segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Top of Bennie to cutoff Bennie Creek DH4,469 ft594 ft3969921
2Rock Springs DH to Stumpy Rock Spring 1231,604 ft156 ft36312391
3Bennie Creek DH Lower Half Bennie Creek DH1 miles739 ft35112076
4lower bennie DH rip it boi Bennie Creek DH1 miles709 ft34812111
5Bay to Gate DirTT Canal1 miles27 ft32622031
6Little Baldy Karls Loop2,439 ft54 ft27722172
7Bennie DH first half Bennie Creek DH1 miles707 ft2185362
8Favorite Favorite1,831 ft31 ft20517342
9The Tommy Lee Loafer Mtn 0983,292 ft143 ft2044902
10Ray Gun Ray Gun2,744 ft54 ft18717012
11Listen to yourself churn Four Bay Access1,884 ft30 ft18317760
12Gate to Bay DirTT Canal1 miles25 ft17611492
13UP JMC2,118 ft188 ft17517923
14Reap What You Sow Blackhawk Loop4,111 ft283 ft1712590
15Ray Gun Reverse Ray Gun2,551 ft55 ft17111252
16Blackhawk Campground Climb Part 2 Blackhawk1 miles437 ft1592411
17Unnamed Rd Climb Blackhawk Loop1 miles264 ft1592330
18Upper Lariat Lariat2,371 ft60 ft14611782
19shrum shoot Winward1,942 ft464 ft1363941
20JMC DH JMC3,941 ft297 ft13010422
21JAX Conspiracy JAX1,340 ft56 ft1277881
22Dead Letter Office Lariat3,531 ft84 ft1228911
23Top Secret Nebo Cut1,460 ft173 ft1193440
24Bridge to Shawnee Start Little Shawny3,986 ft144 ft1064806
25DH Frank Young to the gate Frank Young Cyn5,134 ft213 ft1042331
26Kaya's Climb S-N Kaya1,489 ft137 ft1046672
27Highline Trail Kaya1 miles209 ft1036651
28Kaya DH Kaya3,890 ft216 ft1036670
29Guard Station UP Rock Springs (101)3,768 ft194 ft1002050
30Lerwill's Lariat Lariat1 miles66 ft952791
31JMC JMC3,867 ft300 ft915780
32Santaquin Canyon Climb Santaquin Canyon Road2 miles616 ft822944
33Climb to 69 Rock Spring 1231,052 ft82 ft781120
34Dry Mountain climb Santaquin Canyon Road2 miles699 ft751263
35Sixtyniner Lizard Lake3,586 ft318 ft55770
36DH Gully High Sierra283 ft38 ft523510
37Highline Trail- North to South Kaya1 miles205 ft521131
38Nebo Loop Rd Climb Rock Spring 1234,505 ft286 ft48710
39Pavement to Pavement Santaquin Canyon Road5 miles1,364 ft47722
40Unnamed Rd Climb Blackhawk Loop3,984 ft266 ft47720
41Bennie TT CLIMB Bennie Creek DH4,889 ft609 ft461020
42Check Yourself High Sierra1,043 ft97 ft422180
43Santaquin Canyon Climb Rock Spring 1233,984 ft295 ft42450
44k-launi dn K-Launi2,271 ft138 ft41821
45Black Hawk Cg Rd Climb Blackhawk1 miles512 ft33350
46Nebo Loop Road Climb Bennie Creek DH2,367 ft291 ft31571
47Black Hawk Cg Rd Climb Blackhawk3,410 ft380 ft24240
48Santaquin Meadows to Calkins Hollow Koholowo2 miles691 ft23460
49THE GNARLIEST CLIMB IN THE F***ING WORLD Bennie Creek DH3 miles1,353 ft21390
50Nebo Loop Rd Climb Lizard Lake2 miles769 ft18181
51Frank Young Climb Frank Young Cyn1 miles299 ft000
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