwynd
213Titan's Guard Down Titans Guard877 ft81 ft8680Vanderhoof
214Delta Downhill Delta Downhill1,287 ft122 ft8200Vanderhoof
215Pork Grind (CCW) Pork Grind4,231 ft63 ft890Burns Lake
216Jeff's Wade's World984 ft158 ft7111Terrace
217CW Reverse Cottonwood west2,725 ft31 ft71311Chetwynd
218Titans Guard Up Lumpy Highway1,483 ft70 ft6460Vanderhoof
219Lumpy Highway Up Lumpy Highway1,612 ft71 ft6400Vanderhoof
220Cottonwood East Cottonwood East2,088 ft33 ft61221Chetwynd
221up corsa cruiser Corsa Cruiser4,333 ft122 ft6200Vanderhoof
222Quick one Southern Loop Trail1,856 ft107 ft6150Prince George
223Kalum Lake Road Climb Maroon Mountain3,747 ft570 ft560Terrace
224Upper Backeddy descent Upper Backeddy1,795 ft284 ft5201Terrace
225Ghouls Night Climb Ghouls Night Out1,520 ft127 ft3110Chetwynd
226Sqeuelin' Wheelz Squeelin Wheels942 ft52 ft330Burns Lake
227Carpet Pisser Carpet Pisser741 ft86 ft270Fort Nelson
228Dirty Skag to Cum Quick The Dirty Skag720 ft120 ft2210Fort Nelson
229Dirty Skag Down from Top of Bridge The Dirty Skag787 ft133 ft2200Fort Nelson
230Resurrection The Dirty Skag230 ft21 ft2180Fort Nelson
231The Dirty Skag Uphill The Dirty Skag1,102 ft112 ft150Fort Nelson
232Gnarly Girls - Hoedown Gnarly Girls3,040 ft148 ft000Prince George
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