segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Upper Leverich Leverich Canyon2,895 ft366 ft118062243
2True Leverich DH - 2013 Leverich Canyon2 miles1,052 ft1174610346
3Lower Leverich Leverich Canyon1 mile677 ft117061015
4Fs 3158 Climb Leverich Canyon4,750 ft447 ft112858074
5Leverich Uphill Trail Climb Leverich Canyon2 miles919 ft110357005
6Sourdough Canyon Rd Climb Leverich Canyon2,727 ft355 ft109954643
7Sourdough Climb Mile 4 Sourdough Canyon (Gate To Bridge)1 mile156 ft109053724
8Leverich Trailhead to Mineshaft Leverich Canyon2 miles714 ft1081540210
9Sourdough Climb Mile 5 (Almost) Sourdough Canyon (Gate To Bridge)4,543 ft52 ft105652913
10Leverich Lap Leverich Canyon5 miles1,050 ft1020500127
11Bozeman Cr Mile 5 to top before Wildhorse Sourdough Canyon (Bridge to Wildhorse)3 miles506 ft74819155
12Fs 979 A Climb Sourdough Canyon (Bridge to Wildhorse)1 mile283 ft70618051
13Emerald Lake Trail Climb Emerald Lake4,882 ft281 ft57710463
14Emerald Lake Trail Climb Emerald Lake1 mile457 ft5489862
15Emerald Lake Trail Climb Emerald Lake5,269 ft430 ft5419542
16Chestnut Ridge Traverse Chestnut Mountain Trail5,267 ft203 ft4189201
17History Rock 2nd half History Rock1 mile491 ft2394650
18Hood Creek Climb Upper Wildhorse (North)1 mile391 ft1973792
19Fs 62 T Climb Mt. Blackmore4,389 ft621 ft1361600
20Hyalite Creek Trail Climb Hyalite Lake4,410 ft284 ft1351610
21Loopies Only Leverich Canyon5 miles1,060 ft1342550
22Leverich Double Leverich Canyon10 miles1,068 ft1212090
23Fs 3153 E Climb Mt. Blackmore1 mile578 ft1181361
24Unnamed Rd Climb Hyalite Lake1 mile338 ft1171400
25Lick to Moser Across DH Upper Wildhorse (North)4,171 ft207 ft801390
26Fs 3203 Climb Upper Wildhorse (North)1 mile405 ft781260
27Fs Climb Upper Wildhorse (North)1 mile487 ft751320
28cabins to chestnut turnoff Bear Canyon3,059 ft552 ft53730
29Granny's Glory Bear Canyon1 mile810 ft48650
30Fs 62T Climb Mt. Blackmore2,842 ft365 ft42490
31Mt Blackmore DH Mt. Blackmore4,620 ft510 ft41480
32Saddle Climb to Peak Mt. Blackmore2 miles943 ft34410
33History Rock up and sign and back. History Rock5 miles1,182 ft23310
34Hyalite Creek Trail Climb Squaw Creek Divide2 miles967 ft15171
35Hyalite Creek Trail Climb Hyalite Lake4,140 ft386 ft0390
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