segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Big Trees Speed Trap Big Trees (outer)569 ft40 ft74556152614
2Down Park - Sprint to Estates Old CaƱon1,081 ft52 ft51468332010
3Big Trees Big Trees (outer)3,885 ft177 ft4756447433
4JM Parking Lot Stump Jump Loop. Fern Ravine (upper)328 ft16 ft4495307018
5MTB Skyline/Big Trees Descent Big Trees (outer)2,628 ft159 ft39583344711
6Sunset to Sequoia connector Sunset1,918 ft182 ft36924197312
7New Top of Sunset Trail Sunset845 ft102 ft36194416114
8Bayview -> Top of Chaparral from Top of $2 Hill Sequoia-Bayview Trail2 miles140 ft3495257041
9Cinderella Trail DH Cinderella2,923 ft442 ft345530167120
10Palos Colorados Sinawik1,446 ft89 ft28632262817
11Big Trees switchback climb Big Trees (outer)441 ft49 ft2546188897
12Ridge Top Road Sprint 3 West Ridge3,558 ft96 ft2544114051
13East Ridge Redwood Park West Ridge4,875 ft273 ft2504113226
14Upper Palos Colorados Upper Palos Colorados567 ft142 ft2497135589
15Ridge Top Road Sprint 2 West Ridge3,279 ft152 ft2487112391
16Ridge Top Road Sprint 1 West Ridge3,940 ft41 ft2483112841
17West Ridge Trail DH (Baccharis->Bridle) West Ridge1 miles599 ft224292297
18West Ridge Descent - Steep Section West Ridge3,410 ft495 ft2235916914
19Sinawik Climb Sinawik1,009 ft72 ft2195149783
20Brutal West Ridge1,884 ft315 ft2110883423
21Sinawak Trail DH to Bridge @ Palos Colorados Sinawik1,183 ft68 ft1887120165
22Chap DH (The Good Stuff) Chaparral1,277 ft315 ft18641034441
23West Ridge Slalom West Ridge4,747 ft119 ft169884533
24Bishop's Walk Descent Bishop's Walk1,378 ft157 ft16651378011
25Canyon Trail Redwood Park West Ridge1 miles475 ft152456747
26Redwood Climb Graham1,108 ft131 ft144173751
27Little Trees Climb AKA "Two Dollar Jr" Big Trees (outer)1,289 ft91 ft127068781
28Castle Park DH Castle Park1,844 ft323 ft1202381017
29Canyon Trail Downhill West Ridge1,899 ft307 ft68515142
30West Ridge, Part 1 West Ridge1,462 ft135 ft61911370
31Redwood Rd Climb West Ridge1,912 ft416 ft59010521
32West Ridge Death Climb West Ridge2,898 ft503 ft58610693
33Cinderella Climb Cinderella2,737 ft451 ft3595292
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