segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1The Icebreaker Vasa #13 - #14769 ft61 ft38981779218Traverse City
2VASA CC Climb (Ice Crusher) Vasa #13 - #143,615 ft130 ft38921769028Traverse City
3Anita's Hill Vasa #5 - #6453 ft49 ft37551564952Traverse City
4CHADILAC'S BEARD ZONE Vasa #5 - #63,628 ft111 ft37071472715Traverse City
5Wood Chip Hill Vasa #12 - #13300 ft28 ft33611401721Traverse City
6Final Climb to 4 Corners Vasa #11 - #12558 ft22 ft31371293313Traverse City
7It's "Anita Hill" Vasa #5 - #6970 ft84 ft31131047915Traverse City
8Zoutendam's Blower VASA Blue4,159 ft27 ft11961271223Traverse City
9Arcadia - Segment 5 Chestnut Loop2,957 ft73 ft118629303Watervale
10Intermingling VASA Blue4,225 ft39 ft897848916Traverse City
11Gooch aka. A New Hope GH #12- #293,846 ft96 ft87723100Bellaire
12Deep Dark Forest Climb Dry Hill Trail3,219 ft133 ft81217458Watervale
13Dr. Strangelove Dry Hill Trail1 mile89 ft80617276Watervale
14THE DESCENT Main Loop3,272 ft108 ft80337734Grayling
15What's Up? Bullwacker (Big M #17 -#34)2,397 ft200 ft78430532Manistee
16Big M DH Big M #33 - #172,624 ft190 ft77830581Manistee
17Gonga Bomber Climb Bullwacker (Big M #17 -#34)3,076 ft214 ft77830321Manistee
18Arcadia Dunes one road to the next Dry Hill Trail1 mile72 ft68617524Watervale
19Fast and Furious Bullwacker (Big M #17 -#34)2,865 ft203 ft66320390Manistee
20Final Drop Bullwacker (Big M #17 -#34)1,979 ft147 ft65519551Manistee
21Good to the last drop Main Loop1,046 ft103 ft65426950Grayling
22Final Climb Big M #33 - #172,629 ft182 ft65219622Manistee
23hanson hills climb 1 Main Loop2,805 ft107 ft64927359Grayling
24Sprint Chestnut Loop1,159 ft73 ft63315283Watervale
25Hanson Hills Final Climb Main Loop738 ft69 ft62725895Grayling
26Final Descent Main Loop2,063 ft78 ft62226212Grayling
27VASA Climb Vasa #3 - #42,095 ft103 ft61618507Traverse City
28Knuckle Buster aka. Return of the Jedi GH #18 - #221,456 ft85 ft61413218Bellaire
29VASA Climb 01 Vasa #5 - #65,244 ft122 ft61321437Traverse City
30Top of the 25K Climb Vasa #5 - #61,256 ft77 ft60921295Traverse City
31Catamount Punch 2 Catamount (Orange Trail)1,343 ft112 ft60317511Manistee
32hanson hills climb 2 Main Loop1 mile105 ft59023078Grayling
331.2 mi. technical segment Main Loop1 mile39 ft57923428Grayling
34Poplars Climb Going West Shanty Boy (Big M #25 - #26)2,168 ft157 ft57715354Manistee
35Catamount Punch 1 Catamount (Orange Trail)2,042 ft98 ft56815201Manistee
36Marked VST Connector to VASA trail VASA Blue2 miles29 ft549440419Traverse City
37Fat Tire Connection GH #11 - #202,249 ft56 ft52613301Bellaire
38Matz Climb Dry Hill Trail1,994 ft102 ft52113660Watervale
39Boyne School Forest - section 1 School Forest Loop 11,395 ft9 ft517303914Boyne City
40deep dark forest downhill Dry Hill Trail3,797 ft133 ft51613204Watervale
41LJ100 - Shanty Boy Climb Shanty Boy (Big M #25 - #26)2,055 ft135 ft49315402Manistee
42Lost Leg Bridges Trail1,095 ft71 ft48626640Harbor Springs
43Pine Trees Chestnut Loop1,423 ft48 ft4699342Watervale
44Intermingling (EAST) VASA Blue3,986 ft32 ft43315068Traverse City
452nd Climb Lumberjack 100 Catamount (Orange Trail)1,953 ft89 ft42314543Manistee
46County Road 602 Climb Chestnut Loop1,774 ft318 ft41710252Watervale
47Intermediate loop School Forest Loop 22 miles101 ft411142510Boyne City
48Arcadia EZ Loop Camp Arcadia Trails1 mile29 ft4118196Watervale
49Fire Road Climb Copper Ridge3,909 ft261 ft40762936Traverse City
50Keep Climbing Piggly! NCT - Kipp Rd to Stutsmanville Rd2,498 ft238 ft39715910Harbor Springs
51Beginer Loop Long Half School Forest Loop 12 miles66 ft383181510Boyne City
52Hanson Hills Challenge Course Main Loop10 miles165 ft374134211Grayling
53Maverick Sidewinder South2,963 ft165 ft37315917Boyne City
54Southbound Chuck Norris GH #23- #262,863 ft49 ft3736380Bellaire
55Kipp DH fixed NCT - Kipp Rd to Stutsmanville Rd3,071 ft244 ft36916123Harbor Springs
56warm up climb from Kipp on the NCT NCT - Kipp Rd to Stutsmanville Rd1 mile292 ft36514374Harbor Springs
57Bridges DH Blue Bottle2,319 ft118 ft36322001Harbor Springs
58Roundhouse Robin (Flow) Roundhouse1,318 ft45 ft36114101Boyne City
59Its Back! Bro Blue Bottle735 ft76 ft35419575Harbor Springs
60Side Wind-er down Sidewinder South3,293 ft146 ft34514499Boyne City
61Squatch alley North Peak Trail4,596 ft63 ft33818141Harbor Springs
6217-16, aka Chuck Norris Ridge GH #23- #263,025 ft45 ft3376851Bellaire
63Intermediate to finish School Forest Loop 12 miles66 ft33210817Boyne City
64Lost Lake - Sprint to Finish Lost Lake (South)1,403 ft6 ft31516244Interlochen
65Launch to Dam Lost Lake (South)2,998 ft12 ft31217103Interlochen
66LL Start Lost Lake (South)4,500 ft15 ft30915984Interlochen
67Start to Intermediate loop School Forest Loop 14,144 ft65 ft3029596Boyne City
68Westsiiiiide Top Vineyard Loop881 ft7 ft30125352Suttons Bay
69Dam to Mud Lost Lake (South)3,614 ft27 ft29915452Interlochen
70VASA Jack Pine Vasa #10 - #111 mile99 ft2958296Traverse City
71Highlands Orange Loop DH North Spine Trail1 mile350 ft294154814Harbor Springs
72Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence Lower Vinyeard Loop683 ft42 ft28726794Suttons Bay
73Intermediate Loop Clockwise School Forest Loop 22 miles104 ft28610087Boyne City
74Climb to the Bridges Blue Bottle1,295 ft60 ft28315101Harbor Springs
75Don Marsh Top Vineyard Loop1,122 ft79 ft28124062Suttons Bay
76Chupacabra Lower Vinyeard Loop932 ft31 ft27525983Suttons Bay
77Full Climb - Winter Fat Bike Race Top Vineyard Loop2,376 ft143 ft27522554Suttons Bay
78Beer Belly Buster GH #9 - #191,072 ft91 ft2694381Bellaire
79Stroll the steeps Stroll the Steeps2,233 ft106 ft26811339Boyne City
80Avalanche DH- middle section backwards Stroll the Steeps1,260 ft110 ft26410263Boyne City
81Satori Dirt Sample1,586 ft188 ft2477420Harbor Springs
82The 45 Boogy Forest Descent1,285 ft106 ft23618094Suttons Bay
83To The Pines Blue Bottle814 ft77 ft21411714Harbor Springs
84The Firetower The Firetower (Big M #30 - #31)3,451 ft120 ft2073900Manistee
85Red outer trail. Outer Loop (Red)6 miles117 ft2044162Grayling
86Request Permission For Fly-By Stroll the Steeps1,669 ft125 ft20410562Boyne City
87Unridden Two Track Climb Cadillac #8 - #92,100 ft86 ft19511112Cadillac
88Victory Lap Downhill Sarge's Revenge1,052 ft103 ft19413836Harbor Springs
89Cheat Stick Cheat Stick (Big M #33 -#32)2,649 ft16 ft1893950Manistee
90PEDAL HARDER Cadillac #4 - #8829 ft52 ft18713352Cadillac
91Rogue Effort #4 Emmet Ridge1 mile213 ft17911176Harbor Springs
92Crossover Nut Buster to the Victory Lap Sarge's Revenge683 ft58 ft1699222Harbor Springs
931 beginner loop sprint School Forest Loop 13 miles68 ft1574264Boyne City
94Sarge's climb Sarge's Revenge1,073 ft86 ft1579933Harbor Springs
95Climbing the roots Cadillac #12 - #8443 ft32 ft1578622Cadillac
96Jack Pine Reacharound Vasa #10 - #111 mile98 ft1515096Traverse City
97Kylesia Risky Business2,719 ft325 ft1434385Harbor Springs
98Rogue Effort #3 Risky Business4,022 ft430 ft1424141Harbor Springs
99easy rider hanson Easy Rider Loop (Green)2 miles45 ft1362863Grayling
100No rest for the Weary Lower Vinyeard Loop1,055 ft43 ft1336182Suttons Bay
101Dutchman's Britches The Enlightener1,209 ft16 ft1303231Glen Arbor
102Theory of Evolution Climb The Enlightener4,900 ft171 ft1293161Glen Arbor
103Tease me The Enlightener1,050 ft24 ft1293241Glen Arbor
104Sarge's Loop- Boyne Sarge's Revenge1 mile153 ft1287365Harbor Springs
105BB's Bowl The Enlightener1,422 ft41 ft1283260Glen Arbor
106Colina de 45 Forest Descent1,446 ft106 ft1266120Suttons Bay
107WSP Dr. East Wilderness Park Drive3 miles10 ft1241710Carp Lake
108Shock Shock791 ft53 ft1233981Harbor Springs
109Ol' Red Spine Escape1,213 ft73 ft12110464Harbor Springs
110Cecil Bay to WSP Ranger Station Wilderness Park Drive4 miles10 ft1191590Carp Lake
111Time Pilot Downhill The Enlightener3,868 ft177 ft1192781Glen Arbor
112The Shoot: Slow and careful Forest Descent365 ft71 ft1086212Suttons Bay
113Palmer Woods Loop The Enlightener3 miles177 ft1062262Glen Arbor
114Kylee...not liking it Aspen Loop1,679 ft24 ft962641Gaylord
115Hoobastank Welsh Ridge1,476 ft51 ft966551Harbor Springs
116Flat, Fast & Fun in reverse Cadillac #9 - #10610 ft7 ft959041Cadillac
117Mayhem Aftershock1,392 ft220 ft882194Harbor Springs
118No Brakes! Cadillac #10 - #122,698 ft94 ft849821Cadillac
119Opeth Holy Diver1,402 ft131 ft751523Harbor Springs
120CTV REVERSE DOWNHILL Copper Ridge4,036 ft255 ft701262Traverse City
121Lake Ann Pathway Campground Loop (counterclockwise) Lake Ann Loop 11 mile48 ft701740Lake Ann
122Falling Inside the Black Lost Lake4,321 ft44 ft702533Interlochen
123Aspen Park x 2 Aspen Loop5 miles60 ft691824Gaylord
124Isis Skidmark1,837 ft288 ft661171Harbor Springs
125BearClaw's Single Track & Back Cadillac #10 - #124,101 ft29 ft582540Cadillac
126Rip-N-Roll Lost Lake Alt2,100 ft52 ft562532Interlochen
127St. Pierre - Inner Loop Chestnut Loop2 miles115 ft54961Watervale
128Ridgeline Single Track #12 - #9 Norway Ridge Pathway1,398 ft8 ft549125Alpena
129Trooper The Trooper2,580 ft448 ft53691Harbor Springs
130Northside Climb Lost Lake Alt1,677 ft56 ft481670Interlochen
131big hill Loop 1846 ft91 ft464380Hubbard Lake
132Shingle Mill DH Shingle Mill Pathway1,632 ft122 ft46630Vanderbilt
133Turn Left OHP #9 - #10467 ft59 ft45751West Branch
134Single Track at Marker 11 #11 - #12 Norway Ridge Pathway1,590 ft448413Alpena
135Cant do it climb Lake Ann Loop 4584 ft68 ft43911Lake Ann
136Four Climbs Four Climbs3,203 ft54 ft411640Hubbard Lake
137Setup to Whoopie Hill Setup to Whoopie Hill1,241 ft74 ft403480Hubbard Lake
138Tamrack Single Track (OUT) Tamrack In/Out Loop1,725 ft2 ft397262Alpena
139Tamrack Single Track (IN) Tamrack In/Out Loop1,613 ft2 ft387532Alpena
140Arcadia Grit n Gravel Poor Signage BS segment Camp Arcadia Trails1 mile30 ft35450Watervale
141Red Gate Red Gate1,210 ft47 ft341000Hubbard Lake
142Upland Nature Climb, 1 to 2 Higgans Lake Big loop3,379 ft94 ft341340Grayling
143OutLook to #11 Outlook3,119 ft47 ft321840Hubbard Lake
144Beaver Creek Sprint, 3 to 6 Higgans Lake Big loop3 miles22 ft321111Grayling
145Race End Trail 2 (Finish)4,478 ft89 ft30540Hubbard Lake
146Upland Nature, 1-3 Higgans Lake Big loop1 mile94 ft301130Grayling
147Beaver Bosom Climb, 5 to 7 Higgans Lake Big loop2 miles85 ft301101Grayling
148Mott Preserve Loop minus Baldy Baldy Trail2 miles87 ft28790Watervale
149Sprint Baldy Trail2 miles85 ft28790Watervale
150UP The Decent Main Loop2,105 ft74 ft27380Grayling
151Headed out Browns Creek Pathway - First Loop1,511 ft45 ft261030East Jordan
152Almost Done Climbing? Browns Creek Pathway - First Loop4,727 ft79 ft241120East Jordan
153Top Loop Browns Creek (Inner Loop)1,968 ft66 ft24980East Jordan
154Climbing to the top Browns Creek (Inner Loop)1,400 ft76 ft231050East Jordan
155Amy's Trail Climb Loop 31,071 ft88 ft22380Wildwood
156Last Mile Browns Creek Pathway - First Loop1 mile79 ft21870East Jordan
157Climb #1 OHP #21 - #201,956 ft135 ft19332West Branch
158north field Browns Creek Pathway - Connector1,382 ft33 ft18830East Jordan
159That hill Section Four Lake Trail2,938 ft128 ft17170Vanderbilt
160single track back loop Norway Piine run #11 - #12 Norway Ridge Pathway1,419 ft8 ft17460Alpena
161brown creek to field Browns Creek Pathway - Second Loop4,097 ft56 ft16951East Jordan
162Lake Ann Pathway Campground Loop (clockwise) Lake Ann Loop 11 mile52 ft16280Lake Ann
16311 to Tamrack and back singletrack Tamrack In/Out Loop1 mile6 ft15731Alpena
164Kick in the teeth Loop 31,027 ft58 ft15210Wildwood
165Counter clockwise Browns Creek Loop Browns Creek Pathway - Second Loop1 mile71 ft13500East Jordan
166Browns Creek Clockwise Browns Creek Pathway - Second Loop1 mile71 ft13500East Jordan
167loop one Browns Creek Pathway - First Loop3,395 ft67 ft11380East Jordan
168Hedrick Road Climb Aftershock1,754 ft392 ft8190Harbor Springs
169And go Wakeley Lake connector1,395 ft21 ft8110Grayling
170Just a little hill Loop 11,669 ft35 ft680Roscommon
171Little hill Wakeley Lake connector1,256 ft47 ft551Grayling
172HCP CW Pigeon Bridge to Osmun Rd Shingle Mill Pathway15 miles287 ft562Vanderbilt
173HCP CW Osmun Rd to M-33 Shingle Mill Pathway16 miles135 ft551Vanderbilt
174Wakeley Lake Shorter loop Wakeley Lake connector5 miles54 ft110Grayling
175Good Rd Climb Big M #33 - #172,657 ft527 ft000Manistee
176N Higgins Lk CCC Beaver Creek Loop Higgans Lake Big loop6 miles124 ft000Grayling
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