segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Pinks Guardrail to Sign Prom. de la Gatineau (P3 to P8)2,289 ft157 ft15409229652109Gatineau
2Pink Lake - Sign to Sign Prom. de la Gatineau (P3 to P8)4,878 ft212 ft14220224946557Gatineau
3Sunset Hill Trail #271,198 ft47 ft2454145937Chelsea
4TTOP to Cookies Taylor's Tower of Power1,455 ft92 ft80443871Lac-Sainte-Marie
5Missing Link fun part (entrée Promenade) Trail #68 (The Missing Link)1,423 ft39 ft77771192Chelsea
6Beer Cap - Down Trail #66 (Milk Run)1,220 ft41 ft77584977Chelsea
7Sentier des caryers au ruisseau (MB) Trail #68 (The Missing Link)1,230 ft35 ft75467231Chelsea
8TTop climb Taylor's Tower of Power1 mile612 ft69026991Lac-Sainte-Marie
926 out Trail #262,447 ft45 ft68237281Chelsea
10Skyridge Trail #76 (Skyridge)2,224 ft154 ft63749574Chelsea
11#15 climb finish Trail #151,212 ft98 ft58526463Chelsea
12Race course decent from second chair Sunset2,393 ft133 ft57942847Chelsea
13Enduro Stage #2 First Woods Sunset1,258 ft93 ft57843100Chelsea
14Enduro Stage #2 Sunset4,077 ft152 ft57742166Chelsea
15Top of Penguin to Fortune Trail #1 (Ridge Road)1 mile138 ft56218952Chelsea
16Slingshot Up (First Bridge) Slingshot1,993 ft128 ft54715561Lac-Sainte-Marie
17Fortune to Penguin Trail #1 (Ridge Road)2 miles139 ft54317644Chelsea
18Ready, Set, CLIMB Trail #15 Steeps730 ft90 ft53321932Chelsea
19Zip Line to Marshall CBC Rd.1,331 ft144 ft53232082Chelsea
2015 between Notch and intersection with Pink Lake Trail #15871 ft63 ft52924404Chelsea
21Enduro Stage #1 Sunset3,518 ft116 ft52826448Chelsea
22The "Actual" Descent to the Fire Road Sunset2,071 ft84 ft51725403Chelsea
23Race course decent to fire road Sunset1,286 ft82 ft51324456Chelsea
24Kingsmere Climb Trail #303,016 ft208 ft50719311Chelsea
25climb away from Meech on 36 NB Trail #361,066 ft98 ft4899330Chelsea
26Brazilian Down - with berms Promenade de la Gatineau (77 to 79)1 mile159 ft486300515Chelsea
27Pink Lake finish Trail #351,857 ft71 ft46813080Chelsea
28Switchback Switchback2,165 ft108 ft42818655Chelsea
29Porter (up) Porter1 mile124 ft40611564Lac-Sainte-Marie
30Kazbar down corrected Kazbar1,967 ft108 ft39211000Lac-Sainte-Marie
31Monique's Trail #78 (Monique's)3,814 ft220 ft391202013Chelsea
32Penguin Climbs Trail #1 (Ridge Road)3,336 ft300 ft39012694Chelsea
33trail between Notch Rd and Gat pkwy Promenade de la Gatineau (77 to 79)1 mile186 ft36913316Chelsea
34Lower Growler Growler2,315 ft288 ft36620055Lac-Sainte-Marie
35There's no snow in Ottawa Trail #1 (Ridge Road)3,293 ft217 ft3647530Chelsea
36TTOP UP from Cookie's to Gazebo Taylor's Tower of Power1 mile524 ft36014719Lac-Sainte-Marie
37#15 Up To Pink Lake Intersection Trail #152 miles276 ft35811836Chelsea
38Devils Drop Sunset645 ft76 ft35417115Chelsea
39Pink Lake start Trail #351,946 ft75 ft3548492Chelsea
40Switchback Full (new finish) Switchback3,076 ft71 ft35313534Chelsea
41Promenade Du Lac Fortune Climb Brian's Climb2,741 ft272 ft33213692Chelsea
42Dirt Rollers Promenade de la Gatineau (77 to 79)1,956 ft140 ft330137714Chelsea
43Slingshot Up Slingshot3,251 ft159 ft3289237Lac-Sainte-Marie
44Penguin climb to crest of #1 Trail #1 (Ridge Road)4,092 ft431 ft3279100Chelsea
45Fortune Brian's Climb Brian's Climb1,495 ft112 ft32512284Chelsea
46Brian's Descent Brian's Descent1,635 ft234 ft32414235Chelsea
47Growler Growler4,487 ft620 ft324134218Lac-Sainte-Marie
48Growler Growler4,493 ft620 ft32413422Lac-Sainte-Marie
49WildSide Enduro Stage 2 (2016) Growler4,688 ft498 ft32413391Lac-Sainte-Marie
50Full TTop Up Taylor's Tower of Power2 miles698 ft32311389Lac-Sainte-Marie
511b North Trail #1B3,539 ft63 ft3228672Chelsea
52Access 1 Voie Climb Trail #1 (Ridge Road)1 mile274 ft3226841Chelsea
53Kingsmere Nightmare Climb Trail #1 (Ridge Road)484 ft82 ft31910123Chelsea
54Down Cookie's Climb #2 Cookies Climb4,222 ft208 ft31110576Lac-Sainte-Marie
55Low Cal Up Low Cal1,696 ft35 ft30810226Lac-Sainte-Marie
56Junior to Access Road Junior2,473 ft81 ft30811810Chelsea
57McInsrty - Tour à feu Trail #1 (Ridge Road)2 miles105 ft2935560Chelsea
58Bottom of #1 to Gatineau Parkway Trail #1 (Ridge Road)1 mile205 ft2868351Chelsea
59#1 finish to Kingsmere Trail #1 (Ridge Road)1 mile199 ft2809062Chelsea
60Milk Run East Trail #66 Upper3,249 ft109 ft27621200Chelsea
61Silver's Pass Sprint Silver's Pass665 ft63 ft2729864Lac-Sainte-Marie
62Up Radar from Lugtread to Growler Radar Road1,235 ft144 ft2667730Lac-Sainte-Marie
63Moonshine to 53 Trail #59 (Moonshine)1 mile137 ft26486415Chelsea
64Trail 1 - Decent to Penguin Trail #1 (Ridge Road)1 mile397 ft2568313Chelsea
65Hickory Trail Trail #66 Upper1,398 ft72 ft25316601Chelsea
66Brazilian - Notch up to Gatineau Parkway Promenade de la Gatineau (77 to 79)2 miles207 ft2459546Chelsea
67Pilsner to Stout Pilsner1,028 ft110 ft2406501Lac-Sainte-Marie
68Lug tread middle Lug-Tread3,278 ft310 ft2329286Lac-Sainte-Marie
69Wild-Side Enduro Stage 1 (2016) Lug-Tread3,980 ft308 ft2309072Lac-Sainte-Marie
70Trail 52 - First Climb from Brown Trail #524,598 ft308 ft2284130Chelsea
711b South Trail #1B3,801 ft62 ft2196212Chelsea
72Kazbar Down Kazbar1,606 ft103 ft2195699Lac-Sainte-Marie
73Lager Lager1 mile812 ft2176328Lac-Sainte-Marie
74MSM last of lager Lager1,096 ft128 ft2166433Lac-Sainte-Marie
75#4 downhill Trail #42,365 ft151 ft2135140Chelsea
76Slingshot Down Slingshot2,639 ft175 ft1834842Lac-Sainte-Marie
77Family Jewel Family Jewel719 ft96 ft1824832Lac-Sainte-Marie
78Stout Stout1,839 ft159 ft1754441Lac-Sainte-Marie
79Chemin Du Radar Climb Radar Road3,591 ft305 ft1714130Lac-Sainte-Marie
80National to Q-Cup Quebec Cup3,618 ft533 ft1636312Chelsea
81TTop Down Taylor's Tower of Power4,104 ft334 ft1624095Lac-Sainte-Marie
82Black Bear DH Black Bear1,954 ft212 ft1553092Chelsea
83Humdinger MTB Climb Humdinger Rd.1,448 ft149 ft1553620Chelsea
84Cookie's Climb Cookies Climb3,417 ft161 ft1463204Lac-Sainte-Marie
8565 to the Field Trail #651,930 ft76 ft1454440Gatineau
86Trail 24 NB Trail #241 mile126 ft1424240Chelsea
87Trail 65 Bobsled Run Trail #65 Loop2,113 ft158 ft1398480Gatineau
88Chemin Du Radar Climb Radar Road1 mile590 ft1312470Lac-Sainte-Marie
89Moonshine to 52 Trail #59 (Moonshine)1 mile135 ft1282097Chelsea
90Kasbar Up Kazbar1,659 ft61 ft1153423Lac-Sainte-Marie
91Junior descente Junior1,275 ft76 ft953750Chelsea
92Snowshoe down Trail #721,252 ft125 ft851580Chelsea
93Chemin Du Lac Meech Climb Humdinger Rd.3,636 ft293 ft842800Chelsea
94Québec 105 Climb Trail #72 Upper3,576 ft280 ft761680Chelsea
95dirty rollers up + brazilian down loop Promenade de la Gatineau (77 to 79)3 miles206 ft681413Chelsea
9672 down Trail #72 Upper2,649 ft216 ft671350Chelsea
9772 hard side south Trail #72 Upper1 mile308 ft661310Chelsea
98Trail #70: 71 to Healey Trail #702 miles162 ft651230Gatineau
99Up Monique Trail #78 (Monique's)3,236 ft164 ft64770Chelsea
100Trail 24 SB Trail #241 mile132 ft571200Chelsea
101Reality check Trail #721,162 ft188 ft56990Chelsea
102lower oz Oz871 ft113 ft532461Chelsea
103Cruel Finish Trail #721,406 ft174 ft49730Chelsea
104Trail 50 Climb Trail #701 mile333 ft48861Gatineau
105Pilsner Reverse Pilsner1 mile139 ft46840Lac-Sainte-Marie
10671 steeps Trail #712,149 ft268 ft44850Gatineau
107Chemin Cafferty Climb Trail #713,056 ft268 ft43820Gatineau
108Train Tracks Sawmill to Larrimac Chelsea Rail Trail2,461 ft51 ft41910Chelsea
109Boréale Cuivrée ???? Ruisseau1,036 ft5 ft381582Aylmer
110Train Tracks David to Sawmill Chelsea Rail Trail2,461 ft33 ft37780Chelsea
111Oz to Meech base Oz3,612 ft441 ft341591Chelsea
112juste le tip Loop 42,662 ft8 ft331772Aylmer
113Coors Light froide Loop 43,470 ft23 ft32992Aylmer
114Grand-Pic Down Grand-Pic3,990 ft373 ft32551Ripon
115Boréale Double IPA ???? Ruisseau1,115 ft5 ft311763Aylmer
116La numéro 8 - Montée Varlope4,707 ft290 ft29401Ripon
117beaus nordic Phat-Boucher2,653 ft22 ft28662Aylmer
118Alchimiste Bock de Joliette Loop 11,913 ft16 ft23430Aylmer
119Rockfest International Rockfest Int'l458 ft133 ft22580Chelsea
12072 hard side north Trail #72 Upper1 mile310 ft20330Chelsea
121Labatt 50 tablette Loop 44,106 ft27 ft19612Aylmer
122Calsberg Érablière1,316 ft14 ft15592Aylmer
123alexander keiths ipa Érablière3,001 ft18 ft14542Aylmer
124fin du monde Érablière4,278 ft21 ft13622Aylmer
125DUI test Phat-Boucher2,480 ft10 ft13600Aylmer
126Boucle du Castor anti-horaire Boucle du castor2 miles150 ft7132Otter Lake
127Boucle du Castor anti-horaire descent Boucle du castor3,952 ft154 ft7160Otter Lake
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