segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Munson Bail TLH To St Marks Rt1 mile15 ft14691134814Tallahassee
2Who Needs Water West Cadillac591 ft14 ft14311809716Tallahassee
3Cadillac Sidehill going out Loblolly1,387 ft40 ft1187101865Tallahassee
4Bench to Bench West Cadillac2,633 ft17 ft1156120991Tallahassee
5Wrecking Ball's Roller Coaster West Cadillac1,984 ft46 ft1138126495Tallahassee
6My Sweaty Balls West Cadillac2,475 ft37 ft1098115367Tallahassee
72012 cadillac in West Cadillac4,811 ft61 ft1095115488Tallahassee
8Sketchy Side Hill Lafayette Heritage Trail1,692 ft30 ft106493495Tallahassee
9East Cadillac Out CCW East Cadillac1 mile39 ft9951088812Tallahassee
10West Caddy to first bench West Cadillac1,949 ft65 ft96974211Tallahassee
11The Climb Lafayette Heritage Trail1 mile63 ft936103151Tallahassee
12Sidewalk trail to top of big hill Lafayette Heritage Trail4,009 ft43 ft92297105Tallahassee
13Goose Pond Trl to Loblolly Lafayette Heritage Trail2 miles77 ft90093708Tallahassee
14Cadillac in 2014 East Cadillac1 mile16 ft84573482Tallahassee
15Edenfield Greenway Climb Miccosukee Greenway1,732 ft50 ft842103523Tallahassee
16All the Way to the Top Miccosukee Greenway2,172 ft60 ft831998911Tallahassee
17Woop de woop Munson West814 ft22 ft825112415Tallahassee
18climb up after the power line Munson West1,206 ft31 ft818111555Tallahassee
19Magnolia West Magnolia3,675 ft40 ft81071794Tallahassee
20just the climb on climb out Munson East1,440 ft36 ft8091100613Tallahassee
21climb out Munson East3,809 ft30 ft806109228Tallahassee
22woodville highway to paper cup Munson East2 miles387 ft800107506Tallahassee
23short cut to fountain Munson East1 mile24 ft798106774Tallahassee
24Edenfield Greenway Descent Miccosukee Greenway1,771 ft50 ft779100949Tallahassee
25Magnolia to Kudzila Magnolia2,102 ft22 ft73448074Tallahassee
26Dead Possum TT East Cadillac2 miles34 ft71347246Tallahassee
27Cadillac East Cadillac2 miles46 ft69448539Tallahassee
28Top Loblolly going East Loblolly1,834 ft58 ft67765677Tallahassee
29Greenbrier Pate Road1,748 ft63 ft66062868Pensacola
30Goosepond DOWN Goose Pond4,034 ft39 ft65758937Tallahassee
31UWF-'TreeHugger' Pate Road4,675 ft64 ft65362879Pensacola
32Pate Trail (start - berm turn) Pate Road3,753 ft87 ft65368908Pensacola
33Kudzilla - Downhill Only Magnolia939 ft37 ft64733703Tallahassee
34UWF - Pate Trail Pate Road1 mile87 ft642671311Pensacola
35UWF - Carl's Trail Pate Road1,364 ft58 ft62657307Pensacola
36Kudzilla Magnolia1,466 ft33 ft62028372Tallahassee
37Multi Use Out Lafayette Heritage Trail2 miles66 ft59162095Tallahassee
38UWF-'DaChute' Pate Road2,663 ft96 ft57652958Pensacola
39Al, hill no! North Trail432 ft37 ft56236369Tallahassee
40Coke Can (Climb to Double Track) Pate Road618 ft25 ft54154783Pensacola
41UWF - Coke Can Pate Road2,515 ft28 ft52749526Pensacola
42Tom Brown Magnolia w/o black diamonds CCW June2013 Magnolia2 miles59 ft52724936Tallahassee
43Coke Can (Double Track) Pate Road1,015 ft9 ft52250394Pensacola
44Goosepond UP Goose Pond4,204 ft27 ft50932676Tallahassee
45Munson Hills Tr- Paper Cup to South TH Munson East2 miles41 ft50731943Tallahassee
46The Gorge (last climb) Pate Road1,024 ft52 ft49545165Pensacola
47UWF-'DaGorge' Pate Road2,532 ft40 ft49344056Pensacola
48whooped out Redbug2,334 ft29 ft47944414Tallahassee
49west connector West Conn2,885 ft28 ft47636847Tallahassee
50The Gorge (first climb) Pate Road475 ft31 ft47640853Pensacola
51Roadies sprint Pate Road1,517 ft19 ft47642684Pensacola
52luge to twilight Luge2,081 ft7 ft47421226Tallahassee
53UWF-'DaBone' Pate Road3,421 ft43 ft45742847Pensacola
54The Bamboo trail Silk1 mile81 ft455497416Tallahassee
55Silk Silk4,847 ft64 ft455503228Tallahassee
56west connector downhill West Conn2,975 ft32 ft44829174Tallahassee
57East connector (south) East Conn3,120 ft16 ft42421128Tallahassee
58Munson Hills Tr - Luge to W Connector Munson West2,358 ft7 ft42327533Tallahassee
59East Connector (full) East Conn3,412 ft16 ft41921080Tallahassee
60Power lines to Highgrove exit Lake Overstreet4,103 ft14 ft41446083Tallahassee
61Bamboo trail starting at the powerline Silk1 mile81 ft41232987Tallahassee
62east connector East Conn3,399 ft7 ft40626613Tallahassee
63East Connector East Conn3,586 ft13 ft40126515Tallahassee
64Corner to Silk entrance Lake Overstreet2,313 ft13 ft39329292Tallahassee
65Luge (Munson Hills) Luge2,031 ft7 ft37712816Tallahassee
66Maclay corner to crosswalk gate Lake Overstreet2,191 ft19 ft35624642Tallahassee
67Home Stretch Eastern Lake (Orange)521 ft5 ft35510341Niceville
68Haulin' The Mail East Cadillac4,169 ft29 ft35319791Tallahassee
69Entrance to Silk start Lake Overstreet4,493 ft22 ft35324352Tallahassee
70Quarter Red Bug from Forest Meadows to Marker 30 (Red Hills connection) Redbug2 miles69 ft34823916Tallahassee
71Tall Pine In Tall Pine4,645 ft29 ft34311721Tallahassee
72helmet graveyard Redbug1,379 ft4 ft34218462Tallahassee
73Lake Overstreet CW Lake Overstreet2 miles52 ft33716663Tallahassee
74steady up Lake Overstreet2,261 ft52 ft30913441Tallahassee
75Climb baby climb Lake Overstreet3,352 ft75 ft278168415Tallahassee
76Overstreet Downhills Lake Overstreet3,597 ft78 ft25511462Tallahassee
77Stomach Ache CC Redbug3,784 ft9 ft25511967Tallahassee
78Lower Cadillac Clockwise East Cadillac2 miles37 ft2097964Tallahassee
79Lake Overstreet North Loop CCW Karst3,872 ft33 ft20310684Tallahassee
80Caddy Crit West Cadillac1,148 ft10 ft1927032Tallahassee
81Longleaf Beginning Longleaf Greenway689 ft3 ft1785673Niceville
82Longleaf Reverse Longleaf Greenway1,945 ft7 ft1754924Niceville
83RDB GateAway Eastern Lake (Orange)3,259 ft14 ft1594721Niceville
84Carbo Killer! (expert) Carbo3 miles38 ft1567945Fort Walton Beach
85Carl's (Backwards) Pate Road1,656 ft51 ft1496420Pensacola
86Sand Path South Pine Dogs796 ft5 ft13910061Fort Walton Beach
87Will the real Tom Brown please stand? Magnolia3 miles57 ft1373723Tallahassee
88Twilight - Clockwise Twilight Trail9 miles39 ft1364312Tallahassee
89Stinky Creek SE-NW Stinky Creek1 mile35 ft1335742Fort Walton Beach
90Sand Path North Pine Dogs547 ft9 ft1256261Fort Walton Beach
91WantzWay (backwards) Pate Road819 ft10 ft1204101Pensacola
92Go Fast Pine Dogs1,713 ft7 ft11010391Fort Walton Beach
93Twilight couter clockwise from east connector Twilight Trail10 miles43 ft1053981Tallahassee
94Bugging Out Buggin Out1,967 ft26 ft1023333Fort Walton Beach
95Race Trail Pine Dogs3 miles24 ft1008563Fort Walton Beach
96Out of Stinky Creek Gator Alley761 ft50 ft973430Fort Walton Beach
97Sand Path East Pine Dogs1,273 ft9 ft943681Fort Walton Beach
98Bugging In Carbo2,031 ft32 ft894613Fort Walton Beach
99Lake Overstreet CCW Lake Overstreet3 miles46 ft872560Tallahassee
100Ravine Trail CCW Lake Overstreet1 mile29 ft822820Tallahassee
101Gator Alley SW to NE Gator Alley3,400 ft61 ft691580Fort Walton Beach
102Cramper Cramper1 mile52 ft673040Fort Walton Beach
103Blueberry Hill Eglin AFB Cramper990 ft41 ft652640Fort Walton Beach
104Gator Alley NE to SW Gator Alley3,491 ft60 ft641460Fort Walton Beach
105Golden Spider Skinny Dip1,338 ft12 ft622700Fort Walton Beach
106Pine Dog Bottom Start Pine Dogs2 miles12 ft611540Fort Walton Beach
107Overstreet North Loop down Karst3,912 ft16 ft601562Tallahassee
108Skinny Dip(The Whole Thing) Skinny Dip1 mile47 ft592480Fort Walton Beach
109Down Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill794 ft582670Fort Walton Beach
110Lil' East Loop Karst2,604 ft7 ft57660Tallahassee
111Pine Dog Top Start Pine Dogs2 miles14 ft531891Fort Walton Beach
112Ravine Trail Lake Overstreet2 miles37 ft48930Tallahassee
113Snake Charmer Blueberry Hill3,108 ft24 ft281230Fort Walton Beach
114Just The Good Part Edward Ball Wakulla Springs Trail2 miles14 ft25470Tallahassee
115Mr Fancy Pants Mr Fancy Pants3,204 ft55 ft21820Pensacola
116Sand Sprint Segment Range Road1,119 ft15 ft16530Fort Walton Beach
117Carton of Eggs Ventura Highway5,097 ft51 ft14560Pensacola
118MuT In Lafayette Heritage Trail1 mile56 ft047610Tallahassee
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