Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
AvampostoCalestano Bike Park
5,005 ft-749 ft4 ft
Baloride dry linkCalestano Bike Park
1,299 ft-21 ft166 ft
Beduzzo SecretCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-1,310 ft15 ft
Beduzzo Secret - bypass carraiaCalestano Bike Park
897 ft-242 ft
Bypass per evitare i caniCalestano Bike Park
3,914 ft-55 ft438 ft
Canesano DHCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-1,529 ft
Christmas trail (n°9)Monte Fuso
1,568 ft-293 ft
Christmas trail - 2^ parteMonte Fuso
1,120 ft-208 ft1 ft
Ciclovia Sinistra Parma - Parma-CastelnovoParma
5 miles-105 ft56 ft
Cippa Lippa (n.5)Monte Fuso
1 mile-1,131 ft21 ft
Coll. diretto prelippoMonte Fuso
2,083 ft-35 ft83 ft
Collegamento Canesano M.te MontagnanaCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-56 ft1,137 ft
Collegamento intermedio 5/5AMonte Fuso
728 ft-112 ft
Collegamento john-cippaMonte Fuso
269 ft-29 ft
Connessione Predarezzo-Via CrucisCalestano Bike Park
3,673 ft-389 ft38 ft
Crinale (n.4)Monte Fuso
2 miles-1,255 ft224 ft
Discesa di Campo RossoParma
3,351 ft-193 ft132 ft
GugiolMonte Fuso
3,825 ft-970 ft17 ft
John Coffey (n.6)Monte Fuso
1 mile-1,077 ft4 ft
La CavaCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-1,230 ft538 ft
La monellaCalestano Bike Park
4,262 ft-717 ft
La monella - parte bassaCalestano Bike Park
3,648 ft-537 ft
La Torre (n. 7)Monte Fuso
1 mile-749 ft128 ft
Lanna (n.2)Monte Fuso
3,039 ft-66 ft268 ft
Magico amico (n.5A)Monte Fuso
3,002 ft-538 ft7 ft
Magico amico 2a parteMonte Fuso
3,350 ft-469 ft35 ft
MomentumMonte Fuso
2,139 ft-131 ft4 ft
Montagnana DHCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-2,030 ft8 ft
Monte BossoCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-1,491 ft229 ft
Monte Castellaro climbMonte Fuso
1,316 ft-15 ft160 ft
Monte Castellaro DHMonte Fuso
3,083 ft-429 ft3 ft
Monte CroceCalestano Bike Park
3 miles-1,894 ft177 ft
Monte Croce - variante altaCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-686 ft74 ft
Monte Croce ClimbCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-23 ft453 ft
Monte Croce Climb - Variante CasolaCalestano Bike Park
1,955 ft-15 ft223 ft
Monte Lavacchio climbMonte Fuso
594 ft157 ft
Monte PrandoneCalestano Bike Park
1,878 ft-4 ft297 ft
Monte Prandone to Canesano DHCalestano Bike Park
4,136 ft-433 ft42 ft
Monumento climbMonte Fuso
2,486 ft-54 ft261 ft
Pér Cagàs climb (n.1)Monte Fuso
2,314 ft298 ft
PinetaMonte Fuso
3,310 ft-407 ft37 ft
PiscineCalestano Bike Park
2 miles-1,507 ft36 ft
Pre Lippo (n°11)Monte Fuso
2,240 ft-353 ft21 ft
PredarezzoCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-863 ft162 ft
Raccordo piscine-trailspottingCalestano Bike Park
2,339 ft-452 ft
Raccordo salita a Montagnana - VigoloneCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-1,036 ft94 ft
RecintoMonte Fuso
1 mile-196 ft304 ft
Rientro parco new accessMonte Fuso
456 ft-91 ft
Rientro parco/bike areaMonte Fuso
2,733 ft-262 ft60 ft
Risalita a trail LannaMonte Fuso
804 ft-6 ft116 ft
Risalita TorreMonte Fuso
1,489 ft-20 ft213 ft
Ronzano RollingCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-707 ft318 ft
Salita Rusino (n. 3)Monte Fuso
1 mile-243 ft557 ft
Strada per MontagnanaCalestano Bike Park
4 miles-289 ft2,334 ft
TortugaCalestano Bike Park
3,553 ft-641 ft34 ft
TrailspottingCalestano Bike Park
1 mile-1,144 ft28 ft
Trasferimento Rusino Offroad (n. 1-3)Monte Fuso
1 mile-163 ft468 ft
Val Moneglia (Alpicella lower link)Calestano Bike Park
2 miles-865 ft271 ft
Val Termina-M.te FornelloParma
3,009 ft427 ft
Valmo SecretParma
4,990 ft-526 ft15 ft
Variante Finale DHCalestano Bike Park
2,905 ft-515 ft24 ft
Via CrucisCalestano Bike Park
1,781 ft-370 ft1 ft
Via FrancigenaCalestano Bike Park
5,183 ft-42 ft757 ft
Vigolone 1Calestano Bike Park
1 mile-1,512 ft48 ft
Vigolone 2Calestano Bike Park
4,052 ft-1,030 ft21 ft
Vigolone 3Calestano Bike Park
1 mile-1,463 ft137 ft
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