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4th Line Theatre ConnectorMillbrook Valley Trails
648 ft
Armour HillAshburnham Park
2,424 ft-144 ft
Backstage PassMillbrook Valley Trails
4,184 ft-159 ft
Barfa LoungerHarold Town Conservation Area
2,003 ft-78 ft
Baxter Creek ExtensionMillbrook Valley Trails
877 ft
Baxter Creek TrailMillbrook Valley Trails
1.2 miles-113 ft
Bears CreekJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,289 ft-52 ft
BreakwallHarold Town Conservation Area
3,453 ft-60 ft
Cedar TrailMillbrook Valley Trails
2,199 ft-115 ft
FairbairnJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,775 ft-131 ft
Fairbairn B LineJackson Park / Fairbairn
328 ft-11 ft
Fairgrounds EntranceMillbrook Valley Trails
1,006 ft-46 ft
FunyunHarold Town Conservation Area
3,169 ft-134 ft
Grand Trunk PathwayMillbrook Valley Trails
1,978 ft-15 ft
Grand Trunk Pathway (side loop)Millbrook Valley Trails
2,060 ft-22 ft
Hobo ValleyJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,064 ft-78 ft
Honeymoon TrailHarold Town Conservation Area
1,925 ft-98 ft
Hot BreakfastHarold Town Conservation Area
1,995 ft-113 ft
Jacksons Park TrailJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,808 ft-102 ft
JP Upper LoopJackson Park / Fairbairn
2.5 miles-298 ft
Kessel RunHarold Town Conservation Area
1.2 miles-43 ft
Laundry ChuteHarold Town Conservation Area
3,643 ft-156 ft
Meadow TrailMillbrook Valley Trails
2,821 ft-11 ft
Meadow Trail ExtensionMillbrook Valley Trails
1,895 ft-100 ft
Medd's MountainMillbrook Valley Trails
1,804 ft-81 ft
Porcupine PieHarold Town Conservation Area
772 ft-12 ft
Pot ShotHarold Town Conservation Area
2,650 ft-122 ft
RailbedMillbrook Valley Trails
3,775 ft-35 ft
Roots RevivalMillbrook Valley Trails
854 ft-39 ft
RunwayHarold Town Conservation Area
1.3 miles-159 ft
Screaming TreesHarold Town Conservation Area
2,817 ft-210 ft
ScrumpyHarold Town Conservation Area
1,188 ft-6 ft
Shack WackyHarold Town Conservation Area
2,001 ft-59 ft
The ItchMillbrook Valley Trails
1,161 ft-53 ft
TowerhillJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,759 ft-147 ft
Trench TownMillbrook Valley Trails
3,647 ft-170 ft
Trent University East Bank Field RunTrent University
754 ft-47 ft
Trent University East Bank Forest RunTrent University
1,395 ft-60 ft
Tunnel VisionsJackson Park / Fairbairn
1,524 ft-130 ft
UptownHarold Town Conservation Area
1.0 miles-95 ft
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