segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Moose Wilson Road Climb Teton Village Bike Path1 ft282 ft137529875Teton Village
2Snow King Ave Climb Broadway Westbound Cycletrack1 ft278 ft127925901Jackson
3Phillips Access - down Phillip's Ridge Trail1 ft106 ft114926281Wilson
4Gate to Crater Lake Old Pass Road1 mile591 ft113631870Wilson
5Exit Putt to sidewalk Woods Canyon Connector1 ft78 ft104843280Jackson
6Ferrins Full Ferrins2 miles780 ft860405120Jackson
7Unnamed Rd Climb Ferrins3 ft316 ft84839484Jackson
8Joint Point_DH Phillip's Ridge Trail4 miles1 ft82715575Wilson
9Ferrin's Bottom Half Ferrins4 ft289 ft82437485Jackson
10putt putt second DH Putt Putt3 ft245 ft79438795Jackson
11Putt Putt Descent 2nd Longer Putt Putt1 mile308 ft78538502Jackson
12Ferrins d.h. from saddle to hagen jct. Ferrins2 miles813 ft78334323Jackson
13Phillips Ridge Descent Phillip's Ridge Trail7 miles1 ft77112735Wilson
14ferrins fatbike Ferrins1 mile695 ft75632823Jackson
15Phillips Descent to Fish Creek Phillip's Ridge Trail8 miles2 ft74112220Wilson
16Lightning Ridge Andys2 miles242 ft72016203Alta
17putt putt first DH Putt Putt2 ft229 ft71828455Jackson
18Ferrins Upper Half Ferrins1 mile528 ft71229515Jackson
19JHC - Cache Race - Enduro 2 Putt Putt3 ft261 ft70828122Jackson
20only the down on perma grin Perma-Grin1 mile352 ft69917970Alta
21Perma-Grin (descent) Perma-Grin2 miles381 ft69617915Alta
22Roots Black Canyon3 ft254 ft68312000Wilson
23Black Canyon Star Wars No Brakes Black Canyon3 ft384 ft67811904Wilson
24Sidewalk 5 west Sidewalk Trail4 ft143 ft67730330Jackson
25Viewpoint to Parking Lot Mill Creek Descent Mill Creek2 miles847 ft67514709Alta
26Black Canyon Trail Descent Black Canyon4 miles2 ft66611525Wilson
27Mill Creek Descent Mill Creek3 miles1 ft62112719Alta
2838 Special 38 Special3 miles1 ft60514944Alta
2938 Special Descent 38 Special2 miles1 ft60114889Alta
30More Cowbell climb More Cowbell1 mile275 ft58715503Alta
31Yurt to Viewpoint Mill Creek Descent Mill Creek1 mile272 ft57711685Alta
32PC 2 DOWN Phillips Canyon2 miles678 ft56911091Wilson
33Colter's Escape Descent Colter's Escape1 mile407 ft56411567Alta
34Phillips Canyon Lower Phillips Canyon1 mile549 ft55510840Wilson
35Cache-Game divide to Cache Creek downhill Game Creek1 ft246 ft55213980Jackson
36Cache Creek Dr Climb Cache Creek Trail2 miles283 ft53510280Jackson
37Grand Traverse Grand Traverse3 ft411 ft53127192Alta
38Buffalo Soldier Buffalo Soldier2 miles138 ft52110941Alta
39Game Creek Steep Dh West Game Creek3 ft389 ft51613820Jackson
40west creek dh West Game Creek2 miles814 ft51413730Jackson
41STAGE 8 :: JHCYCLING West Game Creek3 miles907 ft50713611Jackson
42Cache Creek Dr Climb Ferrins1 ft286 ft50516100Jackson
43Peaked Climb Peaked2 miles657 ft4838870Alta
44Cache Traverse sprint Sidewalk Trail4 ft143 ft46522770Jackson
45Canfield Brothers Parallel- upper section Parallel1 ft125 ft46114012Wilson
46Canfield Brothers Parallel lower jumps to pavement Parallel2 ft268 ft45113372Wilson
47Parallel Full (Sign Post to Pavement) Parallel1 mile722 ft44612923Wilson
48semi-tech segment Putt Putt916 ft115 ft44410873Jackson
49Canfield Brothers Parallel Mid flow Parallel2 ft298 ft43913251Wilson
50Ain't Life Grand - Clockwise Ain't Life Grand1 mile121 ft43810991Alta
51Lucky Charm Lucky Charm1 mile393 ft4348151Teton Village
52Upper Bullwinkle Bermaliciousness J5 to J4 Bullwinkle3 ft380 ft42715091Alta
53Sidewinder DH to split Sidewinder5 ft382 ft42212792Alta
54Cache Creek Dr Climb West Game Creek2 miles869 ft4219451Jackson
55STAGE 7 :: JHCYCLING West Game Creek3 miles912 ft4129144Jackson
56Candyland Candyland2 ft297 ft40910515Wilson
57Lower Bullwinkle J4 to 1st Road Bullwinkle1 mile534 ft40511680Alta
58fat bike climb upper half Jolly Green Giants4 ft197 ft40410970Alta
59Pika Traverse climb Pika Traverse2 ft90 ft39911013Alta
60New Bronco Bronco4 ft301 ft39611730Teton Village
61Wilson-North Road Climb Phillip's Ridge Trail5 ft340 ft3869590Wilson
62Ferrins log to log Ferrins4 miles773 ft37715900Jackson
63Bullwinkle Bullwinkle2 miles919 ft37510681Alta
64JRA Ferrins1 mile630 ft37010482Jackson
65Putt Putt to Jackson Putt Putt2 ft287 ft36015604Jackson
66Sidewinder J5 to J4 Sidewinder3 ft341 ft3437500Alta
67True Grit DH (most of it) True Grit2 ft112 ft34113694Teton Village
68the walk down side Sidewalk Trail1 mile211 ft33511175Jackson
69Hagen Highway Climb Hagen Highway1 mile279 ft33514480Jackson
70Creek Traverse Hagen3 ft148 ft33110550Jackson
71Phillips Ridge; top road to Arrow jct Phillip's Ridge Trail2 miles496 ft3277110Wilson
72Hagen Descent - Bridge 2 down Hagen4 ft148 ft32011231Jackson
73Peaked Out Peaked2 miles660 ft3144570Alta
7438 Turns but a B!$?# aint One 38 Special2 miles1 ft3134440Alta
75Canfield Brothers Lower FB-Stop spot to un-jumpable berm gap Fuzzy Bunny1 ft215 ft3117793Wilson
76Peaked Descent (from Ain't Life Grand) Peaked2 miles739 ft3084500Alta
77Up 38 Special 38 Special3 miles1 ft3064337Alta
78Action Jackson Action Jackson3 miles301 ft3055944Alta
79Mill Creek Ascent to Viewpoint Mill Creek2 miles850 ft3016082Alta
80Snow King Ave Climb KC1 ft276 ft30117410Jackson
81Fuzzy Bunny to Candyland Cut-off Fuzzy Bunny1 mile774 ft3007616Wilson
82Canfield Brothers Upper FB- Rocks to the stop spot Fuzzy Bunny2 ft406 ft2997613Wilson
83Canfield Brothers- Powerlines,,,,, Crosshairs- to left turn tree squeeze- Powerline Jumps2 ft222 ft2965643Wilson
84Buffalo Drop Buffalo Drop2 ft362 ft2879191Alta
85Steep and Loose Lithium1 ft566 ft2874753Wilson
86Lithium hike a bike to the start of lower Lithium1 mile1 ft2874731Wilson
87Lithium Roots Lithium1 ft174 ft2834662Wilson
88FerrinSummit-to-Saddle Josie's Ridge Upper2 ft202 ft28210381Jackson
89Lithium Lower Lithium3 ft493 ft2814732Wilson
90Viewpoint to Yurt Mill Creek Ascent Mill Creek1 mile294 ft2804861Alta
91Mill Creek to Gate Mill Creek3 miles988 ft2795231Alta
92Lithium Full Lithium3 miles2 ft2744425Wilson
93Ridge Trail Climb (Fish Creek to upper road) Phillip's Ridge Trail5 miles1 ft2736312Wilson
94Lithium top to hike a bike Lithium1 mile856 ft2724454Wilson
95Upper Sticks N Stones J6 to J5 Sticks n Stones2 ft361 ft2705592Alta
96Not Over Until Its Over Resort Road320 ft14 ft2627612Alta
97Lower Sticks & Stones DH Sticks n Stones2 ft265 ft2585282Alta
98Mill Creek to Yurt Mill Creek3 miles1 ft2544491Alta
99Fish Creek rd Climb(no lame pavement beginning) Phillip's Ridge Trail8 miles2 ft2515571Wilson
100Up Colters Colter's Escape1 mile419 ft2514442Alta
101Canfield Brothers- Bunny butt ending- 10' after berm gap- to left before pavement Fuzzy Bunny1 ft217 ft2444313Wilson
102Fuzzy Bunny DH Fuzzy Bunny1 mile849 ft2424303Wilson
103Lower Sticks & Stones J5 to 1st Road Sticks n Stones1 mile694 ft2315202Alta
104Wally World Wally World2 miles455 ft2104741Jackson
105Ski Hill Rd Climb Colter's Escape4 ft368 ft2083550Alta
106first putt putt climb Putt Putt3 ft311 ft2036212Jackson
107Lower Sticks & Stones J5 to Bullwinkle Sticks n Stones1 mile917 ft1924100Alta
108perma Perma-Grin2 ft161 ft1822671Alta
109Fall Creek Rd Climb Tusky Ridge4 ft318 ft1773520Jackson
110Rock Gardening Wilson Canyon2 miles999 ft1734012Jackson
111Upper cache creek Jack's Trail1 ft262 ft1668604Jackson
112Fat Sleigh Ride Loop Roundabout1 ft20 ft1613812Alta
113Cosmic Carols Cosmic Carol's1 ft111 ft1533870Jackson
114Poison Creek DH between intersections Poison Creek1 mile411 ft1533510Jackson
115STAGE 15 :: JHCYCLING Jack's Trail1 ft202 ft1534972Jackson
116Hagen Descent Hagen3 miles436 ft1402461Jackson
117Fall Creek Rd Climb Poison Creek1 mile398 ft1323321Jackson
118Poison Downhill Poison Creek2 miles512 ft1322832Jackson
119Above the Law climb Above the Law1 ft151 ft1283523Cody
120Tusky to Carol's DH Tusky Ridge1 mile326 ft1262800Jackson
121yurt to junction Rocky Mountain Way2 miles509 ft1091360Alta
122TSIF Junction to Flow Trail Daily Grind5 ft180 ft10711011Cody
123Above the Law peak through trees descent Above the Law1 ft144 ft1063010Cody
124Buckin' Bronc Descent Above the Law1 ft158 ft1062960Cody
125Beck Lake Climb Daily Grind2 miles259 ft1029533Cody
126Wally World DH Wally World2 miles455 ft1002170Jackson
127Beck Lake Flow Trail Final Approach1 mile269 ft1007333Cody
128Unnamed Road Climb Snow King Summit1 ft291 ft932670Jackson
129Twisted Sister Ascent Twisted Sister1 mile309 ft892761Cody
130Cosmic Carrols Uphill Cosmic Carol's1 ft108 ft861750Jackson
131Jail Break double track climb out Jail Break1 ft138 ft852390Cody
132Tuscay climb Tusky Ridge1 mile377 ft851691Jackson
133Johnny G to Oly Connector Johnny's G's3 ft146 ft763492Cody
134Squaw Creek Uphill Squaw Creek2 miles592 ft721280Jackson
135Above the Law Ridge Above the Law2 ft36 ft682510Cody
136Scorpion Exit to Gate Outlaw4 ft267 ft602000Cody
137Tusky Downhill Tusky Ridge2 miles639 ft55841Jackson
138Twisted Sister Lower (descent) Twisted Sister1 mile282 ft551690Cody
139Ole's Connector Oly's1 ft100 ft472370Cody
140Scorpion descent Scorpion2 ft282 ft471702Cody
141Beck Lake through the trees Beck Lake Bike Park1 ft6 ft472900Cody
142Above the Law Peak (Northbound) Above the Law1 ft144 ft431010Cody
143Red Neck Jungle connector to Twisted Sister RNJ Connect1 ft170 ft43700Cody
144Oly's Oly's1 ft160 ft421821Cody
145Above the Law Peak Descent (Northbound) Above the Law2 ft131 ft38850Cody
146Anarchy Descent Anarchy2 ft369 ft321291Cody
147Rock Garden Descent Rock Garden Descent4 ft94 ft251041Cody
148Lena's (no by-passes and final drop) Lena's859 ft133 ft251340Cody
149Sidewinder Ascent Superfreak3 ft241 ft231201Cody
150Saratoga Loop Saratoga Loop3 ft108 ft21410Teton Village
151Up Slope Upslope3 ft221 ft20690Cody
152Climb into Rock Garden on double track Oasis Loop1 ft105 ft17690Cody
153Spooning Bronco SL Connect2 ft257 ft17200Teton Village
154East Alta Ski Hill Road Climb Resort Road4 ft548 ft17200Alta
155Mt Elly Rd Climb Black Canyon5 miles2 ft16161Wilson
156Oly's Ascent Oly's1 ft177 ft14540Cody
157Jackson Hole Community Pathway System Climb Old Pass Road2 ft290 ft13141Wilson
158Chainslinger bottom from Jailbreak down to Outlaw Chainslinger2 miles271 ft13440Cody
159South Leigh Canyon Road Climb Kiln Creek Rd1 mile296 ft10200Alta
160AI Resort Road4 ft407 ft10160Alta
161Unnamed Road Climb Wilson Canyon2 miles1 ft9210Jackson
162Scorpion- Ascent Scorpion2 ft280 ft6390Cody
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