segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Overlook Singletrack School Bus4,376 ft47 ft116390264River Falls
2Ape Hanger long version School Bus1,894 ft44 ft115689405River Falls
3Shortest Straw School Bus1,550 ft62 ft112988915River Falls
4WTR "Hurt Locker" School Bus1,614 ft29 ft102879044River Falls
5North Loop School Bus4,175 ft69 ft96265202River Falls
6Whitetail Climb #2 School Bus600 ft72 ft85770335River Falls
7Quarter Mile climb Namakagon West1,530 ft103 ft80914350Namakagon
8Big Oak Big Oak3,965 ft50 ft77760427St. Croix Falls
9Get Over It Makwa Trail1,012 ft48 ft76113752Seeley
10Mawka Trail Head to turn around Makwa Trail3 miles125 ft66511352Seeley
11Erratic Rock loop Erratic Rock Trail4,852 ft75 ft63844291St. Croix Falls
12Erratic Rock complete Erratic Rock Trail1 miles105 ft62542186St. Croix Falls
13Skull Skull2,800 ft48 ft622527212Eau Claire
14Thrillville Thrillville1,959 ft26 ft61953506Eau Claire
15Stripper Serpent Mind Games1,369 ft22 ft61548942Eau Claire
16Hildebrand Loop Rock Lake - To Treasures' Trace3 miles88 ft5147532Namakagon
17RAD Rad3,065 ft43 ft49032894Eau Claire
18Namakagon Namakagon East3 miles153 ft4687771Namakagon
19Makwa Birkie Classic to Gravel Pit Makwa Trail5 miles194 ft4667600Seeley
20Namakagon town hall downhill Namakagon East2,089 ft75 ft4667960Namakagon
21Namakagan Trail from Patsy to finish Namakagon East3 miles161 ft4487590Namakagon
22Rock Lake : TH to Glacial Rock Lake - To Treasures' Trace2 miles68 ft4145403Namakagon
23Ant Hill Trail Ant Hill1 miles14 ft393284711Eau Claire
24Papito's Creek Climb Focus206 ft28 ft34120390Eau Claire
25Rock Lake: TH to Hildebrand Start Rock Lake - To Treasures' Trace3 miles83 ft3083882Namakagon
26Makwa Gravel Pit to Birkie classic Makwa Trail5 miles196 ft2744030Seeley
27Mind Games E to W Missing Link2,591 ft39 ft26911760Eau Claire
28tunnels Tunnels3,044 ft22 ft25823963Eau Claire
29Eagle Eagle952 ft8 ft23120251Eau Claire
30S Lowes Ck Rd --> Main Path Missing Link2,697 ft42 ft1899481Eau Claire
31Trapper's Loop to East Side Trapper's Loop3 miles46 ft1594110Bloomer
32Hickory Ridge Trail Climb Trapper's Loop1 miles709 ft1584110Bloomer
33East Side (North) East Side3,517 ft62 ft1553920Bloomer
34Puma Playground (South) Puma Playground5,036 ft83 ft1493401Bloomer
35PINEHURST DOWNHILL #2 Stairway to Heaven2,715 ft132 ft14511171Eau Claire
36Stairway 2 Heaven Stairway to Heaven3,087 ft170 ft12910952Eau Claire
37Puma Playground Descent Puma Playground2,231 ft76 ft1282860Bloomer
38Pine+Back2Back Far East1,734 ft7 ft1235011Eau Claire
39Psycho Climber Lady Slipper4,757 ft191 ft1061611Bayfield
40Lady Slipper - Full Lady Slipper1 miles194 ft1031520Bayfield
41Pinehurst Time Trial Stairway to Heaven1 miles167 ft995121Eau Claire
42Ashwabay-The Stick Stick Up/Down3,692 ft148 ft982901Bayfield
43The Pines The Pines Loop1,903 ft30 ft973361Hayward
44Lower Diesel bear from Upper to the Stick Diesel Bear2,528 ft55 ft933281Bayfield
45The Stick downhill Stick Up/Down4,146 ft141 ft932611Bayfield
46Tsuga West Tsuga Daddy3 miles133 ft911350Bayfield
47Four Cubs Four Cubs Loop2,375 ft28 ft902841Hayward
48Mount Du Lac Initial Climb access road2,679 ft252 ft831210Superior
49Upper Diesel Bear Dirt Lip3,613 ft40 ft792451Bayfield
50Downward Diesel Dirt Lip1,868 ft44 ft792430Bayfield
51Get back up Hot Saw1 miles108 ft782340Bayfield
52Strong Bad Trogdor1,062 ft96 ft662020Bayfield
53Log Road Climb Wildcat Loop East1,681 ft68 ft581051Spooner
54sock u in the eye Tsuga Daddy4,587 ft158 ft50750Bayfield
55Oooh, Brown Tsugaa Tsuga Daddy2,136 ft115 ft49720Bayfield
56Whiting to the Hallow Hot Saw1,926 ft79 ft481210Bayfield
57Hot Sandy Sawzzzz Hot Saw4,419 ft189 ft461170Bayfield
58Tsuga Magnolia Tsuga Daddy5 miles231 ft45670Bayfield
59Tsuga Daddy - Full Tsuga Daddy6 miles227 ft43640Bayfield
60Aldo's Entrance Wildcat Loop East4,791 ft56 ft32551Spooner
61Flowing Fenander Wildcat Loop East2 miles58 ft30571Spooner
62Hoot'n all the Hallow Hoot'n Hollow2 miles223 ft28490Bayfield
63Ashwabay-Diesel Bear Diesel Bear5,267 ft61 ft26511Bayfield
64Raven Loop Diesel Bear1 miles70 ft21380Bayfield
65Quarry 23832,034 ft40 ft20571Rice Lake
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