segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Spooky Woods Spooky Woods2,720 ft412 ft70421832Kellogg
2Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight3,962 ft447 ft58221182Kellogg
3Cave trail descent Cave Trail1 miles747 ft54956925Coeur d'Alene
4Lower Jackass Lower Jackass2,708 ft288 ft51014572Kellogg
5YeeHaw!! Jackass3,665 ft573 ft50918251Kellogg
6Corkscrew Corkscrew2,158 ft279 ft49014780Kellogg
7WildCat Wildcat2 miles857 ft46413063Kellogg
8B to B Climb Nettleton To Viewpoint3,853 ft364 ft41432635Coeur d'Alene
9N Nettleton Gulch Rd Climb Nettleton To Viewpoint3,663 ft334 ft41133983Coeur d'Alene
10lower to upper parking lot Nettleton To Viewpoint2,409 ft235 ft41058698Coeur d'Alene
11Tr 1 to 2342 Nettleton To Viewpoint1 miles594 ft40933521Coeur d'Alene
12258 to creek Trail 2571 miles717 ft40412751Coeur d'Alene
13Headwaters Upper Berms, up Headwaters Loop1,250 ft116 ft38430965Moscow
14Canfield - Road to Hayden Viewpoint Nettleton To Viewpoint3 miles1,201 ft37729215Coeur d'Alene
15Foothill Rd Climb - Fireroad Headwaters Loop4,350 ft310 ft36731081Moscow
16picnic area to 258 Caribou Ridge Trail1 miles410 ft34410732Coeur d'Alene
17E Forest Service Road 438 Climb Trail 2573,577 ft356 ft3399812Coeur d'Alene
18Viewpoint to towers Viewpoint To Canfield Butte4,354 ft405 ft33621168Coeur d'Alene
19E Forest Service Road 453 Climb Trail 2574,047 ft413 ft3079271Coeur d'Alene
20Sierra Nevada Climb Crescent Trail1,449 ft278 ft29711250Kellogg
21Coeur D'Alene Mountain Rd Climb Trail 2574,632 ft446 ft2928452Coeur d'Alene
22Penn Climb 7 Trail 71 miles263 ft29117121Coeur d'Alene
23Up 257 Trail 2572 miles1,172 ft2878015Coeur d'Alene
24Bernard Peak (Overlook to Trailhead) Descent Bernard Peak2 miles939 ft2725436Athol
25Headwater's Upper Berms Headwaters Loop1,287 ft118 ft27020143Moscow
26CdA Mountain Sprint to the Top Mt Coeur D Alene Summit Access Road1,956 ft215 ft2648143Coeur d'Alene
27Down 257 to Caribou Trail 2574,033 ft443 ft2636334Coeur d'Alene
28Trail 258 Connector Trail 2583 miles321 ft2527211Coeur d'Alene
29D to 29 Trail 29 "big Trees"3,361 ft455 ft25213700Coeur d'Alene
30257 Descent north Trail 2572 miles1,061 ft2485773Coeur d'Alene
31Bernard Peak (Peak to Overlook) Descent Bernard Peak3 miles963 ft2434636Athol
32Snaggletooth Snaggletooth1,328 ft151 ft2325620Kellogg
33Syringa Switchies Bier Bridge Trail3,057 ft142 ft22715282Sandpoint
34Frank & Beans Franknbeans2,256 ft536 ft2115800Kellogg
35Cool Neatness Cool Neatness2,852 ft303 ft1922952Kellogg
36Bernard Peak (Trailhead to overlook) Climb Bernard Peak2 miles939 ft1894070Athol
37Jack's Route westbound Jack's Route3,772 ft83 ft18912724Moscow
38Usfs 2642 Climb Gold Hill Trail #34,139 ft270 ft1763050Sandpoint
39National Forest Development Road 2708 Climb Bernard Peak4,191 ft318 ft1713540Athol
40Lower Moose Marbles Moose Marbles2,129 ft288 ft17112292Moscow
41Canfield Loop Rd Climb Canfield Loop Rd (btwn Viewpoint And Trail 11)1,582 ft283 ft1706461Coeur d'Alene
42Up Jump Trail Jump Trail3,044 ft283 ft1679621Moscow
43Nemesis (down) Nemesis1 miles323 ft1665624Moscow
44Upper Switchblade Rock Taco2,085 ft181 ft16610710Moscow
45Down Jump Jump Trail2,877 ft228 ft1655262Moscow
46Bernard Peak KOM Bernard Peak5 miles1,973 ft1643343Athol
47That rug really tied the room together. Lower Caribou Ridge Trail3 miles1,329 ft1623651Coeur d'Alene
48Payday Payday1 miles490 ft1602971Kellogg
49East Farragut South Road Climb Bernard Peak4,341 ft301 ft1463301Athol
50Nemisis (up) Nemesis4,637 ft363 ft1375191Moscow
51Island down A to road descent Trail 61 miles472 ft1324051Coeur d'Alene
52Gold Hill - Descent from 2nd Bench Gold Hill Trail #33 miles1,323 ft1312366Sandpoint
53Gold Hill to 2nd Bench Gold Hill Trail #33 miles1,340 ft1302180Sandpoint
54Down LaFortunes Flight La Fortune's Flight2 miles664 ft1265256Moscow
55Moscow Mountain Rd Climb PLT3,836 ft480 ft1264480Moscow
56Private lands: that bearcat climb on the way down. From high bridge to real top PLT4,863 ft257 ft1264721Moscow
57Moscow Mountain Rd Climb PLT2,559 ft281 ft1234511Moscow
58Southside Bypass Eastwards Jack's Route3,009 ft125 ft1224780Moscow
59Segment Moscow Mountain Road3,158 ft322 ft1214361Moscow
60Unnamed Rd Climb La Fortune's Flight1,119 ft284 ft1213850Moscow
61Main Wardner Street Climb Wildcat2 miles926 ft1171700Kellogg
62Unnamed Road Climb La Fortune's Flight1,365 ft365 ft1163230Moscow
63Private Lands (Down) PLT2 miles783 ft1164422Moscow
64Private Lands Trail (Up) PLT3 miles859 ft1144131Moscow
65New Moose Marbles!! Moose Marbles3,355 ft264 ft1124892Moscow
66LaFortune's Flight Up La Fortune's Flight3,052 ft190 ft1003260Moscow
67Devil's Slide Climb Warren's Ridge3,923 ft371 ft976695Lewiston
68Powerline Warren's Ridge2,384 ft236 ft976952Lewiston
69Canfield Loop Road Climb Trail A3,007 ft300 ft791900Coeur d'Alene
70Coeur D'Alene Mountain Rd Climb Caribou Ridge Trail4,577 ft333 ft761690Coeur d'Alene
71E Forest Service Road 453 Climb Trail 257 South2 miles1,119 ft621172Coeur d'Alene
72Hey Noose up Hey Noose2,497 ft364 ft611000Moscow
73LaFortune's Bottom to Top La Fortune's Flight2 miles847 ft581430Moscow
74E Crestwood Ct Climb Trail 29 "big Trees"2,814 ft328 ft461891Coeur d'Alene
755 trail 0051,714 ft353 ft331220Coeur d'Alene
76Down into Camp East Fork Meadow Trail Connector3,319 ft328 ft32570Potlatch
77White Pine Dr Climb East Fork Meadow Trail Connector2,825 ft331 ft27510Potlatch
78White Pine Ridge Climb East Fork Meadow Trail Connector2,795 ft332 ft27510Potlatch
79Unnamed Road Climb Feather Creek Big Loop4,647 ft283 ft26390Moscow
80Backside #2 Trail 104,252 ft435 ft25420Coeur d'Alene
81White Pine Drive Climb Old Sampson Connection Trail2,301 ft349 ft23370Potlatch
82Down Feather Creek Short Feather Creek Small Loop2 miles348 ft23390Moscow
83Devils slide climb in reverse Warren's Ridge3,688 ft353 ft221371Lewiston
84Idaho 97 Climb Lower Caribou Ridge Trail2,866 ft358 ft20230Coeur d'Alene
85White Pine Drive Climb Three Tree Butte1,783 ft269 ft17200Potlatch
86Beauty Creek Road Climb Lower Caribou Ridge Trail1 miles487 ft15170Coeur d'Alene
87Schweitzer Mountain Road Climb Waterfall1 miles604 ft15150Sandpoint
88Gold Center Single Track Descent (251) Gold Center Trail #2514 miles2,176 ft13251St Maries
89State Highway 97 Scenic Climb Lower Caribou Ridge Trail2,726 ft270 ft13150Coeur d'Alene
90White Pine Drive Climb Three Tree Butte4,145 ft413 ft12170Potlatch
91Unnamed Road Climb Three Tree Butte3,290 ft272 ft12230Potlatch
92Up Trail 224A Old Sampson Connection Trail5,013 ft368 ft12250Potlatch
93Round Top-Freezout Road Climb Marble Divide-Grandmother Mountain #2753,541 ft446 ft11230St Maries
94Marble Divide Single Track to Grandmother Mtn (275) Marble Divide-Grandmother Mountain #2752 miles740 ft9170St Maries
95Old Sampson Connection Trail 221A Old Sampson Connection Trail1 miles390 ft6130Potlatch
96East Forest Service Road 453 Climb FSR #4531,747 ft280 ft440Coeur d'Alene
97Cook'n to 4th of July Junction Mountain #19110 miles3,903 ft240My City
98Fourth of July to Cook Mountain Windy Ridge #16711 miles3,934 ft220Orofino
99First Ascent - Windy Ridge 167 Windy Ridge #1674 miles2,647 ft220Orofino
100Top of Cook Windy Ridge #1673 miles830 ft240Orofino
101It's Worth It Windy Ridge #1671 miles551 ft240Orofino
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