segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Girdham to Wilkins Wabash Cannonball Trail4,093 ft58732509Toledo
2Wabash North to Girdham Wabash Cannonball Trail5,190 ft7 ft584310311Toledo
3Oaks 2-way north Oaks MTB Loop1,899 ft17 ft500431115Toledo
4Hognose Snake South Clockwise Oak Open Hiking Trail1 miles21 ft46232607Toledo
5RUM HAM, RUM HAM Oaks MTB Loop1,732 ft18 ft44031270Toledo
6Hognose Snake North Anti-clockwise Oak Open Hiking Trail1 miles24 ft42621809Toledo
7CCW Just the mushroom tip Oaks MTB Loop1,415 ft3 ft369204210Toledo
8Blazing Star Loop Clockwise Oaks MTB Loop1 miles20 ft279131910Toledo
9Back End Oaks MTB Loop2 miles24 ft25812016Toledo
10Jermain Drag Strip Jermain Trail1,148 ft10 ft24618067Toledo
11Jermain Loop Jermain Trail3,849 ft34 ft24215396Toledo
1264 to 1 clockwise Phase Two1 miles26 ft2418093Toledo
13Feel the Flow Ottawa Trails1,058 ft15 ft23619484Toledo
14Ottawa Park First section of hills parallel to road Toledo OH Ottawa Trails3,256 ft36 ft23415996Toledo
151 to 64 clockwise Phase Two1 miles12 ft2317925Toledo
16Jermain Loop Only after underpass Toledo Ohio Jermain Trail2 miles36 ft22916345Toledo
171 to 64 CCW Phase Two1 miles23 ft2277162Toledo
18OP speedway Ottawa Trails2,474 ft19 ft22615975Toledo
1964 to 1 CCW Phase Two1 miles13 ft2257024Toledo
20Cheeky Smooth Ottawa Trails1,304 ft10 ft21217116Toledo
21Amphitheater Climb Ottawa Trails586 ft34 ft208127710Toledo
22Oaks MTB Trail - bike only segment Oaks MTB Loop5,099 ft22 ft196105610Toledo
23Ottawa green loop Ottawa Trails2 miles19 ft19414232Toledo
24ottawa plateau from substation Ottawa Trails1 miles23 ft19313945Toledo
25Phase 4 turn around (Red, Clockwise) Phase Three2 miles19 ft1433484Toledo
26Ottawa Loop NO SHORT CUTS Toledo Ohio Ottawa Trails3 miles44 ft1275643Toledo
27Ottawa park Loop Toledo Ohio Missing far west section Ottawa Trails3 miles44 ft953311Toledo
28Phase 3 with Bypass CCW, Grey Phase Two5 miles25 ft861751Toledo
29VBSP Finish Climb Van Buren MTB Trail418 ft12 ft583330Findlay
30Van Buren MTB Trail Van Buren MTB Trail2 miles28 ft372425Findlay
31Grassy Sprint Oakwood Loop622 ft5 ft22591Napoleon
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