Across the river
1.1 miles-99 ft
Binago Trail
1.4 miles-18 ft
Bozzente River
1,716 ft
4,143 ft-155 ft
Carambola excape
954 ft-4 ft
Carambola junction
1,865 ft-8 ft
Dead Tree Trail
2,275 ft-4 ft
Fast and Furious
1.1 miles-133 ft
Fattoria Delle Coccole
3,390 ft
Goblin Trail (G3)
1.2 miles-110 ft
Madonna of Vineyards Trail
3,383 ft-32 ft
Mozzate Backside (M1)
2.9 miles-62 ft
Mozzate Singletrack
2.4 miles-166 ft
Mushroom Crossing (M1)
4,233 ft-9 ft
Observatory Junction (TR2-TR3)
3,517 ft-33 ft
Pine Forest (TR3)
1.4 miles-7 ft
Pine Needle Trail
3,822 ft-25 ft
Re Mida Trail (G3)
1,732 ft-57 ft
Roots Trail
2,203 ft-3 ft
San Bartolomeo
1.2 miles-7 ft
Skorpion Hill Step one
2,849 ft-63 ft
Skorpion Hill Step two
2,090 ft-65 ft
Squirrel Trail
3,118 ft-53 ft
Strappo Della Sbarra
1,411 ft
Tarantula Trail
4,808 ft
Via ai Ronchi (TR3)
1.4 miles-79 ft
Via Bertina
4,529 ft-3 ft
Via Resistenza
2.0 miles-139 ft
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