segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1HAPPY HOUR (2nd half) -- Highland Mountain Happy Hour1,567 ft219 ft100244209
2HM Lower Hellion DH Hellion1,995 ft205 ft86448006
3Hellion DH Hellion1 mile583 ft821429815
4Pass The Buck to the West Pass The Buck3,886 ft89 ft49310891
5Moose Tracks Moose Tracks1,480 ft68 ft46114892
6New Digs Ye North1 mile261 ft44310192
7Moose Tracks Backwards Moose Tracks1,290 ft69 ft4198750
8Cat Scratch Fever Cat Scratch Fever1,236 ft163 ft4057900
9Stage 2 2015 Hey Joe3,262 ft199 ft3366393
10NEHSCA highland climb without the flat Snowmobile Trail2,672 ft202 ft2917040
11Ye North - Up Ye North1 mile242 ft1883280
12Moose Loops? Buckshot2,515 ft61 ft1603011
13Untimed transfer Enduro 2013 Easy Rider1 mile563 ft1535470
14Smallish Varmit Down Haul Road660 ft35 ft1264152
15Doctor's Order Doctors Orders3,325 ft161 ft1211870
16Swamp Donkey Disco Down Swamp Donkey Disco2,158 ft128 ft952232
17Sharknado SharkNado2,677 ft31 ft901982
18Joe's Cutoff Joe's Cut Off989 ft61 ft811670
19Squirrelagator Down Squirrelagator Down1,774 ft139 ft781322
20Haul Rd. Climb Haul Road1,395 ft115 ft731731
21Wheels on the Bus Haul Road648 ft59 ft651041
22Model-T Weeks Road497 ft19 ft63881
23Doctors Orders Down Doctors Orders1,326 ft155 ft49690
24Ski Hill Dr Climb Access Road3,630 ft280 ft46530
25Sharknado North to South SharkNado2,205 ft18 ft40581
26Squirrelagator Up Squirrelagator Down1,724 ft125 ft25280
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