Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
#1 NatalieRoaring Creek
3,126 ft-145 ft51 ft
#1 Natalie (East)Roaring Creek
4,389 ft-603 ft
#1 Natalie (West)Roaring Creek
2,353 ft-364 ft3 ft
#10 Ridge Run / #12 Zig Zag ConnectorHartwood Acres
791 ft-42 ft
#13 Number One TrailHartwood Acres
3,691 ft-59 ft72 ft
#13 Shortcut ConnectorHartwood Acres
115 ft
#18 Southeast LoopHartwood Acres
3,409 ft-77 ft175 ft
#19 Roller CoasterHartwood Acres
3,301 ft-71 ft65 ft
#2 NatalieRoaring Creek
4,015 ft-446 ft6 ft
#huckitOwl Creek Reservoir
3,469 ft-86 ft28 ft
'Lectric SlideNeversink Mountain Preserve
1,237 ft-152 ft3 ft
007Seven Springs
1,804 ft-132 ft
100 Acres ConnectorSouth Park
1,660 ft-70 ft36 ft
10th and South Street Playground ExitNeversink Mountain Preserve
1,220 ft-129 ft
1100 Block Ridge TrailMichaux State Forest
3 miles-646 ft565 ft
2016 TrailHopewell Park
881 ft-13 ft23 ft
276Frick Park
1 mile-211 ft226 ft
3 Mile TrailMichaux State Forest
3 miles-575 ft271 ft
32 LoopWidewaters
1,047 ft
322 West Alternate routeWest Chester
4,367 ft-106 ft118 ft
4 LogsSouthern Michaux State Forest
4,019 ft-308 ft3 ft
4 to 4B ConnectorWilliam H. Kain County Park
246 ft-3 ft
420Fairmount Park (Belmont Plateau)
2,572 ft-73 ft24 ft
420 Access SpurFairmount Park (Belmont Plateau)
243 ft-3 ft
4AWilliam H. Kain County Park
686 ft-11 ft
4BWilliam H. Kain County Park
1,713 ft-116 ft
5 Points TrailRB Winter State Park
1 mile-142 ft227 ft
5 TreeMoon Lake State Forest Recreation Area
4,534 ft-106 ft94 ft
5858Moon Lake State Forest Recreation Area
1 mile-265 ft145 ft
6 Penny DownhillFrench Creek State Park
1 mile-364 ft99 ft
7mphWissahickon Valley Park
1,198 ft111 ft
8 ConnectorAntietam Lake Park
536 ft-61 ft
A TrailEphrata Bike Park @ Heatherwood
2,254 ft-82 ft67 ft
A-B Line Cross to FerndaleMount Penn Preserve
541 ft-3 ft10 ft
A-FrameSpring Mountain
2,346 ft-334 ft6 ft
A-Frame to Main VainBrady's Run Park
2,142 ft-221 ft4 ft
A.T. Side Trails: 501 Shelter Winter Privy Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
1,644 ft-30 ft12 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Blue Mtn Spring BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
1,115 ft-37 ft37 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Chimney Rocks Vista Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
525 ft52 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Clarks Ferry Shelter Side Trail BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
712 ft-74 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Cove Mtn Shelter (PA)Appalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
883 ft-128 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Darlington Shelter Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
436 ft27 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Hertlein Campsite Water Source BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
305 ft-33 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Ibberson Conservation Area Parking Area Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
2,815 ft-226 ft
A.T. Side Trails: PA Rte 61 Parking Area Side Trail BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
269 ft-22 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Peters Mtn Shelter Water SourceAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
988 ft-265 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Quarry Gap Shelters Privy Side TrailAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
174 ft13 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Tri-County Corner Vista BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
427 ft7 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Victoria Trail Side Trail BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
5,033 ft736 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Yellow Springs Trail BlueBlazesAppalachian Trail Corridor (PA)
4,278 ft-534 ft
Abby's Trail ShortcutBavington - Hillman State Park
243 ft9 ft
Abby's Way Section 1Geisinger Stewardship Forest
1,125 ft-55 ft
Abby's Way Section 2Geisinger Stewardship Forest
725 ft13 ft
Abby's Way Section 3Geisinger Stewardship Forest
1,640 ft-97 ft
Abby’s TrailBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-329 ft321 ft
Abigail TrailMichaux State Forest
4 miles-694 ft477 ft
Abington TrailLackawanna State Park
3 miles-498 ft502 ft
Access TrailSwatara State Park
1,117 ft-13 ft45 ft
Acorn HillRiverview Park
594 ft-69 ft71 ft
ActivitiesJ. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
1,385 ft-34 ft
ADA TrailWelsh Mountain Preserve
2,492 ft-15 ft16 ft
AdrenalineGeisinger Stewardship Forest
1,608 ft-232 ft
Advanced MTB TrailBuhl Farm Park
1,230 ft-66 ft
Advanced MTB Trail #2Sharpsville
1,503 ft-73 ft
AdversaryValley Forge
3,615 ft-35 ft43 ft
After FiveDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
2 miles-379 ft72 ft
Ah-HeongHubbard Mountain
3,291 ft-306 ft
AinsworthPleasant Ridge Park
2,579 ft-54 ft3 ft
Air Field to C-LineMount Penn Preserve
733 ft-4 ft45 ft
Air shaftRoaring Creek
3,667 ft-171 ft60 ft
Air TimeBirdsboro Preserve
2,336 ft-89 ft7 ft
Air Time to Quarry view.Birdsboro Preserve
541 ft30 ft
Airport ClimbBavington - Hillman State Park
3,221 ft-52 ft209 ft
Airport ConnectorBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-386 ft413 ft
Airport Lake LoopSeven Springs
2,615 ft-27 ft29 ft
Airport LoopBavington - Hillman State Park
2 miles-256 ft274 ft
Airport LoopBavington - Hillman State Park
3,422 ft-33 ft4 ft
Airport OverlookSouth Park
1,037 ft-6 ft159 ft
Airport TrailSeven Springs
4,194 ft-59 ft113 ft
Akeley-Russell RR gradeWarren
2 miles-25 ft18 ft
Alice in WonderlandSouth Park
2,070 ft-84 ft26 ft
Alien ArmpitAlameda Park
4,444 ft-185 ft163 ft
All The Right MovesInclined Plane Trails
1,870 ft-308 ft92 ft
AlleghenyAllegrippis Trails
4 miles-632 ft562 ft
Allegheny Front TrailBlack Moshannon State Park
3 miles-588 ft379 ft
Allegheny Front Trail - NorthBlack Moshannon State Park
2 miles-296 ft75 ft
Allegheny Front Trail - SouthBlack Moshannon State Park
3 miles-287 ft464 ft
Allegheny River (Emlenton) AVTAClear Creek State Forest - Kennerdell Tract
14 miles-149 ft212 ft
Allegheny River (Franklin)Franklin
10 miles-24 ft
Allegheny River TrailClear Creek State Forest - Kennerdell Tract
3 miles3 ft
Allens Lane EntranceWissahickon Valley Park
833 ft-22 ft8 ft
Allens Lane to Cresheim RoadWissahickon Valley Park
1,296 ft-46 ft
AllieAllegrippis Trails
4,104 ft-91 ft54 ft
Along The ResDick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain
3,488 ft173 ft
Alpine Street (Orange)South Mountain
2 miles-256 ft256 ft
Alpine Trail / Mason Dixon TrailGifford Pinchot State Park
3,839 ft-17 ft10 ft
Alpine Trail / Mason Dixon Trail ConnectorGifford Pinchot State Park
305 ft
AltWest Chester
2,487 ft-83 ft41 ft
Alt to MeadowsWissahickon Valley Park
5,174 ft-65 ft94 ft
Alt. to Mud SkipperPennypack Park
194 ft3 ft
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