segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Downhill Finish (Sign to Gate) Deans Bank Track2,219 ft65 ft2852103007
2Deans Berms Deans Bank Track4,586 ft26 ft2810101298
3Top to Bottom Downhill Deans Bank Track1 miles177 ft279599956
4Hammy's Link Upper Hammy's Track608 ft112 ft2706104386
5Climb up from river Deans Bank Track4,038 ft206 ft266179187
6The REAL Hammy's bottom half Lower Hammy's Track1 miles703 ft264054880
7down hill in pines, hard Deans Bank Track2,561 ft150 ft263892285
8Outlet Race Track - Going Upstream Outlet Trail2 miles121 ft262066747
9Hammy's Track, upper half Upper Hammy's Track1 miles637 ft2618930215
10Finish it off. Deans Bank Track2 miles206 ft261488383
11Dean's Initial Climb Deans Bank Track2 miles190 ft253893667
12Blueshark lunch loop Deans Bank Track5 miles210 ft235465220
13down hill in pines, easy Deans Bank Track3,165 ft155 ft231874750
14Deans Bank Deans Bank Track7 miles215 ft2266679750
15Hammy's Trail, bottom half Lower Hammy's Track1 miles646 ft213649055
16grin and holler Grin and Holler II2,000 ft203 ft211871661
17rude rock (top half to skippers turn off) Rude Rock1 miles727 ft210765744
18shotover bridge climb Frankton to Old Shotover Bridge1,089 ft62 ft205754529
19Jungle Adventure Original1,281 ft282 ft201772691
20Edgar Suspension Bridge to Swift Burn Morven Ferr Rd to Gibston3,335 ft51 ft188938352
21Chairlift Chairlift1,489 ft131 ft18721346715
22Lazy Vertigo Lazy Vertigo766 ft73 ft185791864
23RUDE ROCK Rude Rock2 miles1,123 ft1825528646
24Swift Burn to Edgar Suspension Bridge Morven Ferr Rd to Gibston3,054 ft42 ft179337212
25KACHOONG Kachoong1,719 ft137 ft1769813410
26Cock Rock Rude Rock2 miles1,128 ft175850422
27loose steep climb to carpark B.o.B.806 ft132 ft171429042
28Climb from Bungy Morven Ferr Rd to Gibston764 ft54 ft166335102
29OId Macdonald hill climb Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail1,233 ft111 ft1647502313
30Hill climb Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail1,946 ft114 ft164233362
31race through sleepy hollow Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail5,206 ft24 ft164032861
32over the hill from sleepy hollow Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail4,706 ft127 ft162832944
33Old School Road climb Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail1,542 ft66 ft159534041
34down chard road Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail1 miles243 ft156730231
35B.o.B Climb B.o.B.2,520 ft135 ft155629732
36Rocky descent (bottom of gravitron to wharf) 7 Mile/Wilson Bay Track (DOC)2,454 ft247 ft150225883
37DZ's easy climb What's Up?975 ft62 ft147557895
38K Dog Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail585 ft43 ft146130715
39Moke Lake Rd Climb Gold Digger3,904 ft358 ft144330601
40Vertigo Vertigo3,425 ft582 ft137431364
41over the hill to sleepy hollow Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail4,795 ft127 ft136545334
42Thompsons Hill Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail3,424 ft78 ft135745929
43Deer Descent Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail4,902 ft128 ft135543351
44Thompsons Hill Climb Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail4,615 ft222 ft135044322
45Cranking Fine RH line Cranking Fine1,983 ft119 ft134442989
46Settlers Way Descent Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail1,057 ft138 ft132543906
47Chard Rd Climb Twin Rivers Trail - Queenstown Trail4,879 ft320 ft1318425011
48Venus (Down) Venus3,137 ft135 ft1318380512
494G 4G1,647 ft86 ft1291355013
50Lower Peroxide Kooza1,994 ft114 ft124137628
51Phoenix - downhill part Phoenix2,312 ft203 ft123729010
52Redwood Loop Climb Redwood Loop (Up)1,667 ft132 ft120994151
53WHAT'S UP What's Up?3,762 ft325 ft119745126
54Tunnel of love up Sick Boy1,360 ft88 ft119334054
55Dizzy Turns Dizzy Turns1,693 ft124 ft1193414111
56slope hill rd Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail3,211 ft171 ft1188385312
57Gold Digger Climb Gold Digger1 miles562 ft118325426
58Single Track Sandwich Single Track Sandwich1,850 ft372 ft118225013
59Kachoong! Kachoong1,331 ft117 ft1124342314
60The Avenue Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail1,615 ft20 ft111154743
61Skyline - Halfway Hub Skyline Access Road4,909 ft703 ft107329616
62Lower Shotover Sprint Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail3,051 ft25 ft107225274
63Hub to Nest What's Up?1,398 ft114 ft106933543
64Coronary climb Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail1,654 ft154 ft102723579
65Trail climb - steep section Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail826 ft98 ft102123974
66make or break Lake Hayes Track5,135 ft159 ft99129599
67Stumpy Carrot Cake1,530 ft153 ft98942599
68Redwoods Down (Curves) Fruit Loop567 ft101 ft965178336
69Lower XC to Slip Saddle Climb Coronet XC4,607 ft327 ft96020091
70GOLD DIGGER Gold Digger2 miles567 ft95421294
71Final big easy section The Emersons Big Easy3,862 ft198 ft93582760
72Golddigger Gold Digger2 miles543 ft91420153
73Redwood loop - downhill only Redwood Loop (Up)1,300 ft126 ft904124268
74Redwoods Carpark to Top Hub Redwood Loop (Up)2,189 ft119 ft892108096
75Master XC climb The Emersons Big Easy5,015 ft221 ft88364095
76Skippers Link Pack Track and Sack4,761 ft522 ft87612281
77Lower Big Easy The Emersons Big Easy2 miles378 ft87464193
78KY Jeremy’s413 ft141 ft85034111
79Slytherin Climb Slytherin (UP)1,532 ft115 ft84794007
80Redwoods Rollercoaster Fruit Loop2,064 ft218 ft836102156
81Clyde enduro top Linger and Die2,921 ft436 ft83118041
82armageddon new entry Armageddon658 ft183 ft82522272
83Upper Big Easy The Emersons Big Easy2 miles484 ft82255042
84Harbour path south West Harbour Cycleway3 miles35 ft81788093
85Rockabilly Ditch Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)941 ft85 ft80130713
86Avenue exit sprint. Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail1,927 ft25 ft79320701
87nichols creek to the log Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3 miles925 ft78332362
88IB55 What's Up?1,104 ft147 ft77316347
89Redwoods Up - carpark to top Redwood Loop (Up)2,720 ft136 ft762645217
90xc track to slip saddle Coronet XC5,131 ft689 ft76114131
91Battle Stag Battlestag757 ft187 ft74821390
92Weir 2 Weir Two1,778 ft198 ft746735111
93Vertigo 1st Half, Entry off Hammy's Skyline Access Road1,114 ft375 ft73712221
94Singletrack Bush Creek3,218 ft239 ft73512901
95Bungee Goat Binkley Bush Creek3,701 ft250 ft73212790
96Schreddog I'm A Shreddin613 ft270 ft73125850
97Foot Bridge to St Leonards Car Park Blast West Harbour Cycleway2 miles12 ft72379910
98BUSH CREEK Bush Creek3 miles1,109 ft69511321
99Sprint West Harbour Cycleway3 miles38 ft69376925
100Coronet XC Descent Coronet XC2 miles1,038 ft69212433
101Sesame Street Sesame Street805 ft88 ft68211582
102To top of skid track Mc Gouns Rd1,470 ft132 ft68161152
103SLIP SADDLE Slip Saddle1 miles1,687 ft67811343
104Clyde-Alex River track Alexandra Anniversary Track7 miles75 ft67812349
105Down By The River Lower Shotover Singletrack3,571 ft12 ft67511730
106blantis .down. Bilantis2,219 ft152 ft668139711
107The Connector downhill Coronet Water Race Connector1 miles418 ft66610558
108Coronet Peak Road Climb Coronet XC1,779 ft321 ft65711531
109Shindig North by North3,712 ft115 ft64218915
110Hoe Down down Hoe Down2,201 ft99 ft61712654
111bliss Bliss1,312 ft162 ft60812113
112Coronet Face Water Race Coronet Face Water Race3 miles245 ft5888113
113Slope Hill Road climb Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail3,465 ft211 ft57916936
114Leith Valley Rd Climb Nicols Creek - Switchback Track2 miles652 ft57622933
115Pineapple Flagstaff Walk Track Climb Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3,351 ft380 ft55821683
116Sphinx Bottom Blast uphill Sphinx Rock Track1 miles440 ft5549221
117Ants Track Ant's Track1,207 ft390 ft54412230
118Hikuwai Loop - Outlet entry to Aubrey gate Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)2 miles140 ft54118630
1194X4 4X Track1,525 ft254 ft53330108
120Hidden Gem - West Lower Shotover Singletrack4 miles337 ft5238082
121Slopehill Rd up & down Countryside Ride - Queenstown Trail2 miles240 ft52013552
122pam's way Arrow River Bridges Ride - Queenstown Trail2,608 ft36 ft5189941
123Mini Dream Wynyard DH614 ft97 ft51612391
124Bliss N Binkley 1 Macetown2 miles298 ft5137430
125Alexandra to Clyde Anniversary Track Alexandra Anniversary Track7 miles76 ft50212532
126Nicoles Creek Up (to main clearing) Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3 miles964 ft502199913
127B o B B.o.B.2,573 ft91 ft4899010
128Wynyard DH, Split 3 Wynyard DH1,048 ft282 ft48711772
129Pond Ho Ginger Cougar1,736 ft238 ft48424383
130The Grove Carrot Cake833 ft144 ft47910443
131Forest Walk Forest Walk995 ft73 ft47125890
132Grundy Grundy1,234 ft396 ft47011310
133sick boy DH Sick Boy1,370 ft89 ft4678684
134Cardrona Bike Park Morning Glory Morning Glory3,787 ft404 ft46315443
135The Connector uphill Coronet Water Race Connector1 miles404 ft4615650
136Gravel Climb - Grid to Grid Moke Lake Rd1,592 ft85 ft4516350
137Bliss N Binkley 1 Up Macetown2 miles305 ft4466540
138Pedal or Die Pedal or Die961 ft39 ft44112794
139The Mrs The Mrs2,959 ft329 ft435267314
140g-out and up Pigroot2,622 ft98 ft42225620
141Cardrona Enduro Arcadia Arcadia1 miles882 ft41912510
142Cardrona Bike Park Arcadia Arcadia2 miles1,053 ft404111214
143weir link to top McGouns Extension718 ft57 ft39819652
144Top of the Hill to Road Hepi Highway3,464 ft138 ft39726550
145spooky forest Spooky Forest2,107 ft109 ft39619233
146Pipe Track Macetown4,161 ft152 ft3958663
147Lake Hayes Loop Lake Hayes Track5 miles175 ft3908694
148UNDAUNTED Undaunted5,195 ft98 ft3869540
149Rock Garden to Plateau Roller Coaster2,438 ft352 ft37818746
150Mistress plateau to road crossing The Mistress1,889 ft239 ft37819132
151Dirt Diggler Pedal or Die638 ft41 ft3789975
152Nichols Creek Fence to Finish DH Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3 miles962 ft37213801
153Sphinx Rock bottom Blast Sphinx Rock Track1 miles411 ft3608611
154open single track from ramp road Hepi Highway3,563 ft163 ft35519880
155new trail half way point Sphinx Rock Track4,506 ft397 ft3548371
156Wynyard DH, Split 2 Wynyard DH1,339 ft95 ft3527162
157Nichols Creek Downhill Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3 miles981 ft352123010
158Test Segmenat Redwood Loop (Up)1,807 ft42 ft35012312
159Bethunes Gully East Face Climb Nats Track1,476 ft250 ft33813751
1604WD track to start of Middle of Big Easy 4WD Track1,526 ft208 ft33220591
161Nichols up Nicols Creek - Switchback Track3 miles1,103 ft3318353
162Tims Track Nationals Track685 ft183 ft32816714
163Segment Nicols Creek - Switchback Track2,498 ft339 ft3278511
164SALMON RUN Salmon Run2 miles1,377 ft3265936
165Salmon Run - QMTBC Supertrail Salmon Run1 miles1,426 ft3245903
166Western Heights Up Western Heights1,869 ft76 ft3237202
167Nairn St Climb Macetown1,932 ft328 ft3235400
168Across the Dam Shortcut168 ft3 ft3237440
169Salmon Run Salmon Run2 miles1,323 ft3215832
170Quarry Track Quarry Track748 ft166 ft32015384
171Sphinx Downhill Sphinx Rock Track3 miles1,283 ft3207522
172QM Lake Hayes Trail Lake Hayes Track4 miles195 ft3206510
173Pineapple Flagstaff Walk Track Climb Swampy Summit4,470 ft293 ft3197641
174arrow river climb Macetown3,635 ft291 ft3195380
175Switchbacks Up Purple Haze4,878 ft427 ft3128262
176MURPHY'S RUN ( if your on the road it does not count) Murphy's Run4,519 ft478 ft3128849
177Flat Top Zig Zags Climb Purple Haze2 miles732 ft3087822
178Bethunes Gully to Forester Park linker GLC1,832 ft83 ft30712960
179Wynyard DH, Split 1 Wynyard DH688 ft140 ft2996391
180Nichols Creek to the log and back Nicols Creek - Switchback Track6 miles1,050 ft2746420
181Nicols Creek downhill top half Nicols Creek - Switchback Track2 miles605 ft2626590
182Missing Link Missing Link - Lower5,010 ft526 ft2614152
183Low Viz Lo ViZ1,509 ft202 ft2494981
184Lake Hayes clockwise Lake Hayes Track5 miles171 ft2474925
185Salmon Run Salmon Run2 miles1,488 ft2473932
186Nasty little climb Pylon Track2,227 ft244 ft2364201
187Leith Valley Road Climb Nicols Creek - Switchback Track1,868 ft296 ft2355050
188Reverse Sphinx Sphinx Rock Track3 miles1,265 ft2334983
189Full Nicholls Track and Back Nicols Creek - Switchback Track7 miles1,075 ft2165543
190Wynyard DH Wynyard DH3,480 ft486 ft2134283
191From Lookout Linger and Die3,345 ft579 ft2105710
192Gravel Switchbacks Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End2,871 ft174 ft2042730
193Long Climb to Roxburgh Dam Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End1 miles226 ft2032710
194Countdown Linger and Die4,020 ft580 ft1985221
195Lake Hayes track Lake Hayes Track5 miles181 ft1874446
196Russian Mountains Moonscape831 ft54 ft1854320
197Around the lake Lake Hayes Track5 miles176 ft1824362
198Lake Hayes Counter-clockwise Loop Lake Hayes Track5 miles194 ft1814222
199Climb from Shingle Creek Jetty Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End3 miles349 ft1802340
200Sand Pit wicked run! Fossicker4,352 ft121 ft1764711
201Sand Pit wicked run, low side Fossicker4,769 ft122 ft1764740
202Rox Gorge Trail, Shingle Creek Jetty to Car Park Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End7 miles381 ft1752270
203Ridgeline Track Blu Man2,400 ft113 ft1704612
204Dirt Star Downhill Dirtstar Downhill2,658 ft559 ft1672800
205Lake Hayes Clockwise Loop Lake Hayes Track5 miles174 ft1564076
206Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2,684 ft278 ft1503011
207Mark Death Defying Backward Tumble Beeched As135 ft41 ft1502341
208G's Fir Trader climb Fir Trader1 miles345 ft1473923
209G's Fir Trader down Fir Trader1 miles345 ft1474223
210Ben Lomond Track Climb Sefferstown (Moonlight 4WD)1,805 ft316 ft1471730
211The initial climb Lower Shotover Singletrack1,007 ft142 ft1422750
212Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2 miles858 ft1372590
213Moonlight Track Climb Sefferstown (Moonlight 4WD)3,426 ft410 ft1371580
214Fruitlands-Roxburgh Road Climb Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End4,055 ft271 ft1351920
215Hidden Gem East Lower Shotover Singletrack4 miles301 ft1352454
216Les Revenants Undaunted3,601 ft56 ft1322440
217Pineapple Flagstaff Walk Track Climb Swampy Summit3,272 ft267 ft1282361
218full a digger did it A Digger Did It1,164 ft115 ft12718070
219MacaDaca Mackie Dackie1,604 ft158 ft1223110
220Tuohys Gully Road Climb Snow Farm Road2,808 ft292 ft1171991
221Rox Gorge Trail, Car Park to Shingle Creek Jetty Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End7 miles373 ft1141601
222Lake Hayes Loop Lake Hayes Track5 miles212 ft1131886
223Middle Rd (up) Middle Road2,269 ft140 ft1116441
224A digger did it Easy Up1,270 ft138 ft11113760
2253 Little Pigs (bottom section) Three Little Pigs1,708 ft154 ft1083990
226Gonzo - Bethunes Jump Track Nats Track1,080 ft195 ft1062310
227Snakes 'n' Ladders - Stage 1 Snakes 'n' Ladders1,222 ft116 ft1052560
228Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs2,905 ft164 ft1034111
229The Inclinator - climb The Inclinator1,167 ft66 ft10216110
230Snakes 'n' Ladders - Stage 2 Snakes 'n' Ladders2,134 ft158 ft992510
231Bush Creek Road Climb Bush Creek995 ft273 ft981540
232Tuohys Gully Rd Climb Snow Farm Road7 miles3,079 ft971544
233Down the Gully Sluice Alley1,301 ft73 ft971460
234Shenanigans Shenanigans1,622 ft224 ft955701
235Snakes 'n' Ladders - The Third Place Snakes 'n' Ladders1,100 ft152 ft952480
236Easy Up Easy Up1,702 ft165 ft9412131
237HAMMYS TOP HALF UP Upper Hammy's Track1 miles667 ft943670
238Inclinator Full The Inclinator1,657 ft84 ft9213340
239Cardrona DTL DTL3,606 ft724 ft911351
240Coronet DH Track Coronet DH1 miles1,348 ft901730
241Rockin' Roller Rockin' Roller1,043 ft92 ft892383
242Snakes 'n' Ladders Snakes 'n' Ladders4,479 ft163 ft862160
243Roxburgh Gorge Out & Back Roxburgh Gorge Trail - Roxburgh End13 miles355 ft831271
244back to the dam Shortcut5,012 ft104 ft831570
245Goat Track Easy Up1,276 ft189 ft838251
246Coronet Peak Road Climb Coronet DH1,637 ft297 ft79870
247Water Race from BC saddle Coronet Face Water Race3 miles234 ft771000
248High Noon Hog's Head1,610 ft52 ft751690
249Ravensbourne Access up Ravensbourne Track2,265 ft235 ft741610
250Walk track down Hog's Head2,011 ft120 ft701510
251High Noon DH Hog's Head1,554 ft61 ft701530
252evil shenanigans Evil Shenanigans1,298 ft125 ft692922
253Scott Pl Climb Fernhill Loop4,317 ft870 ft68842
254Seaview Walking track907 ft148 ft655871
255Malaghans Road Climb Bush Creek4,319 ft342 ft65970
256Moustache Express Moustache Express632 ft119 ft621400
257Bethunes Gully Expert Descent Nats Track2,095 ft253 ft601150
258Mt Dewar climb from Skippers Road Devils Creek2 miles1,078 ft59660
259One Tree Hill decent from chair One Tree Hill603 ft64 ft58700
260Cliffhanger Gravel road1,170 ft89 ft526510
261Lake Hayes Loop Clockwise from Rowing Club Lake Hayes Track5 miles202 ft50860
262Sticky bottom to the right, half. Sticky Bottom1,415 ft166 ft49770
263Through The Loop Enduro 2016 Stage 2 Beeched As4,268 ft237 ft48781
264Sticky bottom, back up. Sticky Bottom1,599 ft166 ft47970
265Gutbuster Climb Gutbuster654 ft79 ft45770
266Sticky Bottom, to the right, back up. Sticky Bottom2,920 ft166 ft44870
267Hawksburn Rd Climb Pylon Track3,800 ft349 ft421011
268Prospector Prospector1 miles866 ft42710
269Hawksburn rtn Climb Pylon Track6 miles1,145 ft38951
270Fenceline eastern end DH Fenceline908 ft219 ft352321
271Switchbacks Down Purple Haze4,536 ft426 ft33811
272Full Goat and Easy Up Easy Up4,014 ft228 ft301620
273Moonlight Track quick loop from Arthurs point car park to the top return Moonlight Singletrack3 miles550 ft28361
274Glenorchy-Queenstown Road Climb Arawata Terrace Singletrack1,195 ft298 ft23270
275Devils Creek Mt Dewar to Skippers Down Devils Creek2 miles1,138 ft18191
276Skippers Road Climb Devils Creek2,434 ft300 ft17190
277Hairy Bush Hikuwai Loop (aka Hairy Bush)3 miles154 ft15310
278Walk track climb Hog's Head2,017 ft66 ft14360
279A Cardrona Valley Road Climb Snow Farm Road2 miles733 ft13160
280Devils Creek Saddle to creek down Devils Creek1 miles1,109 ft13160
281Pineapple Flagstaff Walk Track Climb Nicols Creek - Switchback Track1,545 ft277 ft10100
282native mineshaft Mineshaft1 miles636 ft110
283Skipper's Snake Zoot Track3,572 ft559 ft000
284ZOOT TRACK Zoot Track3,364 ft534 ft000
285GRIN AND HOLLER Grin and Holler II2,133 ft239 ft000
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