segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1newsflash News Flash1,787 ft181 ft35716260
2Pioneer K21,547 ft242 ft32213922
3Clover Road Climb Lumpy's Epic1,577 ft314 ft3208740
4Fizzy Pop Fizzy Pop1,068 ft165 ft31714180
5Lumpy's Final Grind Lumpy's Connector4,501 ft7 ft2816670
6Ian's trail to Pioneer turnoff News Flash3,322 ft248 ft26112390
7Lumpy's first part Nairn One Mile2,365 ft146 ft2146190
8Pickle Surprise Pickle Surprise1,285 ft219 ft2086752
9K2K2K2K2 K22,374 ft216 ft1834930
10K2 Climb K22,295 ft192 ft1824860
11Overhill to pickle surprise Overhill960 ft113 ft1774760
12Lumpy's Backside Only Lumpy's Epic2 miles595 ft1702930
13Piece of cake Piece of Cake807 ft72 ft1375180
14TOP - from the top Tower of Power3,097 ft476 ft1242030
15the 306 The 3061,897 ft339 ft1192320
16Tower of Power Tower of Power1 miles514 ft931191
17Harrow Rd Climb Lumpy's Connector2,033 ft265 ft37480
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