segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Cypress Pine Cypress Pine2,447 ft49 ft2093154836
2Bobsledxx Bobsled2,926 ft28 ft2089154044
3Coondoo Kashmir Kashmir1 miles55 ft20451536217
4Rock and roll 2015 Rock n Roll Suicide2,126 ft42 ft2034154194
5Full pinch climb Rock n Roll Suicide1,237 ft67 ft1971142496
6Drop a Log! Superbowl2,184 ft58 ft1867753910
7Superbowl GE St1 (clipped ends) Superbowl1 miles162 ft182372391
8Superbowl - Top to end of Brussel Sprout Superbowl2 miles187 ft1767782315
9keeping the flow Superbowl1,810 ft103 ft173972865
10ziggy and zaggy Ziggy Zaggy947 ft7 ft1735143714
11TALLY-HO Superbowl2,295 ft30 ft170669382
12Beach Street Beach Street1,659 ft63 ft1604107186
13little squirt Superbowl1,098 ft70 ft139255633
14Illusionary Lines Illusionary Lines3,268 ft86 ft124241625
15Brutal Butterfly Illusionary Lines551 ft60 ft124142054
16Drop & Stomp Drop & Stomp1,184 ft56 ft120941184
17Butterfly Rd climb Butterfly Rd Climb1,007 ft47 ft109242355
18The Burg Butterfly Rd Climb1,180 ft25 ft107741813
19Super climb Superbowl2,786 ft183 ft106246549
20Sherpa's Rim Sherpa's Rim1,235 ft61 ft101640153
21Fat Tuesday Fat Tuesday3,859 ft131 ft92437686
22Butterfly GE Stage 1 Fat Tuesday3,861 ft136 ft92337561
23SCUM Gravity Enduro Rd 2 Stage 1 Fat Tuesday4,833 ft105 ft92237660
24The complete Fat Tuesday Fat Tuesday4,753 ft125 ft92137480
25Ten Stories Ten Stories4,738 ft81 ft90634067
26Alive & Kicking Alive & Kicking1,269 ft43 ft86232734
27Float like a Butterfly Fat Tuesday1,738 ft98 ft85130345
28Squibble Superbowl1,642 ft55 ft78636075
29Cabbage - East climb Mt. Cabbáge1,653 ft37 ft72393334
30Mt. Cabbáge Mt. Cabbáge5,144 ft49 ft70391425
31The luge The Luge2,294 ft39 ft67791819
32Triplarina rise Back Crack N Sack2,038 ft26 ft50047581
33Cabbage back loop Back Crack N Sack2 miles36 ft46735465
34Emery's rise Budgong Rd2,561 ft121 ft2549623
35Roll to lower budgong rd Budgong Rd1 miles87 ft2209882
36Mt Scanzi steep bit Mt Scanzi road4,343 ft490 ft2075250
37Sprint Crooked river trail1 miles27 ft1325443
38Sandy Sprint Nth Crooked river trail1 miles8 ft1325252
39Tripping Backwards Drifties2,147 ft45 ft1314351
40Sandy Sprint Sth Crooked river trail1 miles7 ft1285261
41Sandy racetrack Crooked river trail2 miles30 ft1264445
42Link to Picnic Area South Crooked river trail2 miles8 ft1204291
43Firetrail South Crooked river trail1 miles7 ft1203171
44Sand Track North Full Crooked river trail3 miles15 ft992171
45Back Crack N Sack Back Crack N Sack1 miles25 ft914321
46Dr Mathew's Acupuncture Clinic Heads to Beach Rd Trail3 miles27 ft861883
47Up the pipe On the Pipe1,233 ft56 ft663240
48On the Pipe On the Pipe1,348 ft57 ft592411
49Up gumnut Mahogany creek track1,332 ft20 ft544430
50Lower Bugong Quarry Lower Bugong Rd1 miles157 ft514092
51McRazz Mahogany creek track2,976 ft65 ft472860
52Roots Climb Roots track1,244 ft46 ft461950
53Almost Forgotten Back Crack N Sack1 miles23 ft411292
54Run from the dogs Kellets Rd3,860 ft76 ft393142
55Mr Squiggle Mr Squiggle3,945 ft55 ft372441
56McRazz2 Mahogany creek track2,804 ft68 ft372980
57Snakes & ladders Mr Squiggle4,536 ft58 ft332281
58Boardwalk south Boardwalk track3,769 ft67 ft332351
59Boardwalk north Boardwalk track3,708 ft59 ft312374
60rock-it rock-it2,448 ft89 ft31990
61Hughes link trail Kellets Rd3,532 ft83 ft312393
62Roots descent Roots track1,154 ft48 ft281340
63Leebold Hill Rd Climb Leebold Hil Rd (East)4,856 ft440 ft28440
64Missing Link Illaroo Firetrail Missing Link2,793 ft34 ft271360
65Kellets Ln Kellets Lane2,877 ft81 ft221000
66Powerlines + Kellets Kellets Lane1 miles110 ft21960
67Hughes Rd down Hughes gravel grind3,779 ft194 ft21460
68Missing Link South Missing Link3,277 ft44 ft20630
69Lot 178 Leebold Hill Rd Climb Bugong gap trail1 miles544 ft20440
70Missing Link South Full Missing Link5,154 ft70 ft16551
71Hughes- Bundanon trail Sandy single2,154 ft43 ft15420
72The whoop track The Whoop Track2,552 ft28 ft14221
73Itchy + scratchy Ichi Ni1,049 ft19 ft14230
74Kellets reverse Kellets Lane1 miles94 ft121531
75Red benz Red benz1,881 ft31 ft101000
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