Mountain Bike
10 Dollar
1,422 ft-156 ft
50 Shades
2,783 ft-408 ft2 ft
Alternate trail
638 ft-6 ft39 ft
Back Door
2,400 ft-17 ft119 ft
Big A$$ Hill
3,911 ft-75 ft284 ft
Bush Chicken
1,522 ft-30 ft73 ft
1,797 ft-190 ft
1,079 ft-8 ft14 ft
3,777 ft-494 ft3 ft
Climb It
1,970 ft305 ft
2,474 ft-18 ft3 ft
Connector to Ditch Pig
442 ft-16 ft10 ft
Cutbanks Descent
761 ft-445 ft
1,322 ft-151 ft
Ditch Pig
2,037 ft-101 ft
1,503 ft-147 ft
1,946 ft-265 ft
Easy Street
3,832 ft-35 ft261 ft
Easy Street (Upper)
1,854 ft-10 ft147 ft
262 ft-5 ft11 ft
2,067 ft-198 ft
Four Twenty
3,355 ft-177 ft62 ft
Four Twenty Connector
2,135 ft-118 ft31 ft
Four Twenty Two
687 ft-23 ft73 ft
Front Porch
1 mile-234 ft122 ft
Get Cooked
3,822 ft-151 ft50 ft
Gus' Grind/Green Eggs and Ham
1,922 ft-48 ft69 ft
Gut Buster
1,672 ft-159 ft47 ft
Gut Buster Access
870 ft-76 ft
3,382 ft-101 ft114 ft
4,119 ft-206 ft47 ft
278 ft-6 ft15 ft
Kitchen Sink Connector to Road
381 ft-8 ft
Lazy Susan
2,531 ft-124 ft140 ft
Lower Dimeslot
1,414 ft-81 ft
1,056 ft-26 ft47 ft
3,527 ft-154 ft28 ft
New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods
2 miles-333 ft389 ft
New England Clam Chowder
2,622 ft-366 ft32 ft
Northern Lights
1 mile-227 ft325 ft
Old Access Trail
2,446 ft-138 ft77 ft
Old Moto Trail
2,096 ft-260 ft
Otter Alley
1,520 ft-189 ft
Papa Woods to Junction
1,099 ft-122 ft
Park Avenue
1,833 ft-39 ft29 ft
Peanut Butter/HumblePie
3,181 ft-33 ft68 ft
President's Choice
2,177 ft-272 ft10 ft
1 mile-200 ft105 ft
Remember Ed
1,651 ft-64 ft62 ft
Ridge Trail
2 miles-109 ft158 ft
Ridge XC
2,640 ft-116 ft139 ft
Roto XC
1 mile-185 ft303 ft
Roto XC Connector
299 ft5 ft
Sally House Coat
5,071 ft-197 ft393 ft
Sally Housecoat
779 ft-48 ft33 ft
4,722 ft-5 ft
2 miles-200 ft234 ft
3,718 ft-47 ft56 ft
Screefer (Cabin Trail)
727 ft-20 ft39 ft
Shady Lane
2,592 ft-3 ft106 ft
Short and Curly
1,445 ft-179 ft
Side Salad
319 ft-9 ft25 ft
3,187 ft-85 ft169 ft
1,926 ft-67 ft150 ft
Skid Trail
975 ft-13 ft15 ft
Slim Chance
1,159 ft-72 ft10 ft
Son of Big A$$ to Gutbuster Connector
2,904 ft-206 ft37 ft
Son of Big Hill
3,445 ft-118 ft99 ft
Spin Cycle
2,953 ft-277 ft7 ft
Split Decision
486 ft-109 ft
Suen Trail
4,898 ft-142 ft224 ft
3,428 ft-151 ft99 ft
The Kitchen Sink
3,176 ft-153 ft18 ft
Thrash & Crash
2,310 ft-192 ft37 ft
Trash Bandicoot
2,625 ft-25 ft81 ft
Unnamed Ridge Trail
1,714 ft-353 ft28 ft
UpChuck (Winter only Route)
1,552 ft-98 ft
Upper Papa Woods DH
2,113 ft-213 ft
Upper Valve Job Connector
751 ft-62 ft
Valve Job
3,665 ft-368 ft9 ft
Valve Job Bottom Connector
709 ft-17 ft
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