segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Trail Head warm up Green Loop2,519 ft49 ft1137158089Oklahoma City
2Yellow Final Descent Yellow Loop1,176 ft44 ft1096160286Oklahoma City
3Back Half Green Loop Green Loop2 miles44 ft10451253711Oklahoma City
4Bluff Creek Section One Bluff Creek Trail3,479 ft13 ft996150096Oklahoma City
5Orange Loop Orange Loop3,170 ft39 ft9921287615Oklahoma City
6Bluff Creek Section Two Bluff Creek Trail4,306 ft13 ft9901482510Oklahoma City
7Draper Red Red Loop1 miles29 ft9801223520Oklahoma City
8Bluff Creek - Sector 2/3 Bluff Creek Trail1 miles13 ft972142318Oklahoma City
9BIGMACZAC ride Yellow Loop1 miles38 ft969113757Oklahoma City
10Bluff Creek Section Three Bluff Creek Trail4,919 ft15 ft964135456Oklahoma City
11last climb yellow Yellow Loop982 ft38 ft9431214711Oklahoma City
12Yellow climb to parking lot Yellow Loop4,549 ft46 ft9351174610Oklahoma City
13Draper Yellow Yellow Loop4 miles43 ft9221136222Oklahoma City
14Flow like Water Yellow Loop1,032 ft16 ft922110261Oklahoma City
15Sprint to the finish Bluff Creek Trail2,880 ft18 ft861120805Oklahoma City
162016 Bluff Creek Full Lap Bluff Creek Trail4 miles26 ft804110126Oklahoma City
17Rock Garden Ridge Line310 ft30 ft792756610Tulsa
18Rock Garden Climb Ridge Line717 ft42 ft78273108Tulsa
19Bluff Creek - Summer 2014 Bluff Creek Trail4 miles29 ft7811011248Oklahoma City
20Bluff Creek - Sector 1/3 Bluff Creek Trail2,575 ft13 ft73978586Oklahoma City
21Ridge to Point Ridge Line1 miles148 ft71058305Tulsa
22New Blue Blue Loop2 miles26 ft667639323Oklahoma City
23McMurtry Red Trail (SE) Double Bridge DH Red Trail650 ft37 ft59247347Stillwater
24McMurtry - Red Trail - Section 3 Red Trail2 miles61 ft58528708Stillwater
25McMurtry - Red Trail - Section 1 Red Trail2 miles57 ft58428709Stillwater
26McMurtry - Red Trail - Section 4 Red Trail1 miles37 ft57729848Stillwater
27Final push... Tree on right! Green Loop2,264 ft27 ft54136362Norman
28Start strong - Green first half Green Loop2,821 ft68 ft52627174Norman
29Sandy Up Red Loop1,252 ft96 ft52227963Norman
30McMurtry - Red Trail - Section 2 (loop) Red Trail2 miles45 ft45622758Stillwater
31Lake McMurtry SE trail Red Trail6 miles67 ft415193813Stillwater
32TdD McMurtry Madness (2014) Red Trail7 miles77 ft39217694Stillwater
33Jelly Legs Jelly Legs1,175 ft88 ft37230425Tulsa
34Tabletop climb Red to Blue Connector519 ft45 ft32721381Norman
35McMurtry - NE Trail 2012 Yellow Trail6 miles68 ft3276288Stillwater
36Doubletrack to rock garden Yellow Trail1,325 ft71 ft30012803Seminole
37MK loop Orange Trail2,937 ft41 ft28912624Seminole
38St. Crispin's Orange Trail Orange Trail2 miles60 ft28812463Seminole
39west side climb Yellow Trail2,329 ft80 ft28612314Seminole
40Keystone - West Creek to Parking Blue Loop1 miles91 ft24313953Tulsa
41East Race Loop Race Loop3 miles45 ft2357542Ardmore
42Cat 1 Loop Red Trail4,374 ft70 ft22710092Seminole
43Party Rock???????? Party Rock2,739 ft157 ft2054231Muse
443 Laps at Bluff Bluff Creek Trail12 miles30 ft2058252Oklahoma City
45Mountain Top Mountain Top2,473 ft247 ft1863323Muse
46Lake Murray Race Loop - Ending Half Anadarche Trail2 miles71 ft1544570Ardmore
47Ok Im good to finish this out North Loop1 miles100 ft1465021Watongo
48McMurtry Madness 2012 Cat 3 Red Trail5 miles55 ft1353171Stillwater
49McMurtry Cat 3 Red Trail5 miles65 ft1343191Stillwater
50Down and Back to Inspiration point North Loop5,205 ft96 ft1274660Watongo
51Crispin's Cardiac Yellow Trail890 ft64 ft1223080Seminole
52Pecan Grove to Loop Anadarche Trail5,146 ft34 ft1212360Ardmore
53Green Green Loop1 miles43 ft1052111Norman
54CW Chunky down Red Loop3,419 ft100 ft972851Bartlesville
55CW Rocky up 2 Blue Trail4,642 ft165 ft852691Bartlesville
56Rock or Roll Up Rock or Roll1,371 ft81 ft772350Vian
57Rock or Roll Down Rock or Roll1,494 ft77 ft661820Vian
58Red Door CCW Red Door1,063 ft20 ft651370Vian
59McMurtry Cat 3 2013 Red Trail11 miles68 ft58770Stillwater
60Turp CCW TURP1,762 ft15 ft58830Vian
61Ada Green Trail Green Trail3,640 ft76 ft521760Ada
62Twisted Nut CCW Twisted Nut2,545 ft22 ft51930Vian
63Turp CW TURP1,716 ft14 ft49750Vian
64Ada Yellow Trail From South End Yellow Trail3,418 ft44 ft471650Ada
65Ada Red Trail Red Trail1 miles61 ft471390Ada
66Upper Orange Trail Orange Trail1 miles47 ft471120Ada
67Lower Orange Orange Trail2,978 ft37 ft45980Ada
68Blue Trail, North Start Blue Trail1 miles47 ft391520Ada
69Tainted Skivvies OUT Tainted Skivvies5 miles93 ft31491Ardmore
70Billy Creek East Tecky Bit1,616 ft187 ft28540Muse
71Down inspiration point North Loop3,330 ft96 ft26471Watongo
72Cross Canadian CCW Cross Canadian2,502 ft18 ft26340Vian
73Blue Trail, South Start Blue Trail4,848 ft38 ft16571Ada
74Ada Turquoise Trail Turquoise Trail1,913 ft43 ft16750Ada
75Baby Red (CX friendly) Red Trail2 miles34 ft13381Stillwater
76Yellow Trail, from North End Yellow Trail3,600 ft44 ft11410Ada
77The Gauntlet Central Loop791 ft29 ft11261Mountain Park
78Lavender Trail Fall 2014 Lavender Trail4,002 ft32 ft10170Ada
79Green, North Start Green Trail3,875 ft75 ft8510Ada
80Lavender, South Start Lavender Trail3,446 ft33 ft6440Ada
81Lavender, North Start Lavender Trail3,751 ft27 ft6100Ada
82Hike-a-bike Central Loop812 ft33 ft6211Mountain Park
83technical drop Central Loop1,996 ft138 ft6231Mountain Park
84Ada Upper and Lower Orange Trail Orange Trail1 miles50 ft680Ada
85Orange Trail, North Start Orange Trail2 miles51 ft6100Ada
86Ada Lavender Trail Lavender Trail3,074 ft30 ft5190Ada
87Alas! The Finale Central Loop4,155 ft100 ft5191Mountain Park
88The Finale... Backwards! Central Loop3,127 ft76 ft4160Mountain Park
89Lower then Upper Orange Orange Trail2 miles46 ft4200Ada
90Dash to East Parking Lot West Loop2,949 ft81 ft2111Mountain Park
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