Mountain Bike
1 mile-210 ft95 ft
Bacon Strip
2 miles-622 ft3 ft
Basque Monument
1,485 ft-53 ft39 ft
4,033 ft-379 ft2 ft
Brooklyn Ridge
5,259 ft-1,053 ft
Colpo Canyon
3,247 ft-301 ft2 ft
Creek Cross Connector
82 ft
Crispy Bacon
1 mile-41 ft254 ft
Curt's Cut Off
1,413 ft-71 ft14 ft
Evans Canyon
2 miles-63 ft264 ft
Evans Creek Trail
2,152 ft-61 ft134 ft
3,703 ft-386 ft
Halo Trail (Snow Terrace to Kings Row)
6 miles-928 ft392 ft
Halo Trail (Total Recall to Snow Terrace)
3 miles-229 ft374 ft
Hoge-Evans Connector
3,064 ft-91 ft8 ft
Keystone Canyon
2 miles-19 ft331 ft
Keystone-UNR Connector
1,644 ft-11 ft104 ft
Kings Row Connector (West Keystone to Kings Row Portal)
3,142 ft-136 ft13 ft
Las Brisas Trail
3 miles-390 ft288 ft
Lingles Loop
3,520 ft-3 ft224 ft
Lower "N" Trail
1,653 ft-221 ft
Lower Hobo
4,869 ft-567 ft6 ft
Mahogany Forest
2 miles-450 ft216 ft
Miner's Trail
1 mile-204 ft77 ft
Over Easy
2,011 ft-120 ft13 ft
P Drop Trail
3,473 ft-219 ft6 ft
Pasture Loop
1 mile-123 ft123 ft
Poedunk Trail
2 miles-473 ft231 ft
Poeville Lane Access
906 ft77 ft
Rancho Connector Trail (East Keystone to Middle Keystone)
4,187 ft-196 ft138 ft
Rancho Connector Trail (Evans Canyon to East Keystone)
1 mile-105 ft311 ft
Reno Vista Trail
1 mile-348 ft108 ft
Scrub Brush
3,106 ft-15 ft245 ft
Secret Trail
3,937 ft-157 ft
Snake Run
847 ft-93 ft8 ft
Snow Terrace
2,675 ft-195 ft5 ft
Stage Coach
2 miles-559 ft18 ft
Tabletop Run
840 ft-79 ft1 ft
Three Trees
2,123 ft-73 ft52 ft
Total Recall
3 miles-34 ft968 ft
3,005 ft-202 ft
Upper "N" Trail
1,787 ft-208 ft12 ft
Upper Evans
1 mile-45 ft421 ft
Upper Hobo
2,428 ft-363 ft
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