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124Bethunes Gully/Forrester Park
630 ft-88 ft
124 / Zig Zag LinkBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
509 ft-10 ft
4GSticky Forest
1,601 ft-119 ft
4X TrackSignal Hill
1,792 ft-270 ft
Afternoon DelightCardrona Bike Park NZ
3,771 ft-394 ft
Albert Town Lagoon TrailSticky Forest
2,264 ft-26 ft
Albert Town to Dublin Bay TrackSticky Forest
3,463 ft-118 ft
Ant's TrackQueenstown Bike Park
1,436 ft-394 ft
ArcadiaCardrona Bike Park NZ
1.6 miles-1,317 ft
ArmageddonQueenstown Bike Park
668 ft-155 ft
Arrowtown to Morven Ferry RdWakatipu Basin
5.0 miles-306 ft
Aubrey Road TrackSticky Forest
2.0 miles-127 ft
Aurora TrackBendigo
2.2 miles-670 ft
Back to BaseCardrona Bike Park NZ
2,159 ft-262 ft
Bacon ExtractWhare Flat
1,127 ft-64 ft
BattlestagQueenstown Bike Park
738 ft-148 ft
Beeched AsFernhill Trails
2.0 miles-842 ft
Ben's RunGibbston
3,473 ft-211 ft
BilantisSticky Forest
2,246 ft-226 ft
Bliss7 Mile Riding Area
1,599 ft-208 ft
Blu ManNaseby Forest
3,873 ft-147 ft
Boulder DashCardrona Bike Park NZ
674 ft-197 ft
Boundary RiderCardrona Bike Park NZ
1.5 miles-912 ft
BucketSticky Forest
812 ft
1,375 ft
Bush CreekArrowtown Trails
3.4 miles-1,658 ft
Buster GutNaseby Forest
1,277 ft-70 ft
Can You Breathe?Sticky Forest
835 ft
Canvas TownNaseby Forest
2,276 ft-29 ft
Carrot CakeSticky Forest
2,490 ft-229 ft
ChairliftSticky Forest
1,963 ft
Coal Pit Saddle - Mt. Rosa LoopGibbston
12.8 miles-3,797 ft
CoalpitNaseby Forest
1,461 ft-10 ft
Collarbone AlleyNaseby Forest
1,366 ft-88 ft
Contour TrackSignal Hill
764 ft-51 ft
Coronet DHCoronet Peak
1.2 miles-1,400 ft
Coronet XCCoronet Peak
2.0 miles-296 ft
Cranking FineSticky Forest
1,844 ft-80 ft
CrankshaftCardrona Bike Park NZ
5,184 ft-903 ft
Dead Cow GullyBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,016 ft-86 ft
Deans Bank TrackSticky Forest
7.3 miles-1,301 ft
DebacleSignal Hill
1,437 ft-203 ft
Decepticon'sSticky Forest
645 ft-3 ft
Deep LeadNaseby Forest
435 ft-42 ft
Devils CreekMoonlight/Moke Lake
7.8 miles-3,421 ft
DieselQueenstown Bike Park
208 ft-13 ft
Dirtstar DownhillCardrona Bike Park NZ
2,473 ft-595 ft
Dizzy TurnsSticky Forest
1,670 ft-167 ft
Down and OutNaseby Forest
810 ft-68 ft
Drop GardenQueenstown Bike Park
182 ft-88 ft
DTLCardrona Bike Park NZ
3,544 ft-779 ft
Dublin BackSticky Forest
1,803 ft-56 ft
Dublin Bay TrackSticky Forest
3.8 miles-481 ft
Easy StreetSticky Forest
3,560 ft-148 ft
Easy UpSticky Forest
1,030 ft
Easy UpGibbston
4,592 ft-48 ft
Eccles BootsNaseby Forest
2,352 ft-10 ft
Ennel st exitNaseby
230 ft-18 ft
3,882 ft-3 ft
Evil ShenanigansWhare Flat
1,253 ft-256 ft
Fan TrailQueenstown Bike Park
1,792 ft-401 ft
Fernhill LoopFernhill Trails
4.1 miles-2,209 ft
Fiddler's GullyNaseby Forest
1,080 ft-114 ft
Fir TraderWhare Flat
1.2 miles-108 ft
FlumesNaseby Forest
558 ft-51 ft
Flushing RaceNaseby
3,867 ft-18 ft
Football LinkJubilee Park
277 ft-37 ft
Forest WalkNaseby Forest
985 ft-76 ft
Forrester LinkBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
495 ft-19 ft
4,903 ft-162 ft
Frankton to Old Shotover BridgeWakatipu Basin
3.6 miles-276 ft
FranktonTrackWakatipu Basin
4.5 miles-272 ft
Fruit LoopRedwoods/Wakari Creek
1,882 ft-291 ft
FundyQueenstown Bike Park
606 ft-255 ft
G SpotSticky Forest
752 ft-140 ft
G.S.D.Queenstown Bike Park
1,785 ft-527 ft
GBHSticky Forest
1,334 ft-166 ft
Get back to the topHikuwai Conservation Area
174 ft
Get DizzySticky Forest
842 ft-46 ft
Get ThereSticky Forest
637 ft-96 ft
Gibbston Valley WineryGibbston
1.3 miles-200 ft
Ginger CougarSignal Hill
2,695 ft-382 ft
GLCBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,746 ft-70 ft
GonzoBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
567 ft-112 ft
Government TrackOtago
10.4 miles-4,217 ft
Grandview Creek TrackWanaka
4.1 miles-331 ft
GrasshopperCardrona Bike Park NZ
1,517 ft-284 ft
Grin and Holler II7 Mile Riding Area
2,390 ft-214 ft
GrundyQueenstown Bike Park
1,849 ft-487 ft
GSSticky Forest
1,409 ft-296 ft
GutbusterSticky Forest
775 ft-7 ft
Haggis BasherSignal Hill
1,363 ft-139 ft
Haggis HunterBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,742 ft-164 ft
Hammy's LinkQueenstown Bike Park
899 ft-54 ft
Hard LeftNaseby Forest
2,083 ft-39 ft
Hawea to Newcastle ConnectorWanaka
1.1 miles-64 ft
Heads UpNaseby Forest
1,365 ft
Hepi HighwayNaseby Forest
1.3 miles-265 ft
Hi ViZCardrona Bike Park NZ
1,791 ft-318 ft
Hik O WhyHikuwai Conservation Area
913 ft-68 ft
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