Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Bayou Gulch Cherry Creek ConnectBayou Gulch Open Space
1 mile-59 ft
Bayou Gulch Inner LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
2,718 ft-43 ft60 ft
Bayou Gulch LinkBayou Gulch Bike Park
321 ft-19 ft
Bayou Gulch LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
2 miles-138 ft138 ft
Beginner Skills LoopBayou Gulch Bike Park
557 ft-6 ft5 ft
Bridge LinkBayou Gulch Bike Park
42 ft
Crush Rock To BayouBayou Gulch Open Space
4,062 ft-81 ft14 ft
DejavoodooBayou Gulch Bike Park
543 ft-27 ft
Flow ReturnBayou Gulch Bike Park
946 ft48 ft
Intermediate SkillsBayou Gulch Bike Park
819 ft-16 ft13 ft
Lower Prairie Voice LoopParker
4,120 ft-92 ft105 ft
McCabe's SouthParker
4,408 ft-25 ft10 ft
Perimeter to BridgesBayou Gulch Open Space
1,033 ft-8 ft
Perimeter TrailBayou Gulch Open Space
3 miles-148 ft139 ft
PositrackBayou Gulch Bike Park
336 ft-14 ft
Prairie Voice Cut NorthParker
1,485 ft-34 ft33 ft
Prairie Voice Cut SouthParker
1,065 ft-28 ft12 ft
Rollin' RockBayou Gulch Bike Park
939 ft-42 ft
ShotgunBayou Gulch Bike Park
827 ft-38 ft
Two Bridges Big LoopBayou Gulch Open Space
3 miles-257 ft253 ft
Two Bridges Middle LoopBayou Gulch Open Space
2 miles-124 ft131 ft
Upper Prairie Voice LoopParker
3,757 ft-77 ft94 ft
West Stroh Ranch connectorParker
2,995 ft-42 ft32 ft
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