segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1State Forest Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)2,945 ft303 ft74325603Port Angeles
2State Forest Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)4,608 ft305 ft73727024Port Angeles
3I-1000 to 112 descent Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles308 ft61124605Port Angeles
4The climb on the way back Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles398 ft60721622Port Angeles
5State Forest Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles290 ft60621751Port Angeles
6Discovery Flow Olympic Discovery (West Central)2,884 ft168 ft56718471Port Angeles
7Oh yeah, downhill ! Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles360 ft51516444Port Angeles
8Eden Valley Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)3,453 ft337 ft46813151Port Angeles
9Eden Valley Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles300 ft44811872Port Angeles
10Bob Cat Olympic Discovery (West Central)4,524 ft319 ft44415114Port Angeles
11Cougar Climb to KP access Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles454 ft44214654Port Angeles
12climb up to living room Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles374 ft43612371Port Angeles
13Eden Valley Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles431 ft41910430Port Angeles
14Climb from round about to around Eden Valley gate Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles446 ft41611201Port Angeles
15Dubs Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles372 ft37710495Port Angeles
16Agate Beach Dr Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles435 ft3256331Port Angeles
17Agate Beach Dr Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles460 ft3206190Port Angeles
18Dry Hill staging area to top climb Access Road1 miles789 ft31019731Port Angeles
19Agate Beach Dr Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles496 ft3095790Port Angeles
20Agate to Ramapo Olympic Discovery (West Central)4,275 ft348 ft2796872Port Angeles
2112mile to 10mile Olympic Discovery (West Central)2 miles221 ft2716522Port Angeles
22Brazilian Brazilian2,798 ft166 ft2618361Port Angeles
23Unnamed Road Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)4,229 ft265 ft2576521Port Angeles
24Yo Mama! Yo Mama1,318 ft177 ft2457801Port Angeles
25Unnamed Road Climb Access Road2,785 ft365 ft2246930Port Angeles
26upper white knuckle Upper White Knuckle1,257 ft226 ft2117551Port Angeles
27Queen Diamond King Diamond1,257 ft245 ft2077080Port Angeles
28Joyce Piedmont Rd Climb Olympic Discovery (West Central)1 miles312 ft2073262Port Angeles
29Yo Nuts! Access Road634 ft83 ft1905380Port Angeles
30W Hwy 101 Climb Access Road2,294 ft264 ft1846430Port Angeles
31CDC 2013 Enduro Transfer to Stage #2 Access Road2 miles874 ft1813820Port Angeles
32King Diamond King Diamond1,281 ft301 ft1806470Port Angeles
33Pacific Northwest Trail Climb USFS Rd 28701 miles427 ft1362412Sequim
34Road to upper Gold Creek TH USFS Rd 28704 miles904 ft1312324Sequim
35Elevator Access Road/Trail to Downhill and Mike-o-Rama1,357 ft147 ft1264400Seabrook
36Down to Sleepy Hollow junction Gold Creek Trail4 miles643 ft1252001Sequim
37Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River1 miles278 ft1252181Sequim
38KP descent Horse1 miles1,389 ft1144955Port Angeles
39Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River2,885 ft448 ft1061472Sequim
40Lower Alpaca Alpaca2,101 ft182 ft1059031Port Angeles
41Upper Alpaca Alpaca1,425 ft250 ft1059101Port Angeles
42Alpaca Alpaca4,789 ft415 ft1049097Port Angeles
43MP3 climb Llama Access1,250 ft161 ft974411Port Angeles
44Uphill to Fireweed Manzanita Trail2,779 ft114 ft9610833Sequim
45Moto Guzzi Motoguzzi1,006 ft232 ft933990Port Angeles
46Mike-O-Rama counter clockwise Mike-o-Rama2,567 ft103 ft932080Seabrook
47Decent To E.Sequimbay RD Manzanita Trail2,905 ft123 ft9110864Sequim
48Mike-O-Rama (Clockwise) Mike-o-Rama2,649 ft113 ft915196Seabrook
49Sugarglider Manzanita Trail2,641 ft46 ft8910391Sequim
50Horse, of course Horse5,174 ft1,326 ft894050Port Angeles
51bAsE Gater2,241 ft337 ft864411Port Angeles
52baBy BaSe Gater1,416 ft257 ft854501Port Angeles
53Suicide - SixPack to the road Unknown Trail4,389 ft378 ft851902Port Angeles
543 o'clock ridge to shelter Lower Dungeness River2 miles574 ft841191Sequim
55Fireweed Single Down Manzanita Trail4,537 ft146 ft835163Sequim
56Dips and Dots Unknown Trail3,137 ft240 ft821772Port Angeles
57Palo Alto End Grind FS Road 281,395 ft157 ft801603Quilcene
58climb to 3 o'clock ridge USFS Rd 28702 miles983 ft781682Sequim
59Nat For Dev Road 2909 Climb FS Road 281 miles366 ft781251Quilcene
60March Of The Fire Ants Manzanita Trail2,834 ft86 ft776331Sequim
61Bottom of Roller Coaster to Gibbs Lk Rd Jack's Track1,083 ft99 ft773280Port Townsend
62Suicide Unknown Trail4,851 ft417 ft741603Port Angeles
63Lama Lady Llama Lady3,781 ft487 ft743092Port Angeles
64Triangle Down Alder Hollow Trail2,567 ft109 ft718703Sequim
65Indian Paintbrush Llama Access5,028 ft292 ft713080Port Angeles
66Grouse Climb (nice view) Horse1 miles564 ft653211Port Angeles
67FS 2880 climb to junction USFS Rd 28704,051 ft499 ft60860Sequim
68Scout Trail Scout Trail2,784 ft151 ft602190Port Townsend
69Jacks Track (Escalator-Scout) Jack's Track2,553 ft48 ft562310Port Townsend
70Groot! Groot778 ft122 ft552072Seabrook
71Dirt Road Climb Fireweed Road4,566 ft128 ft535820Sequim
72Colville Flow and Jump Perimeter - Leg 31,433 ft55 ft511631Port Angeles
73Springboard to Dogpatch Ameri-Corp5,212 ft138 ft513702Port Townsend
74Bluffs West Bluff Trail1 miles123 ft492573Sequim
75New Narnia Trail - Eastbound Narnia1 miles36 ft461810Seabrook
76Wardrobe Narnia1,749 ft32 ft462382Seabrook
77Colville Perimeter Climb Perimeter - Leg 31,084 ft47 ft441590Port Angeles
78Earn your turns Beach Trail Cutoff718 ft136 ft431020Sequim
79Mosquito Alley Manzanita Trail1 miles161 ft411930Sequim
80Geronimo Geronimo1,553 ft116 ft413794Montesano
81cLamBoRGini Clamborghini1,152 ft154 ft381554Port Angeles
82Bermy Diamond Point Trail2,420 ft166 ft362323Sequim
83Wormhole Wormhole1,041 ft54 ft321430Seabrook
84X720 Dirty Peanut1,079 ft211 ft312883Montesano
85Narnia and Wardrobe to the Farm! Narnia1 miles44 ft312151Seabrook
86cAtFisHtaCo Catfish Taco1,705 ft156 ft31943Port Angeles
87"S" Kill Later Escalator1,373 ft114 ft29750Port Angeles
88hAngRy HaNgrY HiPpO Hangry Hangry Hippo1,722 ft160 ft29993Port Angeles
89Dirty Peanut Dirty Peanut3,270 ft294 ft282764Montesano
90Aunt Bethany ~ DH Aunt Bethany1,698 ft287 ft282484Montesano
91SouNd biKe & yaK Hangry Hangry Hippo1,220 ft129 ft281213Port Angeles
92Sergeant Meowenstein Sergeant Meowenstein1,356 ft215 ft25904Montesano
93Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River1,947 ft264 ft25410Sequim
94Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River3,597 ft337 ft24400Sequim
95Cousin Eddie ~ Full Cousin Eddie1,687 ft270 ft23724Montesano
96Gary Laser-Eyes Gary Laser Eyes1,692 ft323 ft231085Montesano
97Full Narnia 2017 Narnia2 miles41 ft22470Seabrook
98Sastop to Cougar connect Cougar Rocks Crossover1,183 ft81 ft22795Montesano
99Cousin Eddie Cousin Eddie1,197 ft226 ft22734Montesano
100Heart of Darkness Bluff Trail2,867 ft83 ft20951Sequim
101K2 K21,364 ft372 ft20684Montesano
102A2500 A-25002,210 ft324 ft19883Montesano
103Aunt Bethany ~ Full Aunt Bethany3,281 ft387 ft18753Montesano
104C-300 Middle Earth3,636 ft322 ft15922Montesano
105Six Fiddy Bees Six Fiddy Bees732 ft175 ft15330Port Angeles
106Schilly Simpson Entrance4,689 ft151 ft14822Montesano
107Pat's Drop-Down Drop-Down1,144 ft257 ft14874Montesano
108cougar to satsop Cougar Rocks Crossover1,154 ft84 ft12744Montesano
109up pinewinder Pine Winder1,908 ft166 ft10400Montesano
110O-D Line OD3,514 ft391 ft9732Montesano
111Unnamed Road Climb Access Road3,156 ft328 ft890Port Angeles
112espresso backwards Joel's Trail1,674 ft142 ft7311Montesano
113Up the C line Lake To B-Line4,883 ft332 ft7161Montesano
114reverse jungle Jungle Trail2,859 ft277 ft7211Montesano
115Gutt Punch 1600-Connectors1,229 ft124 ft0860Montesano
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