Arroyo - Beebe
5,275 ft-56 ft
Arroyo Crossing
1,914 ft-86 ft
Arroyo Ridge DH
765 ft-98 ft
Arroyo South - High Side Trail
1.4 miles-161 ft
Arroyo Trabuco (Parking to Gate)
887 ft-21 ft
Arroyo Trabuco South (GC to Crown Valley)
2.1 miles-85 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Creek Crossings)
1,049 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Crown Valley to Oso)
1.7 miles-13 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Lookout to Crown Valley)
1,813 ft-33 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Oso to O'Neill)
5.4 miles-190 ft
Bell View Trail (Heritage to Plano Trabuco)
1.6 miles-403 ft
Cox Hill DH
1,611 ft-251 ft
Coyote Canyon Trail
2,433 ft-22 ft
Crown Valley (Creek Crossing)
500 ft-8 ft
Exploration Trail
3,289 ft-56 ft
Hoffman Homestead (Parking to Monastery Road)
2,848 ft-40 ft
693 ft-78 ft
904 ft-35 ft
Landslide Traverse
2,770 ft-101 ft
Live Oak (Creek Crossing)
930 ft-4 ft
Live Oak (Monastery to Vista)
2,206 ft-6 ft
Live Oak (Vista to Coyote)
2,123 ft-40 ft
Live Oak Trail (Coyote Canyon to pavement)
5,032 ft-364 ft
Live Oak Trail (Mesa Section)
4,696 ft-3 ft
Live Oak Trail (ST to Arroyo Trabuco Trail)
1,746 ft-150 ft
Live Oak Trail (Tunnel to Meadow Ridge)
1,474 ft-39 ft
Live Oak Trail (Whiting/O'Neill Connector)
1.5 miles-426 ft
Lookout Trail
4.3 miles-1,032 ft
Loose Granny Kicker
539 ft
2,888 ft-322 ft
Olympiad Powerline
1.3 miles-177 ft
4,373 ft-84 ft
Rim Underpass
1,859 ft-106 ft
RSM Traverse
4,657 ft-22 ft
Rusty Drum
471 ft-74 ft
Rut Buddy
1,168 ft-177 ft
Sendero Loop East
1,762 ft-261 ft
Special K
1,215 ft-230 ft
Taco Water Connector
1,216 ft-19 ft
The Undertaker
1,164 ft-71 ft
Tijeras Creek
4.3 miles-771 ft
Tijeras Creek Trail (Plano Trabuco to Antonio)
1.8 miles-438 ft
Tijeras Creek Trail (Ridge to Arroyo Trabuco)
2,499 ft-164 ft
Twisty Tire
877 ft-55 ft
3,460 ft-382 ft
Vista DH
1,042 ft-118 ft
3,743 ft-181 ft
Weed Whacker
740 ft-77 ft
Westridge (Tijeras to Tijeras singletrack)
1.3 miles-355 ft
Wild Artichoke
2,227 ft-309 ft
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