segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1como last pitch before cooks Live Oak Trail (Tunnel to Meadow Ridge)1,448 ft51 ft8091669116
2Bridge up and out Tijeras Creek4,922 ft52 ft6279573563
3Waterworks Single Track After Jumps Waterworks2,798 ft81 ft5340777889
4Deerpath descent Waterworks3,184 ft89 ft4695638908
5Tijeras Climb Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Oso to O'Neill)703 ft71 ft33551945115
6Climb to tower Live Oak (Vista to Coyote)888 ft131 ft32862311614
7Full Oso Concrete Climb Out Oso Pavement1,006 ft76 ft3245398776
8Jungle Sidetrack Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Crown Valley to Oso)884 ft23 ft3141314050
9Tijeras Creek - Single Track DH to Canada Vista Park Tijeras Creek2 miles217 ft30321744917
10Waterworks Waterfall Waterworks475 ft38 ft2908349336
11Waterworks Waterworks3,440 ft111 ft29073308190
12Twisty tire uphill safe Twisty Tire905 ft87 ft28202066213
13O'Neil Flats Live Oak Trail (Mesa Section)4,720 ft156 ft2741169716
14Bench Sprint Live Oak Trail (Coyote Canyon to pavement)1,248 ft71 ft2726214322
15Westridge Trail - Downhill Westridge (Tijeras to Tijeras singletrack)2,064 ft201 ft2695135498
16fireroad run Westridge (Tijeras to Tijeras singletrack)4,985 ft101 ft2690134445
17Live Oak dirt climb to bench Live Oak Trail (Coyote Canyon to pavement)4,547 ft346 ft26862087823
18Live Oak to Top Of Vista Vista DH340 ft62 ft2550217083
19VISTA BAGHOUSE Vista3,367 ft295 ft2483195062
20Live oak backside D Live Oak Trail (Whiting/O'Neill Connector)2,400 ft227 ft2411140493
21Live Oak Cyn trail Super D Live Oak Trail (Whiting/O'Neill Connector)3,476 ft241 ft2388136685
22Vista DH (Official) Vista3,055 ft396 ft22671506936
23Vista Switch Backs Vista419 ft71 ft2206150740
24Spur Drop Tijeras Creek Trail (Ridge to Arroyo Trabuco)2,136 ft140 ft210073038
25test hill Live Oak Trail (Whiting/O'Neill Connector)2,457 ft236 ft208485250
26Krzy climb Live Oak Trail (Whiting/O'Neill Connector)3,663 ft203 ft204778060
27Crown Valley Creek Crossing Crown Valley (Creek Crossing)492 ft22 ft1932118940
28Rock It Up Arroyo Crossing560 ft68 ft180138373
29Dumbledore's Bollox Live Oak Trail (Mesa Section)3,562 ft92 ft1612133727
30Twisty Tire (from top) Twisty Tire1,025 ft89 ft15881629720
31Broken shoulders...... Vista DH479 ft78 ft1532109368
32O'Neil TT Hoffman Homestead (Parking to Monastery Road)2,917 ft112 ft106559601
33On The Rocks! Arroyo Crossing1,229 ft90 ft101844260
34Rutt Escape Tijeras Creek1,247 ft32 ft99143643
35Kick It Loose Tijeras Creek607 ft22 ft98843606
36Tijeras Spur Climb Tijeras Creek Trail (Ridge to Arroyo Trabuco)1,554 ft107 ft98735264
37Bellview Uphill TT Bell View Trail (Heritage to Plano Trabuco)1,891 ft115 ft96333851
38Up Yours Waterworks Waterworks2,965 ft83 ft83438975
39Deerpath Waterworks3,058 ft92 ft82238891
40B*#2 of O'Neill Lookout Trail1,277 ft186 ft764606310
41hut 2 sprint south Lookout Trail698 ft32 ft74758831
42Undertaker (Spitfire to WW) The Undertaker1,005 ft70 ft73642322
43The Gate Hill climb Westridge (Tijeras to Tijeras singletrack)1,217 ft171 ft68741127
44AT Golf Course to Crown Valley Arroyo Trabuco South (GC to Crown Valley)2 miles58 ft67245804
45LIL OAKLEY BERMS Arroyo South - High Side Trail320 ft23 ft65933740
46skrowretaw Waterworks3,547 ft164 ft64525911
47Monastery Sign to Lower Vista Live Oak (Monastery to Vista)2,213 ft157 ft61132334
48High Side TT back to the love tunnel Arroyo South - High Side Trail4,949 ft64 ft60937062
49Yosemite Fudge Tunnel Niguel Trail612 ft41 ft56581103
50Undertaker Niguel Trail502 ft27 ft54479181
51bark-coated spur Lookout Trail810 ft43 ft33114761
52swallows trail downhill Lookout Trail2,843 ft211 ft29114190
53Monarch Wings Lookout Trail3,840 ft234 ft29114042
54The Rusty Drum Rusty Drum460 ft62 ft2296042
55The Rusty Drum DH Rusty Drum564 ft65 ft2046756
56COX Hill DH Cox Hill DH1,611 ft240 ft1899054
57Arroyo Ridge DH only Arroyo Ridge DH789 ft87 ft1362600
58"Over And Out" Arroyo Ridge DH836 ft93 ft601110
59Weed Whacker Weed Whacker721 ft72 ft511111
60Loose Granny Kicker to Park Loose Granny Kicker623 ft68 ft000
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