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Downtown to Lawrencetown rail trailmtb
Dartmouth NS
15 miles1
1110406 11of12 NS - 04f Halifax, NS to Enfield, NS (Stanfield Intl Airport YHZ) 39kmebike
Halifax NS
24 miles2
Downtown to Shubie Parkmtb
Dartmouth NS
2 miles3
Front CCW + Flat Lakemtb featured
Halifax NS
5 miles4
Jimmy's Round Top Loopmtb
Tantallon NS
18 miles5
Triple Mountain Crownmtb
Antigonish NS
35 miles6
Weekend Cycling Routemtb
Halifax NS
2 miles7
Front Country Tourmtb featured
Halifax NS
7 miles8
Five Mile Lake Loopmtb
Windsor NS
31 miles9
Trenton NS
302 miles10
Castlereagh Roads to Sugarloaf Towermtb
Economy NS
16 miles11
BLT Fight A Trail Runtrailrun
Halifax NS
3 miles12
SupaFly Loopmtb
Scotsburn NS
9 miles13
Conrod Settlementmtb
Dartmouth NS
5 miles14
South Panuke Wilderness Area Tourmtb
Chester NS
23 miles15
Possible Victoria Park Ride Routemtb
Truro NS
15 miles16
Big Indian Lake Loopmtb
Windsor NS
34 miles17
A Sample lap at Irishman'smtb
Windsor NS
3 miles18
DU IT Extra Value Loopmtb
Wentworth NS
5 miles19
Scenic gravel grindmtb
Salt Springs NS
38 miles20
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Race Routes

Return of the Swashbuckler - 2016 XC Coursemtb race
Lunenburg NS
4 miles1
Swashbuckler XC Race Coursemtb race
5 miles2
2017 Swashbuckler XC Coursemtb race
Lunenburg NS
3 miles3
2017 Swashbuckler XC Course - U15 and U13mtb race
5 miles4
AES Short Course Race 1 Scotsburnmtb race
Scotsburn NS
11 miles5
Valley Proud Gravel Grind 2019 (short course)mtb race
Cambridge NS
37 miles6
Valley Proud Gravel Grind 2019 (long course)mtb race
Cambridge NS
72 miles7
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